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Often, they are employers in the firm and during the hours of work they have no possibility for obvious reasons to make the trading. Someone would gladly look at the market during the lunch time, in order to see if some trend could be useful, but often the employers don't have the possibility to do that. The computers in the office are almost always connected on the firm's network and many times the unavoidable firewall does not permit access to Forex sites or it is not possible to install the relative software because it would be necessary to have the credentials of the net administrator.

The official platform software is forex trading program free download and it doesn't always permit us to have a global vision of the course of currencies and the market, it might be possible, but we must open a tide of windows and arrange them in an ergonomic way, with some personal criteria, for being able to see the necessary data.

In order to face both problems, several years ago a good friend of mine created a small program. He is a very good software programmer and very fair priced, but only for friends: I took him out for dinner!

That forex trading program free download all it cost me for his work. I wanted an forex trading program free download that shows the global course, the trend of the main currencies, all together and in a simple manner. For this purpose software ForexTrend was created. It's a gift from us. You can download and use it for free. Installation Let's start with the installation and the necessary resources for proper use of the application.

Start by downloading the forex trading program free download to your preferred folder. You can also place it on the desktop so that you can easily access it. There is no need to install forex trading program free download software. The application works under all versions of Windows. You must be connected to the Internet in order to read the values of the currency couples. If you have an antivirus program you will probably have to set up a rule so that the program can access the Internet.

What it does and how does it works Start by clicking the Start button. The program read once in the minute the medium value of 15 couples of the 6 main currencies. At this point I want to give you two explanations. Since I wanted to show the global pointers, I didn't want to make the application more "heavy" by using buy and sell values, who are variable between one platform and the forex trading program free download. These last ones are those which I use sometimes, while I never trade with the first two couples.

It's only about my personal tastes and I hope it goes well also to you. As it is seen on the screen below, there are 8 couples on the left and 7 on the right of the window. For every couple we have: Name of the currency couple to which the data refer. The first value read immediately after the start of the program, in the square brackets, and in the same line the last six read values. The linear diagram with the representation of the course of the price from the beginning of the program.

In the right side of diagram are written minimums in red and maximum greenoccurred during the software activity. Up in the window there are the timetables of the readings of the relative values. The first timetable is always in the square brackets, as it is refered to the first price.

The numeric values and diagrams are forex trading program free download colored: In greenif the price is increased, In redif the price is decreased, In blackif the price has remained unchanged. If for some reason the program can't read the values, the place which have to contain the data will be empty. If instead you see all forex trading program free download black and linear, than Forex marcet is closed and you read the closing price.

Software limitations The software can read until Since the reading interval is forex trading program free download 1 minute, the data can be accumulated for hours, that means more than 20 days. Once the maximum capacity is reached, the application is automatically stopped, as if the user had pressed the Stop button. The graphical space permits the presentation of a certain number of points, not the maximum number which can be read by the program.

When this limit is reached, forex trading program free download the diagram will be only present data for a minimum lack of time, every 2 minutes, 3 minutes and so on.

Forex trading program free download this case, the minimum and maximum values indicated on the right side of diagram are refer to the complete interval of the read data, while the same diagram could not represent them. You must also consider the fact that the prices are read in discontinuous way, that means once in a minute, so the read price could not be the maximum or the minim in that interval.

However, the aim was to see the global trend. Obviously, for the real trading you will chose your favorite forex platform that will give you the precise data.

Download free software Forex Trend only 16 kB zipped. The majority of the people who trade on Forex have a passion for this, they are not professionals of the field.

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