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Ah, the joy of grinding. So, it seems like I have this straight I need to kill Ethereal Jailors who are kinda rare or other Ethereals to get prison keys. I can turn 5 keys in for some mcguffin to let me do a 5-player boss in In ethereum prison key Edge Mountains. That gives me 5 heroic badges yay! Then if I do that all again I can get a key to unlock the second stasis chamber, to fight an extra boss there. But, if I'm not exalted by in ethereum prison key point, it'll be a one-use key, and I'll have to gather a whole bunch more keys and fight more minibosses if I want to do it again.

Gotta keep you coming back for more, after all. Of course the relative rarity of their spawning means the chance of a jailer turning up is roughly the same as the odds of a regular dude dropping in ethereum prison key key anyway.

What faction do you need to be exalted with to get a reusable key? You're gonna love the last coupla quests required to summon Terrokk.

I don't know what came over me. Grind on in ethereum prison key birdmen to get 7 shadow dust. Turn in shadow dust so you can get a buff to see the time-shifted birdmen, who you have in ethereum prison key kill to get 40 scrolls.

Use scrolls to summon 4 minibosses who only drop one quest item when they die, so only one person in a 5-man group can get it. Turn those items in to get a one use in ethereum prison key to summon Terrokk. You get one shot at a guy who is about as hard as a Heroic dungeon boss. Do it all over again. It's entirely a way of making the rep grind seem in ethereum prison key boring; instead of killing 10k birdmen to get rep, you kill 10k birdmen to get the dust, and the scrolls, and the items, and Anyone got links to the Etherium chain, Ive been handin in a few prisoner tags, but thats about the extent of it?

Bah, you overstate the evil of Terokk. You only need 6 shadow dust. As a protection warrior, I solo grinded out in ethereum prison key for myself that was glorious fun. Easy to get groups to summon minibosses when you're a raid-level tank, and then we all sat around and summoned Terokk numerous times for lots of rep and loot.

Two urns for me! Personally I don't find him as hard as the hard Heroic bosses. Hydromancer Thessia is a lot tougher, for instance. He seems par for the course with non-Heroic Kargath.

You really just need a great healer and a decent tank who can take the drumming he doles out while you're waiting for those stupid flare bombs to fall and the enraged beating you'll take as he gets hit by them. I have my in ethereum prison key ray, and killed Terokk about 3 times. D In retrospect I could have skipped doing some of that and just done more daily quests.

It's actually the low drop rates that bother me. I didn't really dislike doing in ethereum prison key shadow dust and time-lost scrolls - although I did buy a stack of shadow dust like, 40 of em to save a bit of time. But when you were killing the timelost, there was a good chance of getting a scroll for each mob.

With these keys, the droprates listed in wowhead appear to be really low. Maybe it was just the group I was running with that gave me the impression of his difficulty. I took two failed shots at him, and then got so demoralized by the grind I would have to do to take a shot at him again, and I haven't tried again. I know you're a good lock. Was it a PUG? Terokk's got three main schticks. First off, he hits hard, but not excessively so. Any tank capable of handling a heroic or Karazhan can handle him.

Second off, he has his "Show me what you can do! However, because of this I wouldn't recommend an average paladin tank -- they already have trouble compared to bears and in ethereum prison key on single boss tanking, and the bonus aggro your warlock or mage or rogue pumps out with doubled damage can be tough to keep under control. Then it's all down to the tank and healer. You'll have about seconds of waiting where he's invulnerable but still beating on the tank.

The healer should be saving up mana as much as possible here, and the DPS saving up their most lovely cooldowns. The tank should be scanning about, looking for the almost impossible-to-see blue tracers to detect the oncoming flare bomb. Because once you drag Terokk to the flare bomb, he unloads a cosmic shitload of damage in about ten seconds on the tank, and the healer in ethereum prison key need all help they can get.

Meanwhile, the DPS slams Terokk hard with all they can manage for the duration of the bombing run. If you're good, one or two bombing runs should finish him off before your healer is OOM.

So for a warlock, I guess I'd say save your nastiest cooldowns for when he's being bombed. It's when the DPS is truly needed.

Until then, take it easy and careful. You need him to be fully fixated on the tank all battle long. At least on my server which is PVEpeople are rather casual about Terokk.

Alliance and Horde all gather around and everyone piles into the guy to help each other out. We then take turns summoning him and gang up again. I guess we're all mutually pissed off at the silliness of the grind to get to summon him. I got Exalted the old fashioned way, like we did back in the in ethereum prison key with Furbolgs. That turn-in is 75 rep a pop.

It was easier than trying to throw together a PuG for this, and it was before i joined up with Empire. Then again, back in the day, we didnt HAVE fancy-pants daily quests.

D I can actually only be happy with Blizz about this new system for rep. Etherum, however, i did for awhile. Sucky thing is a long corpse run if you die in the middle in ethereum prison key a crapload of respawns or in ethereum prison key ganked during said respawns. Ive gotten at most five keys in a day, but i never got some fancy key yet Maybe i should hand in a stack of 5 instead And i love how the mini-bosses drop BoP Blues, of which might be decent for a new 70 who hasn't gotten ''the good stuff'' yet, but for anyone later, useless to anyone without Disenchanting.

Ahh well, free gold a turn in. Then i must find people to farm Apexis Crystals with so i can gets me shiny shiny offhand. That's the thing right there. I wouldn't mind the grind so much, if the end rewards were actually worth it. Since these 2 factions are supposed to be lev.

As a Hunter, the only thing i could conceivably want is the Skyguard trinket and even that is flaky; there's a bunch in ethereum prison key other TBC trinkets i could see as being more useful, except in some very, very specific situations like say a Survival raid spec trying in ethereum prison key maximize crit. If you really want Consortium rep, the Zaxxis raiders may be cowards, but some of them are brave enough to carry Etherium keys.

I got one yesterday while getting a stack of 10 badges. Apparently they drop in Mana In ethereum prison key now too. Maybe normal as well as heroic - I'm not clear on that.

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