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I was really excited to start mining Bitcoin Gold when it first came out the other night. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems finding the right pool to mine on and which wallet to use. Apparently some of the pools did not synch the blockchain correctly and people who started mining on those pools lost all their coins. I found a pool on http: The first thing you'll need is a Bitcoin Gold wallet. I decided to go with Coinomi which has an app for android.

Just download the Coinomi app on the play store and you will be asked which wallets you want to create. Choose any coins you might also be interested in, but make sure to open a Bitcoin Gold one.

When you've made your wallet, go to http: This guide will focus on the AMD since that's what I'm using. You will need to download ClaymoreZcash v When you've downloaded the files, extract it to a folder in an easy to find place.

Now open up the folder and find config. Open and edit so that is contains the following. You're almost done now! Now just double click on start. If it running correctly it should look like this:. Now if you want to check your average hashrate and total mined you can go to http: The profitability seems to be comparable to ethereum or slightly higher.

I will try mining this coin for a while and see what happens, but getting in early always seems like a good option. Hope this guide has how to mine bitcoin goldnvidia amd gpu mining btg helpful and if you have any questions I will try to answer.

I am still fairly new to all this, but think anyone can do it if you find the right guides. Good luck and happy mining: This humvee will be patrolling by and assisting new veterans, retirees, and military members here on Steem.

I heard that for mining purpose, we need high performance hardware. That's why never thought about it. You have received an upvote from STAX.

Thanks for being a member of the steemsilvergold community and opting in if you wish to be removed please follow the link. Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out. Next you will right click on start. This is what you will want inside this file: If it running correctly it should look like this: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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