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The Robots of Dr. Before Mega Man got X-rated, Dr. Wily was his geminilaser megaman 6 robot. Over the next two pages, you'll encounter all fifty four of the Robot Geminilaser megaman 6 robot from those seven games. Some of them are cool, some of them are fucking terrible. Each boss will be rated on a scale of 1 lowest to 10 highest based entirely on my whims. Continue if you dare Mega Man 2 Primary Weapon: Airman has a giant fan for a mouth and he shoots miniature tornados at you.

Not only do the damn things hurt Mega Geminilaser megaman 6 robot, they also block his attacks. Airman has a creative, clever design and I have nothing bad to say about him. Mega Man 6 Primary Weapon: Blizzardman's main attack is friggin' snowflakes. Mega Man has battled his way through levels that are entirely underwater and now a few goddam snowflakes can hurt him? I don't think so. Blizzardman geminilaser megaman 6 robot rolls up into a giant snowball and charges at you, which is one of the lamest enemy attacks ever.

This robot is goofy as hell, he never should have been made. Bombman is one of the best Mega Man villains ever. Wily was on to something here. If you wanna take over the world, don't build robots that throw snow or leaves; build robots that throw fucking bombs.

Bombs are effective and to the point, especially when they're ridiculously big. Bombman also has a mohawk, giving him classic s appeal. Hudson's Bomberman predates him by two years though, so he can't claim originality. Mega Man 4 Primary Weapon: A fighting lightbulb, that's fucking brilliant. Bright Man might be a better concept than Porcelain Man or Osteoporosis Man, but unfortunately for him neither of those robots actually exist. Seriously, what kind of idiot builds a robot with a large easily breakable glass dome on his head?

Bright Man's weapon is the Flash Stopper, which freezes time. It's a strong attack when he uses it, but Mega Man can only use it against the equally lame Geminilaser megaman 6 robot Man. Bubbleman is quite simply one of the worst robots ever. After braving a watery spike-laden fortress, Mega Man is confronted by some asshole who throws bubbles at him. If water didn't kill the little blue geminilaser megaman 6 robot, why the fuck would bubbles?

In an attempt to make Bubbleman geminilaser megaman 6 robot less, Dr. Wily also gave him some harpoons to throw and lined the ceiling of his room with spikes. Maybe he should have created Harpoonman instead. Mega Man 7 Primary Weapon: Remember Bubbleman from 5 seconds ago? Well, Burst Man is almost the exact same boss, right down to fighting him a room with a spiky ceiling. There are two big differences, however. Whereas Bubbleman's bubbles were an actual weapon, Burst Man's bubbles imprison you and then float towards the instant death of the ceiling spikes.

Don't worry though, a basic baseball slide will break you free. Burst Man's actual mode of geminilaser megaman 6 robot comes in the form of little orange timebombs that he throws around.

Sometimes the bastard even traps you in a bubble with one. Ultimately, Burst Man isn't really that more interesting than his Mega Man 2 counterpart, but he is slightly more clever.

By Mega Man 6, Capcom was officially out of ideas for Wily's robots. What the hell is a centaur doing as a boss? Mythological creatures don't make good robots, especially when you have to invent bullshit abilities for them.

Mega Man 5 Primary Weapon: Some of you may be wondering what exactly Charge Man is. Clearly he's not a battery or credit card. Well, he's a train, which is still pretty lame. I don't know why I decided to give him a I guess I kinda like the smokestack. Other than that, Charge Man sucks. He floats around blasting lightning at you like he's fucking Zeus or something.

Cloud Man loses points for not being named Thunder Man. I guess I should be thankful that he's not called Thor Man. I have no idea what the hell Crashman is supposed to be, but I geminilaser megaman 6 robot tell you geminilaser megaman 6 robot he does. Crashman jumps around his lair like a fucking maniac dropping timed explosives everywhere. It's a very cool concept, but Crashman loses lots of points for being ass ugly.

Seriously, what's the deal with that stupid helmet? If a game geminilaser megaman 6 robot runs long enough, eventually there's going to be some crap involving geminilaser megaman 6 robot crystals or gems. For instance, consider Paper Mario: In that fine tradition, Mega Man 5 gave us Crystal Man. He's a tough boss and his primary attack, a giant crystal that splits in four and geminilaser megaman 6 robot bounces around the room, is powerful and hard to dodge.

My one big complaint is that for a robot named Crystal Man, he isn't very crystalline. However, he is very green. Cutman is quite possibly the definitive Mega Man villain. Sure, very few geminilaser megaman 6 robot about him make sense. And can someone explain the physics behind scissor boomerangs to me? Regardless, Cutman delivers everything his name promises.

His name, costume, and attack have that certain synergy that every memorable Robot Master has. Besides, if you ever played the original Mega Man game, this was the first boss you ever beat. If you claim otherwise, you're either a liar or a sick fuck. Ice, water, fire, air, and lightning. These are basic elemental attacks that we've all come to expect in video games such as Mega Man.

As far as water-themed villains go, Dive Man isn't bad at all, especially compared to that wuss Bubbleman. Dive Man is built like a submarine and he fires heatseeking missiles. As far as weapons go, it's hard to top heatseeking missiles. Dive Man is a total badass, thus he gets an 8. Drill Man is, well, a man made out of drills. What's not to geminilaser megaman 6 robot This guy is menacing as hell and you better thank God everyday that your dentist doesn't have one of these things.

Mega Man 4 gave us some great villains like Drill Man and Dive Man, but it also gave us some terrible ones. Bright Man comes to mind. So does the next guy Dust Man is nothing more than a glorified vacuum cleaner. His two big attacks geminilaser megaman 6 robot dust and sucking. And Christ, he sucks pretty hard. Nothing beats the early Mega Man villains. Elecman fires vicious electrical currents that are sure to fry both man and machine. Mega Man is a little of both, so he's twice as fucked.

Although Elecman works for Dr. Wily, he seems to be pledging allegiance to Hitler in the picture above. In a Bradburyesque future, firemen are paid to start fires. That's where Geminilaser megaman 6 robot comes in. Originally designed as an Olympic torch that could make its own run, Fireman turned bad and started burning things. None of that is true, but fire is almost always cool; Fireman is not the exception. You'd have to try pretty hard to make fire suck

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