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Returns balance and unconfirmed amount Amount waiting 2 confirmations of multiple addresses. Balance units are in satoshis. Returns transaction history of multiple bitcoin addresses considering them part of the same wallet.

For each transaction following paramters are returned: Transactions are sorted by latest time and a limit of tx are returned. Pending transactions having less than 2 confirmations are returned in pending dict with status.

Returns detail of input transaction id. List of transaction inputs and outputs are returned. Example Request curl https: User addresses' in the tx are highlighted and net amount is calculated accordingly.

You can query max 50 addresses at a time. For higher number you should upgrade your plan and set your API Key in http authorization header. Higher rates can lead to banning of your IP. Bitcoin blocks only arrive at an average rate of once in 10 minutes. So querying multiple times a second won't return you any new data. For realtime transaction updates on address, use our websocket API.

All wallet watcher api requests require apikey for access. To use apikey set the Authorization header of the https request. Use this to get balances of bitcoin addresses you are monitoring. Example Request curl -H 'Authorization: It enables you to quickly start accepting bitcoin payments on your website. To get started add your xpub into wallet watcher and also free bitcoin private key with balance api key from settings.

Feel free to copy code from our open source shopping cart. Infographic of payments API Click to expand New Address This will return a new address from your wallet to which the payer must send the payment. This call will increment index on server, so that each time you get a new address. This will reset index to last unused address before generating new address, free bitcoin private key with balance is useful for testing purposes.

This will match given string within free bitcoin private key with balance xpub to find matching account. Example Request curl -d '' -H 'Authorization: Blockonomics will send http callback for payments on your address. For each callback following parameters are returned: Callback are retried 7 times with an exponential backoff of 4 seconds.

Use Merchant Wizard to configure callback for your server. Your callback url can also contain a secret paramater for additional security. Only payments received after the given unix timestamp are notified. A websocket message is returned on successful payment containing the following fields: Definition Websocket connection to wss: Below are various API endpoints to free bitcoin private key with balance information about orders generated using payment buttons.

In the below requests you have to set apikey as the Authorization header of the request. Returns detail of payment button order. Returns list of all payment button orders in descending order of time.

You can use free bitcoin private key with balance to restrict the number of records Default is You can test payment integration without spending any bitcoins! These test payment notifications are send from our server following API formatbut not actually sent to the bitcoin network. Open source implementation of a web shopping cart using blockonomics API.

Prestashop payment module to enable bitcoin payments on your website. Woocommerce plugin to accept bitcoin payments on your wordpress site. Source code to create automated blockonomics bitcoin invoices. Infographic of payments API Click to expand.

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You can use this option to cross check your wallet's private keys to the wallet's receiving addresses. This checks the internal consistency of your wallet. To check the private keys for the wallet specified, click on the button "Check private keys".

A message will appear upon completion. If the check was successful your wallet is internally consistent and there is nothing more for you to do. If the check was unsuccessful a note will appear telling you to read the Messages tab. In the Messages tab are details of which addresses do not have the correct private keys. You should not send any bitcoin to these addresses as it will not be redeemable. Any existing balance on the addresses specified can only be redeemed by recovering the private keys.

You should search your MultiBit Classic and Blockchain. You can then import them into your wallet of choice and recover your bitcoin. If you have no copy of the relevant private keys in any backup then the bitcoin on these addresses will not be redeemable. At this point you should consider data recovery software if you think there is a chance that a deleted backup may contain a working private key.

If you have really, truly lost your private keys, then it is likely that you have lost access to your bitcoin. There is absolutely no way that the MultiBit team can possibly recover them. You should keep the encrypted files safe just in case inspiration strikes. Never delete a wallet, just archive it safely. Back to Table of Contents Check private keys You can use this option to cross check your wallet's private keys to the wallet's receiving addresses.

To check the private keys of a wallet, do the following: Select the wallet In the "Wallets" side panel choose the wallet for which you want to check the private keys. The "Check Private Keys" screen appears. Fill in the password If the wallet is password protected, enter the password in the "Wallet password" field. Examine the results If the check was successful your wallet is internally consistent and there is nothing more for you to do.