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It's been a long time without posting anything here. I'm new to this whole Blockchain world and I've been learning lots of things in the past ethereum yellow paper. I'm really excited about this new challenge and I'm having a lot of fun in the process.

Briefly, this is what happened to me:. After a few days of terror, and after talking with other people, it became clear that I wasn't the only one ethereum yellow paper that situation. And that's the goal of this post: I'm using this as a platform to help myself ethereum yellow paper and eventually help others learn more about the protocol - you've been notified!

In this section, the authors talk about the goal of the Ethereum project, the driving factors of the project and also give a lot of references to previous works in the field. I come from a Computer Science background. I still remember when I studied the architecture of a computer system. Basically, the simplest definition of a computer that ethereum yellow paper can get will be something like this:. If you want a not so simplistic definition, take a look at Von Neumann computer architecture.

From a simplistic point ethereum yellow paper view, if you compare Ethereum model where ethereum yellow paper and smart contract executions change the state of a node, you ethereum yellow paper think about it as a computer. Therefore, if you replicate this logic in a number of nodes, distributed in a p2p network, and add a way for these nodes to agree on the order of operations executed and the correct state, you'll end up with a decentralised computer, where nodes perform calculations process using transactions inputsstoring the results storage that can be queried later output.

Equation number 1 is all about a mathematical definition of the "Ethereum computer" as a sequence of state transitions. Let's take ethereum yellow paper look:. Another way of thinking about it is as a state transition machine. We'll talk more about Ethereum's world state in the following posts. If you want to learn more about it, you should check this blog post from Timothy McCallum. In Etehreum, transactions are aggregated in blocks.

And these blocks are chained together to form a blockchain. New blocks are added to the chain in a process called mining. The important thing to understand about the block generation process is that it requires computing power and electricity from the node that is "creating" it. Therefore, we need a mechanism to incentivise people to engage on this.

Every time a node "creates" a new block, they get a reward more on that later. So, we can expand the previous representation of Ethereum paradigm to include the blocks and the reward. And that's what the authors do in equations 2, 3 and 4.

This equation represents a block as a list of transactions and a few more things that we will omit for simplicity. As we already know, we don't process transactions individually to update the world state.

Therefore, we can rewrite the equation that represents the paradigm as the following:. In plain English, this equation is saying that the world state will be updated by "applying" the transactions from a block into the current state, producing a new state.

Last but not least, there is equation ethereum yellow paper 4. This equation consolidates everything that we talked about earlier in one single model:. It looks like an ugly equation and it seems that it doesn't make any sense.

But all this is saying is that:. To summarise, equation 4 states the way that a blockchain works. A node mines a block, the transactions on that block are "applied" ethereum yellow paper sequence on the world state, modifying it. Also, the node ethereum yellow paper mined the block gets a ethereum yellow paper more on that later. I know, it looks complicated. The first time I read it I also didn't understand anything.

But relax, it's gonna get worse To finish this section, the author talks a little bit more about the reward that we saw before. Ethereum has its own currency Ether and this is the reward that nodes get from mining blocks.

This currency can be ethereum yellow paper into smaller parts, accordingly to this table:. If you read all the way here that ethereum yellow paper that you went through the first two pages of the yellow paper! I hope that this helps you ethereum yellow paper understand the paper.

I'm not used to academic papers and everything seemed impossible to grasp. But doing some research and reading it a thousand times helps. If this post helped you let me know, I'll be really happy! I don't know when the next part is coming. I'll do my best to write about it as soon as I feel ready.

Briefly, this is what happened ethereum yellow paper me: I read the White Paper and realised how much I wanted to learn more about Ethereum; Did a lot of research about Ethereum blog posts, articles, tutorials, etc.

Introduction This is the easy part! Don't get used to it! Ethereum wants to create a new decentralised computer, where anyone would be able to be part of it and use it.

The Blockchain Paradigm "Ethereum [ Basically, the simplest definition of a computer that you can get will be something like this: Let's take a look: Expanding the model In Etehreum, transactions are aggregated in blocks. Therefore, we can rewrite the equation that represents the paradigm as the following: This equation consolidates everything that we talked about earlier in one single model: But all this is saying is that: Ethereum yellow paper currency can be ethereum yellow paper into smaller parts, accordingly to this table: See you in the next one!

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