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With BattleBots growing even more popular after Season 3 on ABC, more competitive robots are eager to enter the arena. Aviana Knochel answered our questions about how she got started building a new robot:.

How did you first learn about BattleBots? BattleBots, Junkyard Wars and Mythbusters all informed my how to make a lego mindstorms battle bot and ultimately my career choices. Deadblow was my favorite Battlebot and as a teen, and how to make a lego mindstorms battle bot out that Grant Imahara was the builder was like a puzzle falling into place.

I heard about the reboot on ABC about how to make a lego mindstorms battle bot minutes after it was publicly announced and decided pretty much on the spot that How to make a lego mindstorms battle bot was going for it at some point during its run.

What made you decide to compete in the BattleBots tournament? Senior design is boring. So boring, in fact, that last semester, the only project that was both completed and functional was a set of powered plantation blinds.

Even though BattleBots is a big risk, I was confident the university would be on board for having another team competing on the national stage like our Formula SAE team, and sure enough they went for it. The first thing you need is good people.

Finding individuals who are hard workers and share your vision is paramount. From there, you need to make a list of what every robot you admire does and a list of what you want your robot to do, and compare them.

Look for simple solutions when possible but try to make your bot at least look unique, if not function uniquely. Then and only then can you start designing and looking at manufacturing. The final version will require considerably more work, and better analysis and material choices than just tossing bent sheet steel at the problem.

It speeds up my processes so much and makes it much easier to add organic touches to the model. What has been your favorite BattleBots experience Aviana: Learning about the mere existence of Charles from Team Overhaul.

That guy is absolutely hilarious, and his shoes are fly as hell. The next year we made it to 19th place, and from there I was hooked. How well did you do in your first competition? What did you learn from this experience? We drove it hard and wild and probably should have received far more red cards than we did for intentionally damaging other robots, but it was built like a tank and played incredible defense.

That year I learned two things: From watching both seasons in the comfort of my living room, the biggest lesson I saw was that driving practice matters. A good driver can do more with a mediocre bot than a mediocre driver can do with a good bot. After seeing so many drivers fail, my personal goal is to out-drive Ray Billings. If I can do that, I might just have a shot. Aviana Knochel answered our questions about how she got started building a new robot: Latest posts by Cliff Medling see all.

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