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In fact, that is one of the key differences between Bitcoin and Gold, at least according to gold bugs. As you can see on the far left, that is the volatility of gold when it first started to really trade freely. Check out the far right side of the chart, that is Bitcoin currently, which is also at the beginning stages of trading freely.

What is most interesting is how far down Bitcoin has come down on the volatility chart as of late. Keep in mind, that I am not saying that I think that Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold, or that it will eventually be less volatile, but I do think that the longer it trades and the more hands eventually hold the coin, the volatility will most certainly come out of it.

Right now there are a lot of people out there who jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates much rather sell an ounce of gold then they would sell a quarter of a bitcoin I would imagine some of the money currently invested in gold will find it's way into Bitcoin in the not too distant future. For more information, click here! Why is it a store of value?

Is it beause it is finite? What if there is no application for gold or people feel they donot need gold as ornamentsthen demand goes down!! Would still be perceived as store of value? Only if people believe it is However, it has history on it's side as people have valued it for thousands of years It will become in vogue at some point perhaps sooner than we think.

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I think the more trade volume there is, the lower the volatility will be. Right now it takes 1 big whale to cash out to lower the price, but that is far less likely to happen when the market is as big as the Gold market. It takes more than 1 party to panic, in order to move those markets and if they do, they don't move by insanely jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates percentages at once. Are you guys saying that there are whales out there big enough to move the BTC market price, based on volume?

I guess in theory that is true, but I don't think in practice that is the source of volatility at current time. I believe a big source of volatility is 24x7 trading of BTC, and you see psychology circling the globe impacting price. And BTC bounces up and down. And the bigger ups and bigger downs occur when both sides of jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates get in sync on the psychology, and BTC and other coins go for big rides up or down.

Most of current price movements are psychology. There are no traditional fundamentals to trade on. Someone mentioned the bigger slide in the market was caused by stop loss orders. Volcker started increasing interest rates which depressed the price of Gold for the next few decades. With the advancement in computers and HFT, the overall volatility has been somewhat diminished. There have been massive selloff days in the bear market from to that I would classify as volitile.

Your chart observation is perceptive. I know a lot of factors go into looking at volatility but doesn't it have a lot to do with market cap size? That is one of the first things I've learned to look at with an evaluation of a crypto currency. In about 2 years from now, BTC will have had more trading hours that Gold since So the light blue line should actualy jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates more stretched out for a better comparison!

Normal trading doesn't take up the entire hour cycle. In fact, it only takes up 6. Bitcoin prices, on the other hand, jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates broadcast throughout the entire day. Thus, after a one-year period, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets have traded for 8, hours days x 24 hours. On the flipside, Wall Street has only traded for 1, hours approximately business days x 6.

Thus, one year of "bitcoin time" jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates the equivalent of 5. In two years time, bitcoin has already experienced more than a decade's worth of trading! The stated 2 years in my jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates post was just a quick math answer, but i'm sure the exact date could be calculated with this info!

That primarily refers to the U. There are several gold spot price markets that trade 23 hours per day Good analysis and great share on steemit. I really enjoyed this one. Agree with your view of the future. Gold is seriously overvalued right now. However I think silver is undervalued. Silver is one of the most useful jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates on earth yet we rarely use it. I foresee technical limitation in computers, batteries and solar panels that should be overcome using silver which is the least resistant metal on earth.

Everyone should keep a few gold coins or silver coins around as they're much easier to trade in times of crisis vs fiat currency. Well I am not againts bitcoin but one fundamental difference between two of them is gold has value and can be used for different purposes while bitcoin is just an asset with no utility but future expectation have highly inflated the price. I would rather have my BTC than my gold.

I will keep both, but if I had to chose. It means that I value BTC more than gold. Yet, the gold market is times larger than the BTC market. If more people think like me, and I believe quite a lot do all ready, and more to follow. I am the same opinion. BTC is clearly superior to existing currencies, and we believe that in the near future BT can be replaced satisfactorily.

Of course it probably has a better possibility of better performance than BTC coins. However, BTC thinks that it will be traded as a form close to digital money jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates inferring from the present situation. Limited issue number is large. It is reliable if there is anxiety, Jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates think that the price temporarily dropped due to a branching riot with Jak zainwestowac w bitcoin exchange rates the other day is remembrance new.

When I was 10 years old, my grandfather gave me a gold sovereign and told me never to sell it. Just the same coin as when I started. I wish he would have given me some shares in the FTSE Meanwhile, shall I give my grandchild that Sovereign, or shall I give him one-twentieth of a bitcoin? Gold has long been labeled a store of value. Partly because of it's lack of "perceived" volatility. While the volatility might be slightly less with gold, check out this chart: As you can see, those are some very similar looking charts.

It even dipped below that of gold for a few short periods of time. It will be interesting to see how things unfold as time goes on. Basically the point in all this is this When things are first traded they tend to be more volatile. That, and something is a store of value simply because people believe that it is. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Also feel like the volatility isn't that crazy anymore Which in the past 12 hours has nearly recovered from the 36 hours rollercoaster ride.

Cryptocurrency 1 China 0 Which country wants to be next? Add some real estate to it. Yes, haha and my real estate haha. That is exceptional analysis.

Where are you coming up with that number? You're right, i didnt think of that Although it is foremost traded in USD. Bitcoin is best used as a store of value! I think Bitcoin the digital gold more interessing to store value. It certainly is more interesting Good post in nice information Bitcoin. Gold will have its day in the sun at some moment. But for now, cryptocurrencies take the crown.

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