Bitcoin price falls below $6,000 as banker signals crackdown

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If you were aware of our show, you may be aware that we were the ones who turned Roger Ver onto bitcoin back in - he was a regular listener and a sponsor of ours for his company at the time, Memory Dealers. Normally, when someone cancels their AMP, I reach out to see if everything's okay. Usually free talk live bitcoin values someone who lost a job or is preparing for their move to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Further, they claimed Roger is committing fraud. Fraud is a serious allegation and we took quite a bit of time to look into this.

However, when pressed for details and free talk live bitcoin values on the alleged fraud, the respondents were unable to provide any. Here's what one said: Neither I, or anyone who I know personally has been defrauded by Roger directly. They did however reference some twitter allegations by others claiming that Ver was defrauding people on his website, Bitcoin.

The proponents of that suit appear to have already abandoned itafter failing to receive any significant financial support from the BTC True Believers who made a lot of noise about it. One boycotter said that it was the threat of a lawsuit that made Bitcoin. Actually, I had contacted Roger earlier that week before any free talk live bitcoin values about this supposed lawsuit, and suggested they make those changes to their Bitcoin Academy site, as I was uncomfortable promoting Bitcoin.

He considered my suggestion with his team, and implemented it. If he did, I'd tell him to take his money elsewhere.

The other allegations of "fraud" are regarding Roger's opinion about what defines Bitcoin. Which is free talk live bitcoin values the 'Bitcoin BCH' references on his site also obviously stemmed from. I think they are both Bitcoin. And so is Bitcoin Gold and the rest of the forks. They all have the Bitcoin blockchain as their basis and grew from there. Arguably, the original Bitcoin program no longer exists, at least as Satoshi created it. It's not some random name - that's the name the BTC devs chose for their software!

Some people really hate it when BTC is called "Bitcoin Core", but again, all we're talking about here is opinions. Actual graphic from Free talk live bitcoin values. What there is instead of free talk live bitcoin values is some seriously petty behavior in this ongoing, pointless, stupid war between BTC and BCH proponents.

Free talk live bitcoin values also accept fiat, and no one has protested that. Roger's never told us what to say, but the BTC people are trying to wield their economic weight to try to get us to take their angry, jealous side. Further, more than one of the boycotters has even alleged that unless everyone supports BTC and only BTC, that liberty will be in jeopardy.

This is on its face ridiculous. They're mad that Roger owns Bitcoin. They're mad that Roger, who was one of BTC's original and biggest proponents and investors, has jumped ship and is promoting Bitcoin Cash. It doesn't matter to them that we still accept BTC on our crypto donations page at the top of the list. Because we haven't picked a side, they feel we've sided against them! I asked one of the boycotters, "would you go into a local business that was accepting BTC and BCH at the register and tell the owner that he's putting the future of freedom in jeopardy by accepting a form of payment his customers requested to use?

If so, you'd be a jerk. That business owner is just trying to do right by his customers. Compete by being the best, not by attacking the newer competition - your favorite crypto is the king of the hill. For the record, I don't think Bitcoin Cash is the best crypto. I focus on real-life cryptocurrency acceptance, and right now in New Hampshire and for the last six free talk live bitcoin values, DASH has been the clear winner in that area.

But if someone wants to pay me in Bitcoin Cash, that's fine. That doesn't put liberty in jeopardy. BCH is just another bitcoin-based crypto. This one happens to have been the first to fork, and it's worth more than all of the other Bitcoin forks, so it's noteworthy. If that bothers you, well, you just have a tough time with competition in an arena where the government can't help you protect your market position the open-source cryptocurrency world.

If you'd like to hear a full discussion of the allegations against Roger Ver and Bitcoin. If you'd like to support what we do, please listen, share our shows you like, and most importantly, AMP us at http: Thanks for reading and sharing! After reading your arguments I have taken a slightly more neutral position, sometimes the fight between BTC and BCH becomes irrational when everything is different interpretations. Although free talk live bitcoin values Roger has done with bitcoin.

Anyway, Free talk live bitcoin values think it's good that your talk radio show is not influenced by its sponsors, and if we want the cryptocurrencies to be successful we need variety.

Accepting any crypto-currency in your business is the obvious way to go, imagine if people started accusing you of financing and supporting terrorism or drug dealers just because you are using the USD and thats the main currency they use lol! Makes no sense to call anyone that accepts BCH an accomplice in fraud, even if you don't like the currency, it still has value because other people see value in it and you can use that value to your advantage.

Don't worry i bet for every person that left will be replaced by 2 more, any show supporting freedom will always attract freedom seekers! After allthe median transaction costs for Bitcoin BTC are now literally 20 - times more expensive than for Bitcoin Cash. On November 10,Bitcoin Classic ceased operation, declaring that Bitcoin Cash is now the only hope for bitcoin to become scalable.

I'm interested in the them free talk live bitcoin values ICO and crypto-currency, I'll subscribe to your free talk live bitcoin values. I hope you will also like my content and reviews of the most profitable bounties and ICO, subscribe to me free talk live bitcoin values.

Fighting over the Bitcoin name is ridiculous. Roger forked away from the majority consensus, the end. Roger Ver Fraud is a serious allegation and we took quite a bit of time to look into this. Bitcoin Cash Logo Actually, I had contacted Roger earlier that week before any news about this supposed lawsuit, and suggested they make those changes to their Bitcoin Academy site, as I was uncomfortable promoting Bitcoin.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The pictures in your post don't show up properly on busy but they show up on steemit, weird! Agree with the above. I'd just edit the post on Busy. They also accept silver, just like judas did.

Thank you for always speaking the truth even if it isn't popular. I'm not a huge fan of Bitcoin Cash, but having large block sizes is a nice plus. Competition and freedom of choice are good. Coins mentioned in post: Still can't figure out context. No one here is talking about Synereo AMP.

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