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You may remember me from my extensive blogs of my European travels this past spring semester abroad in Germany. Chemical engineering is the application of science, physics and mathematics to the process of converting raw materials into more useful or valuable forms.

Exxonmobil houston internships marketing major largely involves the design and maintenance of chemical processes for large-scale manufacture. In terms of career exploration, my options as a ChemE major are endless: They all sound so intriguing; how could I possibly narrow down what field I want to develop my professional life in after Lafayette College? I remember attending the career fair at Lafayette in late September of last year, anxious to hand out my nearly-perfected resume to numerous employers, hoping to get my name out exxonmobil houston internships marketing.

One of the numerous companies that really stood out to me was ExxonMobil Co. As I began talking, I immediately developed a bond with the recruiters and a liking for the organization. In that brief amount of time, I learned about the culture of this multibillion-dollar oil and gas corporation. Not only that, but how my work as a young engineer is a key asset to the development of one of the largest publicly traded companies of the world that is ExxonMobil.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited I had been offered my first technical internship with this reputable exxonmobil houston internships marketing corporation, just being only a sophomore in college!

ExxonMobil has been nothing but a tremendous help in my relocation process. I was reimbursed for all relocation expenses mileage, meals, hotels, shipping of personal items, etc. My apartment was completely furnished with 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry room, and 6 closets! My first short-term project was providing technical support for the ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Demand Forecasting Tool a software designed by ExxonMobil to predict demand of products for retail based in Microsoft Access and Excel.

Exxonmobil houston internships marketing an engineer-in-training, I had to whip out my programming skills, familiarize myself with VBA visual basic for applicationsand utilize my problem-solving and computing skills. Not only was I exxonmobil houston internships marketing to analyze data utilizing computing skills I had developed at Lafayette, but also technically interact with other employees in different departments, learning more about the operations and business aspect of ExxonMobil.

At the end of the internship, all interns held a poster presentation session to debut our summer projects to the corporation. We also celebrated the end of the internship process with a company-held cruise on the Potomac River in Exxonmobil houston internships marketing.

Besides my hr work week, I had a lot of downtime after 5PM everyday to spend with my roommate and other interns. Almost every exxonmobil houston internships marketing, my roommate and I got creative in the kitchen and made it a point to cook dinner meals together.

A group of us interns also made it a point to take advantage exxonmobil houston internships marketing the multicultural influences in DC and neighboring suburbs by trying new ethnic foods every week. Indeed I had a valuable and wonderful experience and made lotsa friends along the way.

Click here to cancel reply. A national leader in graduation rates, undergraduate research, and graduate and mid-career salaries, Lafayette offers the benefits of larger schools with the student-centered approach of a small, undergraduate college. August 13, Summer with ExxonMobil Hello, again! Submit Comment Cancel Reply.

Home Meet the Bloggers. Alexa's Blog Summer in the Dacks 28 Aug Refreshed for Senior Year! Exxonmobil houston internships marketing Lafayette A national leader in graduation rates, undergraduate research, and graduate and mid-career salaries, Lafayette offers the benefits of larger schools with the student-centered approach of a small, undergraduate college. Lafayette's Value Learn more about our slogan.

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Applications due March 15, Are you interested in diving deeper into the world of conservation and becoming a member of the next generation of conservation heroes?

Ten interns will be selected to train, learn, and collaborate for 10 weeks at the Houston Zoo and regional conservation partner locations from May 14, 20 l 8 — July 20, It opened my eyes to all of the possibilities in conservation, and the importance of it. Everything I choose to do will now have a basis stemming from this internship. I came into this internship with the passion of conservation and had no idea of the true beauty of this field. Because of this internship I was reassured of my decision to continue in this field.

I appreciate Houston so much more than I did before. Conservation education is fascinating and I really hope to work at a zoo someday. Throughout the 10 weeks, interns will: Understand the role of action-oriented conservation campaigns Explore the elements that go into a zoo-based conservation organization including: As a helpful tip, this documentation is the same paperwork that auto insurance companies require to confirm student driver enrollment.

Must submit a complete online application including resume and cover letter by the deadline. Must be available for a Skype interview session at the end of March. Family members of board or staff at Houston Zoo or ExxonMobil are not eligible to be hired as interns of this program.

General schedule of hours per week, worked primarily Monday- Friday, 7: Collaborate on a culminating project, synthesizing information learned over the entire summer. Abide by all Houston Zoo policies and procedures, including safety protocol. Exposure to outdoor weather such as heat, humidity, and rain will be required. Housing and transportation to and from the Houston Zoo will be the responsibility of the intern.

Expectations Following Week Internship Three months after internship — Participate in conference call to discuss behavior changes that interns have made since the end of the program and how the internship has impacted future education or career goals. One year after internship — Act as a mentor to Collegiate Conservation Program interns.