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Customers will flock to those who do because they are giving away some, if not all, of the value for free. Somebody may even pick up the underpriced goods and sell them at a profit when the stupid company ceases to exist or raises prices to try to survive after all.

Thu, 17 May Consequently it will never be either reduced or waived. While currently it is at a level which I judge adequate, it may be the case in the future that further increases will be warranted. MPEx presently derives two-thirds of its profit from registration fees.

And its own stock is among the best-performing. Does this, by itself, make it a scam? I do not think so. There is nothing devious about operating a bubble, so long as the participants are made to understand exactly what they have become involved in. Given their level of investment, I should like to think so. My problem with MPEx lies elsewhere, and serious students of Bitcoin would do well to give it some thought.

Or, more precisely, without trusting any particular person or small group of people. It is even possible to construct a stock or futures exchange in this manner.

One must simply build on top of the mathematical foundation of Bitcoin, creating a fully-decentralized system secured by strong cryptography — rather than a conventional organization made up of fallible human beings.

Is Popescu interested in converting MPEx into a peer-to-peer system which does not require you to trust a Romanian businessman — and could not be shut down by a well-placed lawsuit or bullet? This is not happenstance, all markets are by their very nature centralised affairs and financial markets especially, as trust is the only required ingredient to their continued operation. Decentralisation will occur, if and only if the environment makes it impossible for MPEx to be operated as is, but it will probably not exactly take the form of a blockchain-based system for reasons already discussed.

What happens if your domain s or server s are confiscated? In case the domain is confiscated or otherwise lost MPEx will move to a different domain, in a different jurisdiction. Should the same happen again, MPEx would move to what will at the time be a solid alternative for a free Internet, be it the TOR network, namecoin or some equivalent DNS or any comparable solution.

No government will ever be able to stop the Internet, in general. Should the systems be confiscated or otherwise lost the service will failover to different systems, possibly on bulletproof hosting if need be.

If sufficient pressure is put on this side MPEx will be recoded as a p2p system. But the tight lips and inexplicable bravado ought to raise some eyebrows. I do not, at present, believe that Mircea Popescu is a dishonest man.

His creation operates more-or-less exactly as described, and he takes great pains to ensure that everyone who decides to trust him with money understands what he is getting into. Yes, there are a great many off-putting aspects to MPEx. What are its liabilities? Has anyone won legal redress from it for any perceived wrong, in a traditional court? But none of these things are secrets.

I am not, of course, referring to his disdain for idiots. I enthusiastically share in it. Instead I mean things like this: This stance can not be changed through Internet chatter, mass delusion no matter how widespread or court rulings, whatever jurisdiction they may be issued in. Specific legislation alone may change things, and we will certainly lobby against such nonsensical legislation should it come under consideration anywhere.

I understand that the above is intended to keep the hordes of predatory lawyers and bureaucrats at bay. At times, it seems to me that Popescu has declared war on traditional meatspace institutions: What are the rules of this war?

What other aspects of mainstream society is Popescu at war with? This kind of thinking is not by itself damning, but these are questions which I would like to see some clear answers to before I give a man serious money.

Popescu insists that his contigency plan will allow MPEx to operate regardless of what any government might do. It will, he insists, carry on as a massively distributed peer-to-peer system.

What interest might Popescu have in a fully-decentralized Bitcoin stock exchange? Well, presumably he will own it, and reap the profits.

Popescu and his friends have to eat, after all. Well, in that case it is not peer-to-peer. Anything with an identifiable meatspace owner can be destroyed by a bureaucrat in the blink of an eye.

If MPEx were owned and operated by the ruler of North Korea — or some other organization which might stand a chance against a modern army and a real blockade — I might be willing to believe that it could weather the wrath of the U. Otherwise it looks like a bit of a long shot, to put it mildly. In conclusion, I would like to reproduce one unusually-insightful comment from the peanut gallery. Popescu patiently explains that bamboozling his clients would not be in his best financial interests.

Yet it remains a character flaw. By rejecting the seemingly-irrelevant world of human trust-building beyond strict adherence to promises one asks to be thought of as a mechanism. And reasonable people will sit around and try to predict exactly when and in what manner you, the master of reasoned thought, will betray them. To his credit, Popescu appears to be making this tradeoff consciously. The disdain of Internet chatterers neither picks his pockets nor breaks his bones.

But at some point, when the MPOE gravy train comes to a halt, MPEx might find it necessary to stop ignoring these aspects of public relations. Right now there is a never-ending supply of people eager to purchase shovels in his gold mine without asking too many questions.

Should this come to pass, Popescu may need to rethink some of his choices or retire to writing books. If you have a hundred thousand dollars stashed between your sofa cushions, by all means invest it in stocks and futures on MPEx. I, for one, will wait for the fully-decentralized systems.

Once again, Mircea Popescu could very well be an exceptionally-honest man. I, for one, have little reason to think otherwise. He might even have the moral integrity given to few, and will one day stoically face the firing squad, taking his PGP private key passwords to the grave to protect his clients. But I would like to point out the obvious yet important fact that MPEx relies heavily on the future honesty of a small handful of people. And they are a worthy goal, because the world has a way of turning honest men into, well, other kinds.

With money, or with firing squads. I should note that I have nothing against idiots who live harmlessly in their natural habitats.

Public idiots whose idiocy has real consequences are another matter. That stock exchange is horrible, the PR person on bitcointalk acts like a retard. They host porn on the same server they host the exchange from. I was given the same opportunity to review it, presumably for the same reason you were i. I agree with you that the registration fee issue is probably NBD; seats on the exchange cost money. IB gives me DMA for free, pays me to provide liquidity, and is a legitimate broker trading on legitimate exchanges with legal remedy.

I do consider it fairly shady that his stock is listed there. While the NYSE also lists NYSE, it would look a little different if a new exchange started up, with the exchange making up a significant fraction of the market cap and volume.

An exchange where the exchange is traded … and the guy who runs the exchange owns some huge fraction of the issued stocks: The NYSE was a partnership of traders until … what? Successful and legitimate new exchanges will probably follow this pattern. He spends a lot of time in drag trolling forums: Neither does writing the code in PHP, or running a pr0n chatboard on his consulting website.

Ultimately, exchanges are not entirely based on trust: There is no such thing on MPEX. Not that the other two or three are any better: It is merely a machine for converting ten thousand dollars into twenty. That is complete nonsense. Mail will not be published required. You can use these tags: Attributed to Agatha Christie. Bitcoin interests me as an obvious example of a technological jewel tossed around aimlessly by the brutal hands of cave men. Until the batteries run out. But the batteries have not yet run out!

The flashlight shines, the radio plays. We can always go back to sharpening our flints and skinning bears later! He presented me with a free account [1] containing one bitcoin, operational from Dec. A trivial script turns this into a self-explanatory command line tool. I am told that third-party graphical front-ends also exist. Rather, its intended clientele consists of serious traders, of the kind only a notch or two poorer than those who might purchase a seat in the New York Stock Exchange.

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