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First time I heard about paper wallet, I was like, cool! Watching videos on youtube on what type of crypto wallets are safe and what not. So, I went to liteaddress. Then printed the thing. It felt cool, it felt safe. But one day when I needed to use those two coins to do a quick trade on coinigy, I ran into a few walls, meaning, I did not know how to transfer back my litecoins from the paper wallet. I did not know what type of software to use, or which wallet software to use, and etc.

So, after breaking my head and killing my time, I was able to recover them! So, if you run into the same lack-of-knowledge-issue, here is how:. You may download one of these few programs that worked with me when importing import paper wallet litecoin "sweeping" my cash out import paper wallet litecoin that import paper wallet litecoin.

Because the concept of importing your wallet or funds to the program are mostly the same, I will go through here with only one of these programs.

My import paper wallet litecoin so far that worked pretty good for me was Electrum-LTC. If your import paper wallet litecoin wallet was encrypted with a passphrase, in other words, you gave it a password when creating it, you need to decrypt it first and use the decrypted private keys. If no passphrase was created, you could just skip these steps with the liteaddress. Otherwise if you did, the program will either reject it or say something mean to you for stealing somebody's wallet. Don't ask me why, but this is the one that worked for me.

Open Electrum-LTC after installed - You import paper wallet litecoin probably see a wallet address already in it, if yes or no, just ignore it. If you do not need to use all the coins of the paper wallet, I recommend for you to transfer all the coins to a live wallet [like Exodus for ex. I recommend that, every time you use the paper wallet, you discard the old one [the one you just did the sweep].

I hope this info was helpful. If you guys need me to make a quick guide on sweep from the other two programs I mentioned above, please let me know. I am using the 2.

I would do anything for some assistance, I have already wasted two hours trying Thank you for the tutorial! I jumped into the import paper wallet litecoin world head first a week ago putting most of my savings onto paper wallet, without much research then realised that without a smart phone I'm pretty restricted. THis has been only my third crypto transaction: Wish me well on the Stockmarket: I just joined steemit to say a big thank you for this post. For me, the compressed private key didn't work but the other did.

So, if you run into the same lack-of-knowledge-issue, here is how: You may download one of these few programs that worked with me when importing or "sweeping" my cash out of that paper: Paste or Type the private key shown in the paper wallet the spend section If asks for the passphrase, go ahead and type it up then decrypt it! Send to the desired and correct address-wallet you want to send to.

Then it should sweep the heck out of that paper, and get your coins back. Thank you for the support and follow me and give me a feedback if you want more: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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