The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards You Must Try in 2018: Review and Comparison

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We have aggregated the top and most widely used Bitcoin debit cards from around the world. This list has been updated as of December These cards should be fully functional for Some of the Bitcoin Shirtz team members use the Shift Card detailed below.

At Bitcoin Shirtz we encourage everyone to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as much how do i get a bitcoin atm card possible. Bitcoin debit cards help people transact and use bitcoin above and beyond the current economic loops in the Bitcoin space. WB21 Due to a high demand the order form is currently deactivated. Bitnovo Balance in EUR.

Balance in BTC Coinbase. It's very interesting post: Great job dear bitcoinshirtz!! Ive noticed that alot of these cards have hidden fees. Whats been your experience with these hidden costs? Any advice for someone looking to transact in GBP? Great example is of this little trick I learned the hard way with Spectrocoin. So you log in, transfer some BTC. You assume it's the price you saw when you logged in. Unless you enter exactly 1BTC, you won't know what the actual exchange rate is.

So you enter lets say. Unless you double check the math you don't realise you are getting scammed here. Then take a percentage on top.

Additionally, they only update their exchange price on the page for selling your bitcoin every 5 minutes or so, and the algorithm they are using is completely hidden - so what rate are they using? Gotta admit, that is a fantastic money how do i get a bitcoin atm card on their part - but the how do i get a bitcoin atm card I realised it, I stopped using them, and why I'm here now looking for another provider.

We need to bring this to the attention of the community. Over just a few months of using spectrocoin, I believe they made more money out of me then my banks have in my whole life of paying bank fees. I just noticed this myself.

I just deposited LTC in the account to have enough to try one of the debit cards. I noticed it was a little light when received. Is this the one: What sets this card apart from all of the rest? You are drawing directly against your BTC balance.

Soon you will be able to draw against Ethereum balance. There is no card like this one - it's the best card for crypto-currency holders. Mine is on order and I can't wait for it to arrive. Iphone users and anyone who wants to order via the web should be able to do within a month or two of this post. How do i get a bitcoin atm card fun and games with exchange rates. You get to see how much BTC you have on the app.

So far people happy with any exchange rates E. Unlike all these new comers, we've been around sincewe have an inhouse dev team our biggest overhead who've created an amazing blockchain that links banking to Bitcoin; and ensures that you get the lowest possible rates: We also have an in-house support team that can help out when you get into difficult situations https: We wish you all the best in your journey for a new Bitcoin wallet provider; and hope that you consider Wirex:.

This makes you look bad. You slander TenX with no examples or evidence to support your claims. Not how to behave in a community like this IMHO. We will need some real reviews to know for sure. Furthermore, you haven't given any advantage over TenX except that you have an app. Just checked out your app and updates, impressed with your activity and interaction with customers. I swear it feels like the states in missing out on all the good stuff.

Also does that mean if you are from EU in the states for holiday. The card won't work? They canceled mine recently due to inactivity Is this a card I can use to access my steemit funds? If so, can you explain a little more about how it works Basically, those cards could convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, e.

And you could withdraw money from ATMs with those cards, just like how you do with your normal debit card. But as far as I know, none of the cards mentioned above could convert Steem to fiat curriencies. This was very helpful. I've been trying to figure out if it was worth getting one of these to begin with. It depends on the fees though. Some support ER20 tokens and other cryptos.

TenX how do i get a bitcoin atm card Wirex looks cool. I prefer TenX for now. If you were to convert to Steem to Ethereum and then how do i get a bitcoin atm card your account from a cryptocurrency card provider which supports Eth and ECR20 tokens, it may just be worth it.

Hi; Raphael from Wirex here! Unlike all these new comers, we've been around sincewe have an inhouse dev team our biggest overhead who've created an amazing blockchain that links banking to Bitcoin https: Hi bitcoinshirtzWeiting from WageCan here.

Thanks for making the list and mentioning us: How do i get a bitcoin atm card dropped you an email to explain what happened in the industry and why it's a good idea to increase our ranking given the fact that we're the only company right now can issue cards outside of Europe.

Feel free to ask me anything. Hi and thanks for a good list. I see Revolut will also add crypto payments. I really like their web page. Any thoughts on this? Great review; I just wanted to ask if you've tried any other providers or have you even tried Wirex? We are working on a new card provider and are hoping to get it online as soon as possible available worldwide: Unlike all these new comers, we've been around sincewe have an inhouse dev team our biggest overhead who've created an amazing blockchain that links banking to Bitcoin; ensuring the lowest possible rates: Try us; promote us using an affiliate link and how do i get a bitcoin atm card a dividend on every transaction that your your affiliate link leads to!

Hi, are all these cards considered pre-paid? If so, what are the restrictions using these? I've been declined using my BitPay at car rental services. They all appear to be prepay. Though, Coinsbank has several options. They are also not in every country. Coinsbank was missing one of the largest markets, the US. As well, they seem to be struggling with operations. Some cards only work with European Union Imagine decentralization with this limits.

This should not be happening!! Cards issued by Wavecrest are terminated by Visa. Has anyone heard of Tokia? It is a new card system that is set to be released. Any thoughts or ideas on if it will even work? Any input on what the best options in the EU are at the moment?

I used to have a Bitwala card, but it was shut down. More from the author: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Thanks very good post!!!! I heard mastercard form Advcash! Do Somebody got a advcash card?

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Use your card anywhere major cards are accepted. Cryptopay prepaid card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use at millions of businesses around the world. We always have cards in stock, so yours can be shipped the day after you place your order. The fastest option to receive the card is through DHL Express service. Using Cryptopay card is by far the easiest and fastest way to cash-out your bitcoins. Convert your bitcoins whenever you need them, easily through Cryptopay mobile or web app.

When you receive your prepaid card you will receive instructions on how to activate your card. Please read them carefully. All your prepaid card transactions are displayed in your Cryptopay account. Prepaid Card features Discover endless possibilities with Cryptopay. Shop anywhere with our card. Standard or Express delivery. Transparent pricing and limits Decide which Cryptopay cards fit your needs. Plastic prepaid card Ideal for ATM withdrawals and offline shopping. Virtual prepaid card Ideal for online shopping and account verifications.

Want to know more about Cryptopay Debit Card? Why do I need a Cryptopay card? How do I activate my card? How do I pay for a prepaid card? Where can I get my card statement?

So far I cant fault them one bit. Kudos to you guys! Excellent service, with a friendly interface and excellent support. I recommend to all. Cryptopay — thank you for all the support, which you give.

The payments and withdrawals are always on time, the support service is excellent. I cannot fault Cryptopay at all, I have no reason to go anywhere else!

Are you ready to join? We use cookies to improve your experience on the website. No, give me more info Ok, I agree. What is a Cryptopay card? How do I buy Bitcoins? How to Sell Bitcoins? Cryptopay Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales registration number