The next step in the evolution of breadwallet

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What if it were so easy to use that anyone in the world could access it and take control of their own wealth, no matter who or where they were? This is the concept behind breadwallet.

We are passionate about making bitcoin so easy that anyone can use it, regardless of technical how to add bitcoin to breadwallet or local banking infrastructure, and by doing so we facilitate bitcoin becoming a truly global currency, available to anyone in the world. We have already made it extremely simple to get started with bitcoin: No login names or passwords, and no generating cryptographic keys or configuring settings.

Many new bitcoin users how to add bitcoin to breadwallet attracted by this simplicity, but what good is an easy-to-use product if it lacks security as a result? Many competing products store user funds on servers or provide browser-based platforms to make their products easy to use, but the tradeoff is weakened security and privacy for their users.

This is where breadwallet really shines; we have successfully kept our wallet extremely simple while not compromising on the technical underpinnings that keep our users secure.

Breadwallet is one of the only fully decentralized wallets, which means your funds are stored in your own phone, locked down by industry-leading hardware encryption. Not even breadwallet employees can access your funds without your consent. Being in charge of protecting your own money may sound intimidating, but once you write down your recovery phrase your funds are safe in the event your phone is ever lost or stolen.

By utilizing partner companies to offer these new services, breadwallet remains a standalone, decentralized wallet. At the same time, users who do choose to use these services will enjoy a completely native experience.

Instead of simply passing how to add bitcoin to breadwallet off to an external website like how to add bitcoin to breadwallet competitors do, these services are integrated right into breadwallet to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Bitcoin addresses and login credentials are managed seamlessly in the background, and information you enter is encrypted and stored in your own phone. This means you can easily make repeat purchases or sign up for other services in the future while keeping your data secure and private, as even breadwallet employees cannot access the information that is stored on your device. And any bitcoin you buy through one of our partners gets delivered directly to your breadwallet, after which neither our partner companies nor breadwallet can control what you do with your money.

This is the next step in the evolution of breadwallet. While we become a more powerful gateway to the world of bitcoin, we continue to keep breadwallet as simple as possible with no logins or tedious data entry, and we remain just as secure and private as ever.

If you are eager to try it, please make sure your breadwallet app is up-to-date through the App Store! Users who have received access to the new service will receive a one-time notification when they next open their breadwallet. We plan to extend this feature, and other features like it, to Android users and users in other countries over the next several months. Bank account services are provided by Kraken Direct.

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Bitcoin fork forum

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Ethereum side chains beta

Now that BCH successfully exists, many users have been asking us about how to access the BCH stored in their breadwallet. The price of BCH has risen considerably on the exchanges that have chosen to support it, and understandably many of our users want to move their BCH to an exchange to take advantage of this opportunity.

First, however, it is important for users to understand a few details about the state of the network. This solution will at least give users the ability to move their BCH out of their breadwallet. We will continue to monitor the health of the network and explore any security implications, and if things continue to look good we plan to release a full-featured version of breadwallet that supports BCH for sending and receiving.

Using this newest feature to send out your BCH can only be done once, to a single address, and will include all the BCH your breadwallet held at the time the fork happened. If you received any BCH after the fork not many people have , it will not be sent out by this feature and will remain in your breadwallet. There is no guarantee as to how long the transaction will take to clear. We do not yet have a firm estimate when this feature will be ready, but it is currently our top priority and we hope to have it out as soon as possible.

Be wary of scams. We will post another update once the feature has been added. Any new BCH sent to your breadwallet at any time after the fork will not be visible in your wallet, and although it will be safe, you will not have access to it unless we release a full-featured BCH version of breadwallet. We recommend you do not send BCH to your breadwallet at this time. As always, the security of our users and their bitcoin is our main focus.

We appreciate our awesome community of breadwallet supporters, and look forward to providing you will the best bitcoin experience possible. BCH just launched, and it will take time for miners to get started and improve the performance of the network. This means BCH transactions could take hours to be processed, compared to the minute processing time of BTC. For BTC, many exchanges require 6 confirmations which usually means a waiting time of 60 minutes before you can trade your funds.

Exchanges are being extra cautious with BCH, however, and are requiring users to wait for 20 confirmations. Added to the slower processing time of BCH, this equals to a possible waiting period of 5 days or more before your funds will be available to trade.

Going forward The network is expected to improve as time goes on, and the delays could be shortened considerably. However, it could also get worse just as easily as it could get better. It is really impossible to tell at this point, but we feel it is important that users be aware of the situation and understand that BCH is simply not easy to move around right now.

It is your money, and you deserve easy access to it! This operation can only be done once, and your entire BCH balance will be sent to the address provided. Your BTC will not be affected in any way. Some important notes about this solution: This will not affect your BTC is any way. You can continue to send and receive like normal.