LEGO MINDSTORMS Community Dance Bot Building Challenge!

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Spinner Art Screensaver Program. Have a Sprite that spins stamps itself on stage. Spinning Sprite glides around to random spots around stage - leaving a stamped trail. When "space" key is pressed - the stamp effects clear the stage. When "c" key is pressed - the colors of the Stamper Sprite change. Give use other keys to change the How to program a nxt robot to dance Sprite's costume. Sample of Spinner Art Program. Code samples for Spinner Art Program. Must have 2 different dancers that use costume changes to simulate movement and dancing.

Must have music that plays while characters are dancing. Must have a system where the user clicks on a green or red light sprites to start or stop the music and dancing. Use photographs of yourself to create dancing sprite. Add sprites that simulate colored lights changing on the dance floor. Use different stages to change the setting of the dance floor. Basic TriBot Inputs and Outputs: Tell simple story of the "Paper Airplne" 2. Use multiple costumes in the "thrower" to convey emotion.

Coordinate action with Broadcast commands. Use Sprites to create a face that can show a range of emotion. How to program a nxt robot to dance different sprites for: Change movement and shape to convey emotion. Identify form of "March from Nutcracker" using letters.

Create a dance animation with Scratch or Alice that has at least 2 objects and movement methods for the A and B sections.

Import music sound file into scratch and use broadcast commands to coordinate movement scripts with music. Save your work under "Lastname Dance Teachername. Use at least 4 sprites and movement methods for A,B,C, and D sections.

Create changing backgrounds or stages. Spinner Art Screensaver Program Requirements: Sample Scripts for Simple Story Project. Emotion Face Project Requirements: Sample Scripts for Emotion Face Project.

Dance Animation Project Project Requirements: Sample Scripts for Dance Animation Project.

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We have just started playing about with my first Arduino board. We have build and coded a single sensor line following robot, based on the Club Engineer starter robot, with a couple of modifications to mount the EVShield and battery pack. To give you an idea of how it looks, we have put the very basic robot through it's paces on eight of the Robocup Junior Rescue field tiles.

As you can see, the single sensor 'proof of concept' robot is easily navigating the left hand side of the line. From what we have learnt coding the Arduino over the past couple of days, both the hardware and software are powerful enough to solve the full Robocup Junior Open Rescue challenge.

Click the image above, or here to view more. We have been playing about with writing to the HTML5 canvas with JavaScript, and come up with the spirograph art animation shown above. Focus on one ball at a time and notice that it follows a straight line.

The idea for this project came from Alrayani on imgur. You can view the source here , or download the source from here. With Term 1 nearing an end it is the time of year we all begin our Robotics Clubs for the upcoming RoboCupJunior season.

This year is sure to be another of advancement and growth in the competition and technology students are using in their robot hardware and software. Rescue boomed last year and we expect further growth this year. To help you and your students out with competition preparation, the RoboCupJunior Victoria Rescue Technical Committee David, Peter, Dan, Chris, Eoin and myself thoroughly reviewed the feedback received from mentors, students and parents.

From this feedback and upon review of the RoboCupJunior Australia National Rescue Rules, we again determined the best outcome for our state would be to publish a modified set of rules, this time in a more consolidated format. We have also published comprehensive Victorian Rescue Field specifications, an interview guide and a journal formerly logbook guide.

We hope you find these documents useful and assistive in competition preparations. I encourage you to take a look at this information, conveniently located here. Now is also an appropriate time to remind everybody that these documents and the information contained within are specific to Victoria and do not apply in any other states or the national competition unless otherwise advised.

For those of you who are just getting started, this may seem overwhelming. To guide you through setting up to enter RoboCupJunior Rescue, click here for the rescue workshop page , which broadly outlines what was covered in the RCJV workshop relating to Rescue.

This includes information about robotics hardware, programming software and purchasing ready to go Rescue Equipment as used in the Victorian competitions for your students to practice on. We are planning more development days, so contact me for more information if you are interested. I wish you all success in preparations for RoboCupJunior competition this year.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself here if I can be of any assistance. The Victorian regional rescue competitions will run under the rules below, which have been kept as close as possible to the rules. The Victorian state competition will have divisions run under both the Victorian rules, and the National rules. If you are starting out in rescue, we suggest you base your entry on the Victorian rule. If you are an experienced rescue team and aspire to compete at the national competition in September, you may prefer to compete under the national rules.

A brief overview of the divisions is in the table below. Keep in mind that depending on entry numbers, we may amalgamate the Open Rescue division into Advanced Rescue. If this occurs these teams would play under the rules and field applicable to Advanced Rescue. If you have any queries, please contact Evan here. The table below gives an overview of the five divisions of rescue offered in Victoria.

The Ballarat regional, Geelong regional, Melbourne regional competition dates have been set. This year, the Melbourne regional competition will run over two weekends with Soccer and Dance held at Sacre Coeur as in past year, and Rescue trying out a new venue the week later at St Michaels. The dates for the Victorian state competition will be firmed up soon.

I love the technology behind major engineering projects and in many cases, when you drill into the core principles involved, you will find they are very simple. How simple is this? Build the ship on a sliding track and when it's ready to float, give it a push and stand back.

The video can be seen here. More brilliance from the workbench of JK Brickworks. This time, an Easter egg decorating machine. Looks like a good project for the school holidays. Click here to view the video. Robert Hinrichsen, age 15 is a Type 1 diabetic. There are several sorts of diabetes with the most common being called Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1, also known as juvenile diabetes is when the pancreas, the organ that produces insulin is damaged. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in older people and is when the body becomes insensitive to the insulin that is naturally produced.

Type 2 diabetes has many causes but a common one is regular intake of sugary food while younger. Because of Robert's diabetes, the Hinrichsen family have become very conscious of the sugar content of many of the foods we use to eat. The UK Government is set to introduce a tax on sugary drinks in an aim to reduce consumption and Jamie Oliver has been involved in driving the campaign.

The video here shows the author's version of a Coke ad if it were telling the truth about the health risks of sugary drinks. Here's a sneak peek at the soon to be famous dancing Nao robots, the technological mascot of the France Pavilion. The robots are "rehearsing" before their first public appearance on June 21, on the day of France Pavilion Day, which coincides with Music Day in France. The performance showcases Nao's range of smooth yet agile and rhythmic movements to a 3-part music compilation including the famous orchestral masterpiece Bolero by French composer Maurice Ravel.

This also marks the first time robots have supported an artistic field evoking emotions. Nao is a humanoid, autonomous, interactive and completely programmable robot created by Aldebaran Robotics www. This lifts the bar for our Robocup friends who enter the dance division!

Click here to view. From JK Brickworks , It was built over the course of It contains over pieces, 5 Power Functions motors, 27 custom wired LED lights and is over 6 feet long. Vic rescue info Vic rescue rules Vic field spec Vic interview guilde The table below gives an overview of the five divisions of rescue offered in Victoria. No variations, field notes, field descriptions or otherwise in the remainder of this document, or any other RCJV documents apply to this division unless explicitly stated.

Big Ship Launch Compilation I love the technology behind major engineering projects and in many cases, when you drill into the core principles involved, you will find they are very simple. This video shows several techniques for launching large ships. One day, the head office of Club Engineer will look like this! Beginner division for any Primary or Secondary school age student who has not complete in Rescue in a prior year. Intermediary division for Secondary school age students, Primary school age students are also eligible to compete in this division.

National standard Open Rescue, this division will only be available at the State competition in and other competitions where demand permits.