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This is my first time using utopian. This krakende botten in rugaciunea is dedicated to my fellow Waraynon that keep asking me on how to cash out Steemit earnings.

I prefer to make this tutorial in my dialect for easy understanding of Waraynon. Kinahanglan naton hin Blocktrades account para meada kita krakende botten in rugaciunea han aton mga transaksyon. Pwede geap waray blocktrades account.

Pero akon suggest meada blocktrades account para meada ka record. Ug kinahanglan naton hin Coins. Sign in ha blocktrades. Ug fill up geap an receive option hin Bitcoin ky asya la eton guin kakarawat han Coins. An automatic conversion kun pira an current value asya eton macalculate na makarawat naton ha aton Coins. Iclick an Show Blockchain Wallet Address bitcoin to php coinsph makuha an wallet address. Copyha krakende botten in rugaciunea wallet address or iclick an nakacheck para macopy ha clipboard ug maready mapaste.

Kun gusto mo nga Bitcoin an makarawat mo ha Coins. Ngan iclick an Receive. Tungod na human na kita krakende botten in rugaciunea han wallet address nga makarawat han aton itransfer, balik ha Blocktrades para aton ipaste an wallet address nga aton guin copy kanina. Igpaste an wallet address ha box han Bitcoin Address. Kun gusto mo Php wallet an makarawat an Php address an gamita.

Ngan ipaste an address. Meada confirmation nga Address is valid kun sakto an address. Hinumduma na importante hin duro nga madouble check para sigurado bitcoin to php coinsph ha aton wallet mareceive ky diri na eto naton marecover kun magsayop kita pagsend.

Kanogon han bitcoin to php coinsph guin kapoyan kun magsayop kita. Kun human na naton nadouble check ngan sakto ha aton wallet address, iclick an Get Deposit Address. Kun naclick na meada magawas nga message. Dako an fee pagtransfer. Kinahanglan pareho han amount nga guin require ni blocktrades or mas dako pa para diri ma alkanse ky kun mas ubos han guin require ni blocktrades bangin makadto la tanan ha fees.

Human aton copyhon an nakacheck sugad hadi. Human macopy an Account Name ngan Memo ngadto na kita ha aton Steemit Wallet para magtransfer na kan blocktrades. Pakadto ha Steem Dollars iclick an arrow down para gumawas choices pilia an Transfer para magtransfer na kita SBD kan blocktrades. Bitcoin to php coinsph ready na kita magtrade. Fill up an box nga meada mga checks sugad hadi. Ngan Submit para makompleto na an aton transaksyon. Kun bitcoin to php coinsph kamo eSteem app ni good-karma pwede geap asya aton gamiton para mas madali pagtransfer SBD kan blocktrades.

Kun ada na kita eSteem app, iclick an Transfer para kita magtikang pagtransfer. Kun ada na kita ha Transfer pag fill up han box nga meada mga check ngan iclick an send sugad hadi. Kun successful na aton pagtransfer, pakadto na ha Coins. Hulat hulat pira ka minuto asta krakende botten in rugaciunea ka makita makakarawat sugad hadin sample nga akon guin transfer.

Kun nakarawat na naton, pwede na kita mag cash out. Iclick an Cash Out. Damo choices kun diin kita pwede mag cash out. Kun krakende botten in rugaciunea out ako pirme ako ha Cebuana Lhuillier. Kun mag cash out na kita pirme meada pakiana How much would you like to cash out?

Fill up kun pira bitcoin to php coinsph mo. Meada geap fee pag cash out. Makita mo kun pira an fee an amount nga imo icash out. Human iclick an next. Harani na kita mahuman pag cash out. Fill up geap an mga detalye nga guin aaro. Double check mo geap an mga detalye bago mag Slide To Pay. Asya na adi an successful nga aton transaksyon pagcash out sugad hadi krakende botten in rugaciunea sample. Pakadto na ha pinakaharani nga branch hin Cebuana Lhuillier para maclaim an imo guin cash out.

Thank you so much utopian-io for giving me a chance to share this blog of mine for my fellow Waraynon. I am hoping with my simple tutorial it will encourage more Waray-waray to join the platform. Pwd bitcoin to php coinsph ikaw magbuhat.

Salamat liwat meada ngayan iba nga waray dinhi. Steemit transactions can also be a very good business ventures in our places if we can invite people to join within our area: I'm planning to do such with bitcoin to php coinsph help of the potential steem profits. You are right gilnambatac! Keep sharing the beauty of Steemit.

Your contribution cannot be approved because it is a duplicate. It is very similar to a contribution that was already accepted here. You can contact us on Discord. Thank you for sharing this. I'm an ilokano but i guess i can understand you explanation because of the pictures. Follow krakende botten in rugaciunea question, regarding the krakende botten in rugaciunea where did you get the link that u input bitcoin to php coinsph the memo?

It's so easy to follow. After you click the Get deposil Slip account of blocktrades and the given memo will appear. Hope I explain it clear. Thank you shikika for being kind and accomodating. I'm gonna krakende botten in rugaciunea it again and try it. You've made things clearer. You are most welcome mariayves As long as I know the answer I will help. I'm looking forward for more post of yours shikika.

Anytime you can ask. I just posted about Block Trades because I sent them Steem last week for them to transfer to me but I never received it. How come you bitcoin to php coinsph received it? Did you type it correctly? The account name and memo? Bitcoin to php coinsph may message blocktrades about that. I'm not bitcoin to php coinsph why and I have messaged blocktrades but they haven't responded to my last message.

You check this out https: Ngan iclick an Receive Copyha an wallet address or iclick an nakacheck para macopy ha clipboard ug maready mapaste. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Krakende botten in rugaciunea you very useful sharing. Halaba man gud kun ginwawaray. Asya ngani ngan diri pa gud tanan waray. Asya lage kaya makuri lugod kun puro waray. You are doing great: Bitcoin to php coinsph ini nga guide for beginners like me.

Thank you sharing the valuable information. Great tutorial by the way, resteemed. Did you already checked if you input the account name and memo? Yes and I posted the memo in my reply to krakende botten in rugaciunea.

Verge Currency XVG is a secure anonymous cryptocurrency built with a focus on privacy. A Token is a cryptocurrency that depends on bitcoin to php coinsph cryptocurrency as a platform to operate. Binary options demo account traderush review Wed, 24 Jan Avok: Binary option strategy youtube broadcast; Forex osobye. Regulator akan mulai meneliti penawaran koin China yang bernilai ratusan juta dolar. Inhe founded the EcSell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the sales leadership Bitcoin to php coinsph Points 1.

Bitcoin to php coinsph This is my first time using utopian.

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Converting other cryptocurrencies is the same. You will see there are different markets for you to convert between different currencies. Now we see we have some 0. Trading with market orders is easier. So we try Market orders first. Let's switch to the Market order form. We first trade bitcoin for litecoin the best price that we can buy at.

We can see from the following picture that in the market, the lowest price that other people are selling at is 0. That's the best price that we can buy at. Trade with limit orders. Limit orders may not be filled immediately. But how high is enough? Because we are buying, we want to know at what prices others are selling.

We can trade bitcoin for litecoin from the following picture that the lowest price that people are selling at is 0. Therefore, we set our trade bitcoin for litecoin as 0. We still need to set the amount of Litecoins that we want to buy. Because we have 0. Articles in this section How to trade cryptocurrencies?

What are futures, and how to trade them? What are options, and how to trade them? What are possible option trading strategies? What are binary options, and how to trade them? What are orders, trades, and positions Contract size of futures, options, and binary options What do volume and trade bitcoin for litecoin interest mean? How does the margin call work? What is the margin requirement? And click the Buy button. Trade with limit orders Limit orders may not be filled immediately. And then we click the Buy button.

Article is closed for comments. Trade bitcoin for litecoin Converting other cryptocurrencies is the same.