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Most of this has taken place in the last two weeks, which is why this changed over the last few weeks. In every factotum, we were the underdog. Genesis is the new one, 10 USD for 10GH, they have 5 for gawminers, I suggest you the Zen one cause if the most bitcointalk pool, and you have the prime hashlet. So gawminers it goes! Since the move to the bitcointalk thread, I just wanted to re-post my review so far.

New user, factotum post here. Please login or register. The first day the hashlet kicked in I got negative earning I believe that is just because the hashlet came on late and didnt mine enough and the fee is programmed for 24hr thats just my theory as after the first day I havent had a negative maintenance fee.

Thanks for expecting us to do what we say we will and being patient with us when we needed to catch up. I literally had two employees, that were so sleep deprived, fall sleep while standing Smiley Our staff numbers are growing, our systems are getting better, and there is some exciting things coming.

We are a real company, servicing thousands of customers with a full staff to support our clients. Would LOVE to get my hosted 20 pack doubled for 7 days. The prime is that you wont ever have to pay for a better technology cause it will do it by itself for you.

Gawminers September 06, EvilPanda on September 08, We factotum also offer new features like being able to vote bitcointalk new products bitcointalk would gawminers us to offer and factotum us gawminers Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: More details are coming so stay tuned to this thread! We entered this space several months after our competitors. It's simply not work the trouble of dealing with them. I had bad experiences with GAW as well. Obviously not everybody has a bad experience otherwise they would be out of business.

My latest is that they decided to take away my free GAW appreciation blizzard and free hashlet. I guess they didn't appreciate me all that much at all. I tried contacting them through their freshdesk helpdesk and the ticket has been untouched for over 4 days now. EvilPanda on September 08,Mistakes happen, I'm sure you'll get what you wanted, in the meantime enjoy the miner you received. You already wrote that in another thread.

Are you going to spam the same post in every thread that mentions GAW? If you go with gawminer, I suggest you to go with the hashlets and not the hardware, its faster and I think more profitable at the moment.

Click on the lick in my signature and go to the hashlet tab, hashlet comparison, youll have all the possible definitions for the type of miner you are. Genesis is the new one, 10 USD for 10GH, they have 5 for litecoins, I suggest you the Zen one cause if the most profitable pool, and you have the prime hashlet. I have also received negative payout for one of the hashlets. I think I got a free hashlet and am being hit by maintenance fee now.

I own a blackwidow since 20 days with free 1 month hosting. Still, no proof of actually mining - only risk what you can loose. European Bitcoin Exchange - Bitcoin handeln im deutschen Rechtsraum. Powered by SMF 1. GAW delivered early and the miners are producing way over advertised hash rate. What more could you ask for? Another happy GAW customer here. I've ordered and received 2 Gridseeds from them in the past and just completed an order for a Fury.

Very happy with the service Amanda was great! Received 2 days ago, super easy setup and running at 1. Great customer service and Zencontroller is amazing. Waiitng to see those week one prices again. Keeep up the good work gawminer Review: Im very happy with this product. Working good with free ZenControler. I'm definitely unhappy with my Zeus purchase and wish I had put that money towards a bigger box from GAW instead.

GAW seems to be the perfect company to buy hardware from at this moment. Where zeus was first in the spot of: They offer free shipping or for 25 bucks express shippingand are a lot cheaper than Zeusminer. And oh they even give a refund As the week ends, we have another exciting announcement GAW Miners is moving from the bitcointalk forum: Our new platform will allow us to deliver better support and announcements.

We will also offer new features like being able to vote on new products you would like us to offer and pitching us ideas! We thank the staff at bitcointalk for their support and dedication to our company. So we will be locking this thread. We will still check in on our PM from time to time, but we will no longer provide any support through bitcointalk. Farewell and we will see you on GAW Community! Due to an unexpected and unprecedented amount of pre-orders, we were able to reach an agreement for a marginally larger shipment as well as lower price per miner!

Below is the new pricing schedule the miners are now available at: Here is a brief update! This company has grown like crazy. If our sales did not increase at all, we already have passed over 40 million in annual sales. And, our sales numbers are still growing this has been in less in a month! In the last month, we have built a new data center, built new code and software that did not exist, did over a million in sales in two weeks, and even began building our own miners.

We did this with 7 people. The largest reason for the delays is because we have been using what little man power we started the company with, to training new people to expand our support and customer service.

We are not complete, but we have a large part of the training done. And, we will hire about 75 people in the next six months. We are also training more people to answer the phones so we are able to take care of an issue on the spot. In my years as a CEO, I have never trained a team of people to run a company this large in three weeks.

Every company I have run; we budget at least a month and a half to recruit, interview, and train new staff. This has certainly been a learning experience. We are working as hard as we can to get back to your requests. Thanks for the patience, every customer will be rewarded for their loyalty and patience!

Josh You guys wanted a special founders program? Well here it is! Because more deals like this are coming soon!

Today Gridseed announced their picks for the five, world-wide, authorized resellers! We were competing with companies that had months to show Gridseed their capabilities, and we had just two weeks! In every way, we were the underdog. We had less experience, less time, and the least amount of market penetration. Today we were placed in the top 5 Gridseed distributers in the world!

We plan to use our new position to continue to raise the bar and create even more benefits for our customers. The best is yet to come. Every bit of this victory belongs to you. You guys believed in us before anyone else did. Buy now and have it active in under an hour!!! Buy back program for existing customers to move to the blades Stay tuned!

We are the first to announce the new pricing structure for Gridseed units! And get free and fast shipping! New Gridseed Asic Blade is Here! We will offer also this with our free hosting! You will be online and hashing the same day! PS all existing customers get priority in the orders and free overnight shipping!

Double the hash Edit moved date to April the 15th On April 15th, we will be running a one of a kind promotion GAW Miners will double the profits of any miner you have purchased from us for 7 days!

The miner must be hosted with us. GAW Miners in the News! So here it goes! These last two weeks have been crazy. From some of the best conversations with customers that I have ever had, to running to the post office with boxes ten minutes before closing, to talking to my staff at 3:

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