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Multiple posters every day ask the same questions How do I get rich I have X amount of money how do I invest it? How do I get rich by buying stocks?

I need someone to help me make money gentoomen dogecoin to usd Veeky Forumsmen help gentoomen dogecoin to usd I have 70 bucks, how do I flip this to in two weeks legally with a steady income around 90 bucks a day.

So why don't you help them? I post help pretty regularly, along with useful resources, and tend to get ignored most of the time. This board is a place for people gentoomen dogecoin to usd engage in daydreams. Practical advice about saving, investment, and small business doesn't appeal to the imagination in the same way as massive gains from gentoomen dogecoin to usd and cryptocurrencies or effort-free passive income from real estate and dropshipping does.

I started keeping my replies in a notepad and just copied them, but then you keep seeing the same threads with the same kind of lazy and stupid people, and you lose interest in helping them. This board is not for any kind of serious discussion. Always ends up in one of the following not being ultra conservative enough to appeal gentoomen dogecoin to usd meme alt right advice is ignored compared to the shitcoin posters saying to dump every penny in crypto currency "all longterm investments are for wage cucks aye lmao who invests for retirement be young".

I wrote an article about passive income a couple of years ago for the sticky that never happened. It feels like such a gentoomen dogecoin to usd of time to gentoomen dogecoin to usd to answer questions here.

I've cut down on my posting a lot and now just come here for laughs. I was going to start my own thread asking this question gentoomen dogecoin to usd considering the replys in this thread I figured I would post this here instead. I'm a pre medical students currently planning on becoming a neurologist along with my long time girlfriend. If everything goes as well as gentoomen dogecoin to usd then we will be pulling in k each.

While this isn't a super amount or anything, I do believe I will inevitably end up most likely engaging in stocks and investors but I have almost no knowledge on the subjects and could easily be taken advantage of. For example, my cousin who is a finance major was showing me things which seem extremely unlikely.

He claims this would be a conservative and safe investment as well but I just don't see how this gentoomen dogecoin to usd possible. Perhaps it is, perhaps this is an extremely optimistic projection either way, I simply am too ignorant on the subject to know which it is. Long story short, I would like to know what a good resource would be to educated myself on such matters so that I can tell when something is in fact believable or bullshit.

There are plenty of basic textbooks on the gentoomen dogecoin to usd but I do not know which are considered the best or if gentoomen dogecoin to usd would be a more efficient means of acquiring the knowledge. I don't want to gentoomen dogecoin to usd pompous, but I do read books all day so while I understand I will need to put in the effort and time, I just don't want it to be a lot of unnecessary fluff if it can be helped.

Gentoomen dogecoin to usd, just for reference the online calculator he used for the estimates was this investor. Multiple posters every day ask the same questions Is there a problem here? If you really want this problem to stop then we need to spam the entire board with a million threads every day asking for a sticky until someone caves to give what we have been asking gentoomen dogecoin to usd from day 1.

We need to beat the shitposters, NEETposters, and cryptoposters at their own game. Only a collaborative effort will make this happen but lets be honest, most people on this board don't give 2 shits about a sticky they just want a magic money maker that lets them be a NEET all day long. Two online resources I would suggest: The former is a high-school level course that covers all the basic concepts in an extremely digestible format.

The latter is a university-level course taught by a highly respected economics professor. They're both very interesting. You're right to be wary of financial advice. A lot of people are out to screw others over, and still more give well-meaning advice that is tainted by their own goals and circumstances. For the particular example your cousin gave, the math is fairly simple. The first year's investment will grow for 20 years, the next for 19 years, the next for 18 years, etc.

Doing this on paper can be illuminating in that it allows you to see exactly how investments grow over time. Compounding annually, I ended up at a figure of gentoomen dogecoin to usd, Everyone was pushing for a sticky hard but it never got anywhere.

Even a separate site with the information didn't last. Honestly, it's a sad case. But really, there are very few people that come here that actually have any sort of financial anything going on, so there's no point in sticking around for good advice. Either way, I'll begin with the Khan Academy and watch the Yale course at once so again, thank you.

I think a lot of people don't account for that, and it's not incorporated into many calculators that I've seen. These are decent sources for learning about the mechanics and minutia of financial markets. But it's not where I would start as an individual investor who just wants to learn the basics about stock investing and growing wealth. If the information sounds reasonable gentoomen dogecoin to usd intelligent to you, then you can go on to the more detailed articles on the bogleheads wiki, such as:.

As others have said, there is a LOT of bad advice on this board. But there are reasonable people giving reasonable advice too. You just have to wade through a lot of bullshit to find it. Original idea do not steel I just inherited [fictitious amount] of money how should I spend it lolol how to get babbys first job, the thread wagecucks suck, the thread NEETs roleplay being Patrick Bateman, the thread eBay sellers posting stupid customer stories I actually love these threads well Veeky Forums, this is as good a place as any to ask.

How do I get hot bitches to have sex with me? You forgot the rate my resume threads, where people spend more time debating the font and spacing than the content. Or get an account at poloniex and trade alt coins. Instead of asking you for your own advice, I simply ask where I can find books for self-teaching myself economics and finance to gain knowledge on the subject.

I know you can't just sit on your ass all day and make money, and crypto currency is a meme, but lend me your knowledge and I will savor it and use it wisely. This gentoomen dogecoin to usd a problem limited to Veeky Forums. I have been on every single board on Veeky Forums attempting to learn about their culture instead of being one sided and disliking one because "it's degenerate".

All boards have reoccurring threads and you can even go look for yourself. Think your thread is unique? If you want true discussion, you will need to go to actual places that encourage it such as Physicsfourms, Cell, and many others. I said some above, but it is usually a bad idea as they can get flooded full of trolls and jackasses from Veeky Forums.

Tell me why I shouldn't get into cc fraud This type of nigga Sometimes two threads at a time. They're too lazy to Google and think critically at themselves gentoomen dogecoin to usd they want others to tell them the truth. I started using Acorns 3 months ago and think it's pretty good. There is no wiki for how to get rich quick or any of the other stupid ideas people spam on here.

They are dumb questions that require nothing better than dumb answers. She could leave you at any second. This book isn't a tome and so is an easy read, but it is not beginner level. Techfag with an econ nerd roommate who is slowly learning here. I'd like to read it, if for no other reason than passive income in general sounds too good to be true. I have a shit life too, but I wouldn't gentoomen dogecoin to usd an anonymous waifu image board how to get rich, familial.

So, I can't seem to find it online, it was awhile ago. Someone else was running a biz wiki and I submitted it there. But you may be able to find it by doing more googling. It had a conversion table of principal-to-yearly-income as well as a discussion of how I got to those figures. But there's not that much to getting passive income, it's not magical. You dump cash into investments and can get throwoff. But the trick of it is to temper your expectations using a reasonable percentage in the investment calculation.

You see, the downside of many PI estimates is that you have to take into account small changes over a long period. For example, let's say you invest k that's throwing off 1k per month to make the math easy.

But what you don't see immediately is the effect of yearly gentoomen dogecoin to usd on that number, how inflation takes its toll, things like that. PI "erodes" very quickly. This is one of the reasons why I like real estate for PI. Rents are, for the most part, inflation-tracking, which is good and over a long period of time, the debt associated with them goes down, which compensates further for the erosion.

So, in the article, I ballpark the realistic, minimum long-term return in PI for a house, assuming that you just buy cash. So, that means the following:. You buy a home for k that rents for gentoomen dogecoin to usd per month. Half of that rent goes away, leaving you with per month, or per year. Now, we can start to see what gentoomen dogecoin to usd worth you need for income replacement. You can do that math for your own case. But, the big game-changer in RE is leverage.

In the long-term, having mortgaged properties blows the doors off of any other investment I've seen. You're adding some risk but the gains more than make up for it.

But, the caveat and it's a big one is that you should NOT plan to real-deal full-on retire with significant leverage. So, by taking up a mortgage to get extra gains, you're committing yourself to the payoff of that home before you make any life-changing moves. If I started investing at 18 instead of my 30s things would be very different today. This applies to simple passive investing or active investing equally.

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