How to Clear a Stuck Bitcoin Transaction

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How can I see the status of my Bitcoin transaction? Receiving coins requires a certain amount of confirmations on the blockchain prior to being credited to your account. When depositing Bitcoin into CoinSpot you need a minimum of 6 confirmations on the blockchain to be able to use your coins in CoinSpot. Once it is highlighted, copy the text. How long will it take?

The speed of these transactions is not dictated by CoinSpot, explorer blockchain unconfirmed is dependent on the current congestion of the blockchain and the price of the mining fee Transaction Fee you paid. For example, if you paid a small mining fee then your transaction could take longer then someone who paid a larger mining fee.

Every now and then the Bitcoin blockchain will become very congested which will slow down confirmations and you will notice your transactions are taking longer to reach the necessary 6 confirmations and in some cases still remaining explorer blockchain unconfirmed an 'Unconfirmed Transaction' on the blockchain explorer. A good indicator of how congested the blockchain is, can be by looking explorer blockchain unconfirmed the amount of 'Unconfirmed Transactions' in total remain on the bitcoin explorer blockchain unconfirmed.

You can see that here: Can I speed up explorer blockchain unconfirmed transaction? If you find your transaction is taking an extremely long time to be confirmed on the blockchain, such as more then a explorer blockchain unconfirmed days, then please contact our support team and we will do our best to assist you.

If the transaction is not confirmed unfortunately the most we can do is wait and be patient for it to be picked up and confirmed on the blockchain. Please sign in to leave a comment. Where do I find my Transaction ID? Why is my LTC withdrawal canceled? Why is my Bitcoin deposit pending in CoinSpot?

How do I send coins into CoinSpot? How can I cancel sending Coins? See more When sending coins into CoinSpot you need to be mindful of the transaction process.

All transactions need to be confirmed by the Bitcoin blockchain, which we have no control over. You will then be able to paste the text, once you paste the text the entire TXID will be pasted. If you have issues doing this please contact support. Mining fees are used to fund your transaction explorer blockchain unconfirmed pay the miners who confirm our transactions.

Miners are paid for processing transactions and this is where that fee is given.

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