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Today I received a new Ledger Nano S and it left quite an impression on me, so much that I needed to share it with the world: First of all, compared to the Ledger Nano Bitcoin onlythis thing is huge, heavy and ugly. Shipping the S could have looked a little sharper. Beauty aside, my primary concern is the secure storage of crypto currency, and the Ledger Nano S is supposed to do this well. The Ledger Nano S is nothing to go crazy over.

While the casing is made of plastic, the metal cover does add some strength and covers display and USB port. Compared to the Ledger Nano, the setup on the S feels archaic. Now it hit me: Out of storage - What? Before you can access your crypto apps, you will need to install the corresponding application: At first sight, Ledger applications are great: Ledger wallet app chrome to use, responsive, well designed and open source.

This is where it becomes ledger wallet app chrome. PIN entry aside, Why is this so complicated? That means, if someone gets hold of your Ledger Nano S, incl. PIN, ledger wallet app chrome your money gone.

I preferred doing this without display, using either the security card or companion app just feels better. It does the job and keeps your crypto secure but I hope the new Electron based software they are working on, will collect the different cryptos under one roof.

I respect your privacy: Unless you're using Facebook to sign in, no data is exchanged with 3rd party providers. Either way, it'll only take a sec. Franz Geffke m f-a.

Impressions Image by ledgerwallet. Plugin the device, enter and confirm pin up to 8 ledger wallet app chrome Copy your passphrase word by click word from the display Download Ledger Manager - Chrome app Manually delete and reinstall all apps to ensure they are up to date Now it hit me: Support for XRP has been added.

Leave a comment I respect your privacy: Contact the author Franz Geffke m f-a.

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The official support of Ledger can be found on the following link: Ledger support Want to buy a Ledger?: In this short guide about installation of apps on the Ledger Nano S, Ripple shall be used.

When transactions are confirmed on the blockchain, but your cryptocurrency is not what you expected it to be you can follow the next steps to solve this issue: Plus all ERC20 tokens are supported. These are based on Ethereum network. At the time of writing the Ledger apps don't support this feature, but a program called Electrum makes this possible.

Download and install Electrum. Press Next, and select your Account Number. If you are not sure, leave the field with 0, otherwise enter the index of the account you want to import. Click on Next, and Electrum with sync your account.

Depending on your connection and the server, it may take from a few minutes to half an hour. Once the sync process is finished, you can use Electrum. Now select "View" and "view addresses" to see all your old addresses.

Please sign in to leave a comment. You can install this app with the following link: Ledger Manager Your Ledger must be connected to the pc and the pincode must be entered After installing the Ledger Manager you can install the Ripple app.

Within a few second the app will be visible on your device. The Ripple icon is now visible. Now you need an interface on your computer to sent and receive Ripple.

You can download this application for Ripple by clicking on the following link: Ripple pc application When you start the program, the program will ask to open te app on your Nano Ledger S. The interface will now be visible from your Ripple wallet.

When you click on "Receive" you will get a window with your Ripple address. It should start with an "r". My balans is incorrect When transactions are confirmed on the blockchain, but your cryptocurrency is not what you expected it to be you can follow the next steps to solve this issue: Which cryptocurrency are supported by the Ledger Nano S?