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May will be the last time bitcoin will cost under 10,??? Do you wish to become rich and be among the billionaires in your neighborhood? Then you've to invest in binary trade option using cryptocurrency and make some real cash. DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help is this coin the eos of china high performance blockchainhpbethereum ethneo cryptobtc trade for a fixed amount.

Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. Follow us for greatest cryptonews! What have you been doing to try and survive lately? Hodl bitcoin ethereum litecoin xrp blockchain altcoin crypto cryptocurrency altcoinbuzz altcoinarmy like comment.

What seems too high and risky to the majority generally goes higher and what seems low and cheap generally goes lower. The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge. Learn to take losses. The most important thing in making money is not letting your losses get out of hand. I am currently designing a trading course that will cover the following modules.

Crypto Stocks cryptocurrency stockmarket market exchange bittrex binance ta technicalanalysis fundementalanalysis bitcoin btc ethereum eth eos litecoin ltc bch neo xlm xrp trx xvg ada bnb ven etc iota. Who wants to be a millionaire?

The offer is here again The opportunity is back again. The Coinbase Custody announcement also is this coin the eos of china high performance blockchainhpbethereum ethneo cryptobtc other plans that the company has for expanding business. Alongside the development of the suite, Coinbase has worked strenuously with regulators to obtain the licenses to perform business at the institutional level as well.

The launch of Coinbase Custody is the final result of new software development and improving relations with regulators. Already over the past few days, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed an influx of new cash. Our team is really thankful about your interest and participation. ICO was an important step for effective development of BeEasy project. Within two weeks, the final results of the ICO will be announced and we will publish an official press release.

All tokens will be credited to users until the end of July. Also, negotiations are under way with several other exchanges, we will report the results in the official channels.

But these are only preliminary results - we expect the completion of processes with a number of investors and projects within two weeks and according to our forecasts we will distribute almost all the tokens that were issued by the project. Following our plans, ICO is not only crowdfunding tool, but also marketing for our future product and collecting opinions from users.

Never let the kid spirit inside you to die Our Today's Profits on Binance Exchange Coinbase anounced that Coinbase Custudy is oficially open for business. But what is it? They state their mission: All these steps are making easier to invest in cryptocurrencies! What a nice morning. You can't hold us responsible for losing money on trading signals we give you.

You and you only take responsibility if you buy crypto and lost on these trades. So do your own research before buying. Altcoin trading finally getting better bitcoin btc blockchain crypto cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies altcoin ethereum litecoin bitcoincash eos verge xvg eth ripple cardano cryptolife bitcoinlife cryptotrading nasdaq motivation life trading bullmarket bearmarket electroneum etn initforthegame blockchaintechnology ltc.

We are there now Start investing today follow link on bio. Start investing today follow link on bio. Guys buy pundix www. They are really making things easy and simple for stores to accept crypto payments. Team is organized and I am feeling their blueprint for future. When did you buy your first crypto? What are you trading today? Feels good to see green. Btc Usd Bitfinex 4h Target 6. The basic plan which requires is this coin the eos of china high performance blockchainhpbethereum ethneo cryptobtc minimum of 0.

The standard plan which earns you 0. Then lastly, our premium plan, with 0. If you want to know more DM me for more info! This lead to a bullish break out of the equilibrium pattern. Breaking up out of the 1D inside candle The 4H Chart reinforced the bullish consolidation favouring the bulls as no candle closed below its previous candle. Healthy support building movement regardless Next larger resistance to break for this rally will be at the area, psychological rounded levels will also be resistance.

Learn to trade, link in Bio Crypto Stocks cryptocurrency stockmarket market exchange bittrex binance ta technicalanalysis fa fundementalanalysis bitcoin btc ethereum eth eos litecoin ltc neo xlm xrp trx xvg ada bnb ven etc iota. When did you see so many greeeen??

Escribenos al DM inversion inversiones criptomonedas criptoactivos xvg verge tka trader trading emprendimiento emprendedores. We are kiters ourselves and have been exploring these beaches for several years. We are happy to show you the best kite spots.

What are your plans for the day? What's your fav coin of the week? Black hole economics with Sir Veriatus, waterboy amongst kingsmen btc eth mcafee xvg xrp kimkardashian testinghashtags testatesla donttestatazer sudan libya spain moscow emeralde gps east taxes death dubstepneverdies. Great to finally call you my IRL friend Lex. XvG Equinox overwatch teammates. Volume is Coming Back Earlier today, we reported that the next 24 hours would be crucial to the crypto market and will define the trend of major digital assets including bitcoin and ether throughout this week.

The recovery of the daily trading volumes of major cryptocurrencies signify an increase in stability in the crypto market. Funds is this coin the eos of china high performance blockchainhpbethereum ethneo cryptobtc Still Bullish Ryan Rabaglia, a partner at Octagon Strategy, said that despite major corrections, the cryptocurrency market has always managed to come out of bear cycles with hundred percent gains and big rallies. Like these Jabra Earbuds? Get them with an Amazon Gift Card purchased with Monero https: Guys if you want to make a shit load of money join these groups in telegram —- Lamborghini you will thank me later bitcoin bullmarket aion cryptocurrency loom cloak daytrade swingtrade eoy dyor hodlgang hodl bitcoin trx ven xrp xvg fun poe bitcoin 60k iota zilliqa eth ethereum tokenpay ats.

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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. Shitcoins and """"utility"""" tokens need not apply. There can be only one: So what if the creator has a brand of autism? It will moon, but it's not a new generation, brainlet.

Even if China did rule the world, NEO would not be the end all be all. ETH didn't exist until over a year after the "crash. The true answer is that the 3rd gen coin doesn't exist yet, but once it does, it will be immediately clear. How are those bags feeling, retard?

The blockchain that wins won't be the one with the most bells and whistles, it'll be the one that is most simple and elegant. Neo because china is a huge market and they always use their own shit regardless of whether or not better alternatives exist in the west. All the ingredients to take over the market over the next 5 years.

It's not a very comprehensive project. The only way for it to become king is if it becomes adopted as a mainstream currency. And that's keeping in mind that other more comprehensive projects will still be competing for that spot as well.

Seems like a bit of a long shot. Its stupid in the first place to host nodes out of your freewill. It serves the exact same purpose as btc xrp ltc xlm all top ten coins and it mops the floor with them. Nanos only real use case right now is for exchange arbitrage. It basically replaces ltc and bcash. I don't see how it will be king when it doesn't even do a fraction of what some other projects do. Their "partnerships" are shady as fuck. I hate not knowing the team what do you mean by this?

Are you a newfag or something? Do you not know who Dan Larimer is? Do you not know who Charles Hoskinson is? EOS launches in June. Therefore btc, ltc and doge are 1st Gen.

All of their scaling improvements will be too little too late, as you put it. Eos, ada and neo all scale infinitely, and are more decentralized and secure in taking into account the existence of mining pools. There are no trade offs being made, it's simple technological advancement, like going from dialup to cable Internet. Everyone else already knows it's the next and the last big thing in crypto. This will be the mass adoption. LINK is the blockchain magnum opus.

The network is capable of growing to the same degree as the Internet itself without unreasonable energy requirements. Ethereum will have no reason to exist. Ico's will go wherever the market goes. Ethereum doesn't have those advantages. It relies on people actually using its network.

This will change very soon. What happens when you can build those platforms and others like them right on top of the eos network? Zilliqa seems like a good bet. Well you guys can worry about the 3rd generation while Vechain is developing blockchain X It clearly is the logical next step in blockchain.

This is the Luis Vuitton, the Gucci, the Bentley of blockchain. On a side note why does ELA remind me of this. Literally went all in after his implication. The whitepaper is devoid of content. It will turn all of our shitty gadgets into a infrastructure for fog compute, it will probably allow for a cohesiveness that will give rise to a proper meshnet and essentially become an internet that contai s a store of value that exists so long as technology continues to permeate.

It will transition crypto from mainly financing and crowdfunding pooling wealth to nanotransactions that actually force the voins into the practical world. That will be new. Anyone who has worked at one knows this. Literally going to be a digital collector. Your writing style and references to REQ seem familiar. Also you use Gucci a lot and Bentley etc Thanks anon, you a true biz bro.

Wish I would have listened to you earlier when you were shilling the ico. I think I saw one of your threads, checked into ELA but then wrote it off for whatever reason at the time.

Perforce Gaming is launching their dApp on Elastos and guess who perforce's biggest client is that wants to start utilizing blockchain? Is that the best 3rd gen can do? Plus, it's a chinese coin. Maybe it does great in China, but it won't ever touch the heights of its western counterparts.

Just one example; they're officially partnered with SAIC which is the largest car maker in china to develop their autonomous driving tech on the Elastos blockchain. You can google that. Who knows if it can take off in the West. The founder was ex Microsoft senior dev that worked on XP and Vista.

Stellar also had a meet up with ELA I recall seeing too. Coin seems too good to be true but I guess I earn nice things every once and while.

The true innovators in the industry are all autistic libertarians https: Place a - before a word to exclude posts containing that word: Advanced search Text to find Subject [? Leave empty for any. Leave empty for any user name. Anonymous Fri Feb 23 Reply to thread [? Your post will not be uploaded to original board. All Posts OPs Only. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show non-deleted posts. Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts.

New posts first Old posts first. ADA will be the one to emerge as the King. Anonymous Sat Feb 24