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What makes a potent entrepreneur? As she tells Eleanor Kate craig wood bitcoin chart, her success in business is in part thanks to a unique experience. Kate Craig-Wood is co-founder and managing director of Memset, based in Guildford. She was born in Surrey in and has a Masters degree in biomedical science. After graduating, she worked as a web programmer at MBA Systems, then as a management consultant at Arthur Andersen, and then rose from e-commerce developer to head of business development at Easyspace, before founding Memset in Craig-Wood sits on kate craig wood bitcoin chart main board of Intellect UK, which represents the UK technology industry, and chairs its climate change group.

She is in the final year of a collaborative PhD in energy-efficient cloud computing at Surrey University, and her hobbies include motorcycling, surfing and science. I was brought up in quite an entrepreneurial household — my dad was a technology entrepreneur, and the dinner table conversation revolved around business and information technology, so I had it kate craig wood bitcoin chart my blood to an extent. I had a very supportive partner so I was able to go for about two years without paying myself.

In the first few years we grew very aggressively. Getting involved in technology at a young age really gave me an advantage and I became quite scientific too, and I brought that systematic and scientific approach to business, which stood me in really good stead.

You are also a passionate advocate for green technology and getting girls into technology — is promoting these issues as important to you as kate craig wood bitcoin chart business? Humanity is a bit of a blight on the planet and anything we can do to reverse that and minimise our impact is worthy, and technology holds the answer I think to most of it.

Getting girls into IT comes back to having kate craig wood bitcoin chart healthy IT industry. Research shows that gender-balanced teams are more effective, so on a purely practical level, to feed that engine of growth, we need more women in technology. Also, on a more personal level, it can get a bit lonely at the top. Also, I see a number of really good girls who do come into the industry and are put off by how many guys there are and end up leaving, and we really need them.

As a woman in this male-dominated industry, has your gender been a barrier or an advantage? It was a lot worse when I was very blonde. Some of the guys are just plain sexist, it is quite appalling. I would hazard, however, that in my case, overall, because there are so few women in senior IT positions, it has been an advantage. It has helped me gain visibility for myself and for the company.

I would say there is definite positive selection for the few women that are in the IT industry, the up and coming companies recognise that the few female technologists are a precious commodity. You have said that when you were young you wanted two things when you grew up: You have achieved significant success in business and you underwent a transsexual transition six years ago — how does it feel to have achieved that two-pronged dream, and would you consider that your greatest achievement?

But yes, I do feel very lucky to be living my childhood dream. Do you think your success in business is in part because you are able to see things from both kate craig wood bitcoin chart of the gender divide? I think I should be viewed as an interesting social experiment in what can happen if you take the female mind but then socialise it as a male, and give it a traditional male upbringing, and I would hazard that you come out with quite a potent entrepreneur.

I hope to become a portfolio entrepreneur, using Memset as a base to bootstrap other synergistic services. Kate Craig-Wood — Memset What makes a kate craig wood bitcoin chart entrepreneur?

Why did you set up Memset? What was the inspiration? Can you tell me about the growth and success of the company?

As an entrepreneur, do you have more new business ideas in you? Most read this week Berkshire: Sorbon Estates supports independent retailers. This site uses cookies:

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