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My New Kryptonite Lock! Previous Page 1 2 Next Page. You should read the fine print very carefully, do research yourself, and always confirm what a salesmen tells you as sometimes, they aren't always right and want to make the commission on the item kryptonite lock registration uk than anything else Also, it doesnt matter if they steal the bike if they dont break the lock.

Kryptonite will have nothing to kryptonite lock registration uk with you then. Only if they cut, break, kryptonite lock registration uk through that lock and you have the broken lock as well.

You have to submit the broken lock with your claim. Sorry to burst your bubble or anything, but google lock picking, I taught myself once a few weeks back and I can get into my house in under a minute with only a bobby pin and a shard of metal off the cap to a ballpoint pen. Any key lock, pad lock type lock, can be kryptonite lock registration uk by any amateur kryptonite lock registration uk 30 seconds, and id post a video to prove it.

Not that i support, advertise or am involved with crime involving lock picking but its the easiest thing int he world to do. I could pick that lock so fast people would wonder if it was ever locked, and any person who knows what their doing could do it easier. Mobile Version of Website. May 4, at Just got my self a mm NewYork Chain from Kryptonite!

I just purchased a Kryptonite bicycle u-lock. How do I validate my anti-theft protection kryptonite lock registration uk Congratulations on your new purchase! Your anti-theft protection offer should give you additional peace of mind so that you can feel free out on the roads and trails, never worrying about when and where you will stop! Registering your key number or combination with Kryptonite does not automatically activate your anti-theft protection registration if available with your lock.

You must register for anti-theft protection coverage separately. Please contact Kryptonite at letters irco. Please be aware that if you sign up for the anti-theft protection offer, you will still need to send Kryptonite copies of the documents listed below, should you ever need to make a theft claim.

So, tuck all that paperwork that came with your new bike and lock purchase in a safe place. If you would like to send in the paperwork but have already discarded the package, or the shop didn't give it to you at purchase, here are the things you will need to do within 15 days after you purchased your lock. Send the following items to Kryptonite or its authorized representatives outside of the U. Canada, Germany and UK only: Your completed Kryptonite Lock registration form if you need a new one, please contact customer service at letters irco.

May 5, at 9: May 6, at 8: It may have been resolved, but if a company makes a mistake like that it hardly says much good about them. I'll stick to the tried and true ABUS locks. May kryptonite lock registration uk, at It was only the old locks and only certain models with the round key were affected. The flat key used in the higher-end locks the ones that offer this "theft protection" and high-security rating WERE NOT affected by this recall.

Also, Kryptonite stood behind their kryptonite lock registration uk through these tumultuous times and replaced all of them free of charge once it was discovered.

They acted very rationally and quickly and replaced everything that was recalled within weeks!

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Your key number is typically letters your Key Prefix , followed by 4 to 5 numbers your Key Number. Some New York Lock models will have the number stamped on the keys following the sequence 2 letters and 5 numbers or on a metal tag. My lock does not have a key number - not on the keys, not visible on the lock, and there was no tag on the keyring. So, how do I register the keys, warranty, etc? Your local locksmith, hardware store, Lowe's or Home Depot should have blanks that match and should be able to duplicate your key for you.

I bought my lock in , its gray and black and 10" long roughly. My key is a round style key that is similar to what is used in vending machine locks. I believe i purchased the lock in U style lock with 4' cable. What is my key number? Lost keys-what to do? Did I register my number? Some older keys will vary.

The key number is not located on the lock or the packaging. Vincenzo J Lombardo September 08, Wayne Pigeon December 18, Golfdudeiv68 December 24, Casimer Jagiello May 17, Kryptonite Support June 12, Dave Reens March 12, Jim Brunner April 11,