Keltner channel autotrading forex robot

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Buy a robot now! A robot designed for trading on a real account. The robot trades inside the Keltner channel. Deals follow the trend and are opened near the boundary line of the channel. Take Profit is set at the opposite side of the channel. Deals are always by stop losses. The robot calculates the Keltner channel. Market entries will be keltner chanel autotrading robot foreks test vesyon near the channel borders if there is a sufficient gradient.

Profit is taken at the opposite side of the channel. Since the deals are only opened in the trend direction, the EA tries to close the majority of deals with profit. Losing positions are averaged using additional deals, which are calculated so that their aggregate sum could also keltner chanel autotrading robot foreks test vesyon closed with profit. As the deposit grows, the money management is applied to increase the volume of trades to match returns and risk with available funds.

Robot testing and use are demonstrated in the video. The EA was tested with the specified parameters using real account quotes. Use of a higher deposit and of the initial lot may proportionally increase profitability.

There is potential for its expansion by a simple optimization of some of its parameters. No indicators are required for the EA operation. All necessary algorithms are contained in a single EA file. To control the EA operation, you can use an additional Keltner channel indicator. It can be attached to the same chart as the robot.

You can enable or disable placing of opposite positions when the opposite direction entry criteria are met parameter Open counter positions. If you allow opposite positions, the total number keltner chanel autotrading robot foreks test vesyon trading cycles will be increased, while increasing the probable profit and reducing drawdown through locking.

The robot is easily optimizable for other currency pairs and timeframes. Interface parameters allow to customize the display style of on-screen information and do not require comments. The robot can be used on 5 and 4 digit quotes. Automatically detects the number of digits in quotes. At the same keltner chanel autotrading robot foreks test vesyon, the input parameters specified in points should always be set as for 5-digit quotes set by default.

It only works in the strategy tester. Strategy Features The robot calculates the Keltner channel. Recommendations on usage No indicators are required for the EA operation.

Additional Parameters Clearance — gap above distinctive spots points ; Use money management — enable the money management system Yes, No. Initial lot — initial lot.

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