Liquid Chalk 2 oz Travel Size Bottle

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While I don't use a lot of specific measurements there are some conversions that might be of general interest. These are included in tables below. Please note that this page is NOT directed toward the scientist; it is directed toward the average kitchen user who buys measuring cups and spoons at a retail store.

It's important to keep that in mind when reading the page. Actual container sizes may vary. A "heaping" measure is generally a level measure in a nested measuring container with an mound of extra material on top just tall enough so that the material does not fall off the mound when the container is moved.

Sift flour first then lightly scoop the flour into the measuring cup until it is heaping. Use the flat back edge of a knife to level the measure. Some people place the measuring cup in a bowl or container and sift the flower directly into the cup using the container to catch the overflow--your choice.

Use a graduated clear container. Place it on a level surface and fill to the required level. Look directly across the liquid top to make certain the amount is correct. Oils and syrup may require some help to make certain all the material leaves the container.

Shake the container first no need to sift and then scoop into the measuring cup until heaping; then use the flat back edge of a knife to level the measure. Brown sugar should always be a packed measure; use the back of a spoon to pack it into the measuring cup.

Solid oils, including butter, can best be measured using a cup twice the size you need to measure. Fill the cup half full of water and then add the shortening until the water comes up to twice the level needed. Be certain to use a spoon to push the material into the water so that none of the shortening is above the water or you will get more shortening than you need.

When you have enough, pour off the water and then use the shortening that is left in the cup. Really Odd Measures The world of wine is filled with non-standard measures but some terms have been developed and you might encounter them. Please use the contact page form. Kitchen Equivalents Some approximate and weights are for liquids, not solids. Miscellaneous Fluid Measure Conversions.