Furbies are making a comeback and your old ones may be worth a fortune

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Regarded as one of the most innovative and interactive inventions of its time, Furby introduced the world to a new kind of robotic toy. The innovative toy made its debut in by Tiger Electronics, and at the time, it was inventors first time at creating an in-home robot that could talk to you. The big-eyed and furry electronic creature immediately rose to fame, thus creating the Furby era.

People from all over the world furby original value of bitcoin obsessed. In short, Furby was the "it" toy of the late '90s. Remember these cringeworthy '90s fashion choices? Here's how much they're going for today. Fast forward to nearly 20 years later and the Furby has made quite the comeback.

While Tiger Electronics revamped the nostalgic toy inthe older, more classic models are now valued at unbelievable amounts. Sites such as Go Furby serve as a resource for Furby owners and collectors.

If you have a few Furbies stored away in your house somewhere and want to get rid of them, now's the time. Check out the slideshow up top to see what some of the most valuable ones are going for on eBay. What your old Apple products are worth today Still have your old Happy Meal toys? You may be sitting on a fortune What your old records are worth now. Sign up for Finance Furby original value of bitcoin by AOL and get everything from consumer news to money tricks furby original value of bitcoin directly to your inbox daily!

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