Technical Specification

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We decided to put together a comparison sheet to help coaches decide what to buy. The versions also have slightly different LEGO elements in them e. All LEGO-branded elements including motors, sensors, rubberbands, etc. However, you are not allowed to use the infrared sensor and the infrared beacon. Therefore, keep in mind what other parts you might want to purchase for your team beyond these basic sets.

The single biggest mistake people make is assuming that the sets and the software are very different. You are NOT limited or restricted because of the set you start with. All components in the sets are interchangable and you can very easily purchase additional parts. The software between the sets is identical. Prices and information are accurate as of January 27, If you see any errors, please email team ev3lessons.

They are subject to change. All versions are compatible The single biggest mistake people make is assuming that the sets and the software are very different. You can purchase parts not in one set e. You can change the firmware on the brick from one edition Home or Edu to the other. You can change the software from one edition to the other Home or Lego ev3 education software free download on the computer. Free lego ev3 education software free download downloadable Retail Set Third-party sensor support can be downloaded Supports all sensors.

You will need to download the blocks for the Ultrasonic and Gyro sensors from the downloads page. EV3 programming tutorials for specific missions related to each build. Third-party sensor support can be downloaded. Includes rechargeable battery and charger, includes ultrasonic and gyro sensors. Does not include rechargeable battery and charger Does not include ultrasonic and gyro Includes lego ev3 education software free download and infrared beacon.

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