Kidnappers Release Crypto Analyst After $1M Bitcoin Ransom Paid

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The comments of foreign netizens are so happy. Can not see the bit of bitcoin, not only can make people rich or poor overnight, but will also bring people's life worries? After the news came out, a spokesman for EXMO told the daily telegraph that he was doing all he could to speed up the search for Lerner.

He welcomed all the clues from the outside world, and EXMO's business was running as usual, and the funds of all the users were absolutely safe. According to the company's official website, the platform has about users.

After the kidnapping caused public concern, EXMO also announced that it was attacked by a DDoS distributed denial of service attack on Thursday, intended to destroy the platform transaction on Thursday.

It is not yet clear who is paying the ransom for the kidnapper, and Ukraine police are investigating the case. Glass Schenker thought it was a "extortion bitcoin". He said, Lerner was kidnapped one and a half hours, the release time is very shocked, "he is good luck, still alive. Yesterday December 29thEXMO company said in a statement, Lerner have been released unharmed, the body was not injured, but is in great pressure, so the next few days will be made public address.

In a statement, the company called Lerner "chief analyst" leading Analystemphasize the nature of his work does not come into contact with the user's assets, user assets are in a safe state. But public information, Lerner is 40 years old, is a Russian citizen, as well as EXMO CEO, he was still in Ukraine opened a lot of start-ups and mining digital currency and block chain related technology.

Things seem to be coming to an end at this stage, but every time I pass the Xiaobian micro signal: On the Reddit, some netizens' Tucao and compiled paragraphs are even full of joy.

One of the most popular netizens said: Netizens also questioned this is a directed the play: Maybe "kidnapping" is just an excuse for a web site being blackened. However, there are still netizens to say "thin thought is afraid," he said: The traditional kidnapping, the kidnapper is difficult to get out of the perfect, that is, because the ransom always needs specific places.

By trading the bitcoin's address a ransomthe kidnapper can easily escape the birth of the day. There is no reason for the worries of the net friend. First of all, bitcoin has a certain anonymity, which is convenient for hackers to hide their identities. Secondly, it is not restricted by geographical area, and can be paid globally. At the same time, bitcoin has the characteristics of "de centralization", which enables hackers to automatically process ransom of victims through programs.

Each minor nbdnews notes that this is not the first kidnapping case to pay a ransom in bitcoin. According to China Daily reported, Septemberwas suspected of fraud and money laundering, when he was chairman of the merchant of Hongkong Oriental Pearl oil kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom Huang Kun aka Huang Yukun kidnapped in Taiwan 38 days later, the surprise is: Again like the WannaCry blackmail incident that broke out in May At that time, WannaCry affected more than a thousand enterprises and public organizations in more than countries and infected nearly computer devices.

Even the British hospital system has been badly hit. The software prevents users from accessing computers or files, requiring users to pay for unlocking. On the other hand, is not the only recent learner because bitcoin is high target criminals eyeing. Interestingly, as the foreign friends a scenario, the kidnappers received a ransom, if bitcoin continues to kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom well, if not turn in gloves kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom before met bitcoin crash, not "losses"?

In fact, this is the old question in many investors - how long can the investment heat of bitcoin continue? In December 2nd, Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the Central Bank of China, talked about bitcoin in public activities. He said that regulators shut down kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom bitcoin trading platform months ago and halted ICO, which is a decisive and correct decision.

He said that bitcoin lacks the endorsement and support of the government and the central bank, and the risk is not the same as gambling. On Thursday December 28ththe South Korean government announced the countermeasures to fight the speculative currency, and considered the kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom of some virtual currency transactions, so it suppressed excessive speculation.

In addition, the Korean government has decided to implement the real name system of virtual currency transactions, and expand the authority of the Fair Trade Commission of the anti monopoly law enforcement authority to investigate the virtual currency trading institutions.

Peng Bo reported that the Korean government said in a statement that the encryption of digital currency speculation in South Korea has been irrational. The government can no longer allow the abnormal development of the speculative situation. The India authorities also issued a warning. According to Reuters, on Friday, the Ministry of finance of India warned investors about the risks of bitcoin and other encrypted currencies, calling digital money investment like "Ponzi scheme". India's Ministry of Finance said in a statement that investors and other participants are "fully at risk" when dealing with digital currency, and suggests that people should avoid participating in such investments.

But in the optimistic view, bitcoin unlike gold as motionless, as a virtual currency, the software code is constantly developing, its function can be adjusted continuously, improvement and upgrading, and realize its value in unimaginable ways. For example, many fans bitcoin bitcoin "lightning network" a convenient way to improve payment is full of expectations, if bitcoin get more attractive kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom in the evolution, people can even use it for fast and convenient kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom payment.

According to China Securities Daily, based on the sustainability of bitcoin development, bitcoin supporters believe that even if the market value of encrypted currency is expanding to 20 times, the market will not be insane. However, bitcoin itself, released with more and more new technology, the future of bitcoin in the crypto currency market share will decline. Xiao Bian noted, Suning Financial Research Institute senior researcher Hong Shuning, author, the idea of "two kinds of situations actually kill bitcoin":.

One is all bitcoin development team to absorb the latest content with staying where one is, no scientific and technological achievements and improve themselves, so as to appear new digital currency in all aspects of technology indicators comprehensive beyond bitcoin, widely accepted by the society, and then replace bitcoin.

This is a failure of bitcoin, but it is also a success of the virtual digital currency. Two is the bitcoin wallet software agreement or serious vulnerabilities, can not lead to security kidnapped exchange analyst pavel lerner freed after paying bitcoin ransom the bitcoin system are protected, there is a large area of the sale of stolen funds, and the short-term is not controllable, social bitcoin completely lost confidence.

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