Interview with Mike van Rossum, the Author of Gekko, a Bitcoin Trading Bot

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The goal of this document is to provide a reading list for learning to program Bitcoin transactions. The theme of this document is practical and pragmatic instruction with the goal of writing code. The gekkoa javascript trading bot for nodejs is split into two major sections: Programming Bitcoin Reading List and Projects.

Using the raw Bitcoin protocol Shirriff Bitcoin mining the hard way: Maxwell Discussion on 2-way pegging: Java implementation of a Bitcoin client-only node Java bitcoinj bitcoin-qt: Bitcoin-related functions implemented in pure JavaScript JavaScript bitcoinjs btcd: Implements the bitcoin wire protocol - core wire protocol package from btcd Go conformal Tools pybitcointools: Python-based tools for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency system Python gavinandresen cryptocoin: Python gekkoa javascript trading bot for nodejs for working with cryptocurrencies Python lyndsysimon bitcoin-ruby: Python-based Bitcoin utility library.

Create a private, difficulty 1 bitcoin testnet Shell freewil mastercoin-tools Javascript grazcoin Non-currency Applications dissent: A Javascript Bitcoin miner JavaScript jwhitehorn pyminer: A Bitcoin miner implemented in JavaScript.

A bitcoin wallet for your terminal Javascript chjj pywallet: A new kind of Bitcoin client Python elis picocoin: A small bitcoin client C jgarzik sx: Chrome app wallet elis Bitcoin-akka: Bitcoin thin client Python spesmilo BitcoinArmory: Python-Based Bitcoin Software Python etotheipi bitcoin-js-remote: Javascript remote gekkoa javascript trading bot for nodejs bitcoind JavaScript tcatm bitcoinjs-gui: Bitcoin client library in JavaScript using Node.

Python Bitcoin Client Python samrushing chrome-bitcoin: Bitcoin library Python petertodd cbitcoin: A low-level bitcoin library written in standard C. Bitcoin Wallet app for your Android device Java schildbach bitcoinApp: Well-documented Bitcoin implementation in Objective-C C oleganza wallet: Bitcoin Central Ruby davout ZeroReserve: Dark Exchange is a distributed p2p exchange for bitcoin.

Find Bitcoin traders near you Bitcoin payment application Java warpi bitcoin-wp-e-commerce: Bitcoin payment plugin for VirtueMart shopping cart for Joomla! Bitcoin payment module for Magento. A payment modules to interact with bitcoind for zen cart. A free and open source Bitcoin ecommerce platform, with several representative clients Java gary-rowe Bots Bitcoin arbitrage: A bitcoin trading bot Node.

An automated Bitcoin arbitrage trading program. IO CoffeeScript pulsecat btc-trader: A Block Explorer clone built using node-bitcoin-p2p JavaScript bitcoinjs btcplex: Peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining pool Python forrestv bitcoin-pool: A python based gekkoa javascript trading bot for nodejs for bitcoin Python c00w Bitcoin-mining-proxy: Demo implementation of Bitcoin mining pool on Stratum protocol Python slush0 Sites petulant-lana: A one-time-payment filehosting site, using Bitcoin Go bearbin bitstarter-leaderboard: Bitcoin-powered crowdfunder Javascript Srinivasan feedopensource: Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room.

Bitcoin Authentication Open Protocol Larch. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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