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Apocalyptic AI by Robert M. Geraci Robotics Programming Pololu 3pi: All content copyright by author. Unless otherwise noted, original content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike v3. See the about page for details. Nov 1, Number of events currently listed: Submission of new contest information is encouraged.

All information received will be made available to the public through monthly postings of this listing to newsgroups and the web. I'm attempting to follow up on the incomplete entries but have listed what I know however little that may be at this time. If anyone can fill me in on one of the partial listings or knows of a competition that I've left out, send me email!

If you find out-dated copies of this document on other web sites, please ask the webmaster to lego nxt sumo bot rules of checkers to this official copy which can found at http: Copyright notice Copyright C - by R.

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire document is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. Explanation of fields Each listing may include these fields: Type or value of awards INFO URL lego nxt sumo bot rules of checkers rules, entry forms, or lego nxt sumo bot rules of checkers information. Different event each year. Cash prizes and trophies INFO: Max takeoff weight 1. Large cash prize which increases each year until won INFO: Open to university students only.

Autonomous ground vehicle navigates outdoor obstacle course within prescribed time while staying within 5mph speed limit. Length between 3 and 9 feet. Open to college students only. Autonomous underwater vehicles must complete an underwater course with various requirements. Not greater than 6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 2 feet deep.

Not greater than kg mass. See rules for award levels INFO: Cup as a traveling award and other prizes INFO: Trophies and certificates INFO: Will be announced at competition INFO: Sponsored prizes, trophies and certificates INFO: Starting size of 12"x12"x12".

Expansion during event okay. Weight limit of 20lbs. Power source must meet OSHA requirements for indoor use. Handmade art objects created by local artist. Awards for 1st, 2nd 3rd place as well as "amusing and arbitrary accomplishments". This contest was created by the Denver Area Mad Scientists. This group still governs the contests. This is the original robot battle competition and predates Robot Wars and Battle Bots by more than 10 years.

Event is part of the DragonCon Science Fiction convention. Prizes lego nxt sumo bot rules of checkers certificates awarded for each event INFO: Autonomous and remote-control SIZE: Given a standard kit of parts, a set of rules, and a design workshop, corporate-sponsered teams of high school students assisted by professional engineers design and build robots.

Scholorships and other prizes. Autonomous and Radio Control. Prizes awarded in each event INFO: Open to High School and College Students only. A high-speed variation on line-following in which the line is a wire taped to a black floor with white tape. The wire produces a 75KHz magnetic field, so either optical or magnetic sensors may be used. Robot navigates maze and puts out fire. This is a regional qualifier for the Trinity College Fire-Fighting contest.

Autonomous micromouse-like robot must navigate maze, pick up balls, and place balls in a "nest". Cups, certificates, lego nxt sumo bot rules of checkers prizes INFO: Cash and non-cash prizes INFO: Cash prizes and certificates INFO: Varies by event, see rules. Cup and certificates INFO: Autonomous and remote control SIZE: US Savings bonds and other prizes.

The goal of the contest is to produce a computer controlled robot capable of navigating through a mock house, locating a fire, and extinguishing the flames.

Robot with the shortest time wins. Expansion of robot or extension of probes is not permited at any time. Cash and non-cash prizes. See rules for distribution. Micromouse faces an unknown path from start to finish of maze. The maze cannot be solved by wall hugging. Mouse must map maze and determine shortest path, using advanced algorithms. Maximum base of 25 cm.

No height restriction must fit through door of building! Non-cash prizes for both categories. Brass cheese and cash prizes INFO: Varies with contest, see rules. Recent blogs 30 Sep evilrobots Observer.

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