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This time, the duty to protect humanity falls on the shoulders of Trystan Belmont, first heir to the house of Belmont. However, he will not be alone on this dangerous quest. He will receive some aid. A bead of sweat formed at the back of his neck and rolled down his spine under the cool heated scrutiny of golden eyes.

In the chambre underground, vastly empty save for an altar and an oversized black coffin at its heart, his heartbeats were thunderous. Trystan wondered, briefly, if the other occupant in this chambre could hear the blood rushing in his veins, if he was listening to it, and whether it was affecting him. It was known to every Belmont, male or female, young or senile, active or retired, that every one hundred year, the Lord of Darkness, feared by the common folks and worshipped by his faithful followers as Dracula, would rise to bring apocalypse upon the ethereum blog dao duyen.

Every hundred year, it was always ethereum blog dao duyen Belmont clan that fought him and postponed the extinction of humanity until the next cycle. He had been training relentlessly, all members of the Belmont lineage had, for this day and he had dutifully accepted this perilous duty once his right hand had clenched around the hilt of the fabled Vampire Killer, the consecrated heirloom passed ethereum blog dao duyen generation after generation.

Nevertheless, he would not be alone on this quest; he would receive invaluable aid, ethereum blog dao duyen his great-grandfather, and his great-grandfather before him, had. This was another heirloom passed down the Belmont bloodline along with the Vampire Killer. On the cold smooth surface the Belmont crest was embedded.

Despite his heart, Trystan sliced his palm with all ethereum blog dao duyen stoicism and calmness of a seasoned chef portioning his choice of meat. He clenched his fist, squeezing the blood into the crest, mumbling an incantation as he did. The ancient words of his ancestors verbally ingrained into each Belmont child blessed with a knack for magic in order to prepare for this day. Magic oozed from his cut along with blood, outlining the crest and making it glow with soft blue light in the dimly lighted underground passage.

Magical gears ground together and the stone gate inched open. Trystan carefully stepped inside. Greeted him was not the starving monster of darkness but the green-tinged light from the everlasting torches lining along the smooth stone walls.

Torches that needed neither to be lit nor fed oil, or any kinds of fuel. He had read about them in the family records but to witness them with his own two eyes, he was still awestruck — nothing sort of magical. To the center of the circular chambre he walked, the sound of the metal heels of his boots muffled by the thick burgundy carpet that started at the entrance, then stood complete still, allowing himself a moment to marvel at the magnificent sight before him, architected and built hundred years past.

And yet the machinery with metal tanks and pipes attached to the floor looked shiny and new as if the place had been forgotten by time and thus, not ravaged. What had happened here, down in the bowels of the Belmont ancestral land?

He took bold strides to the short altar and examined the intricate symbol carved on sleek black stone. It was described in the family records so that every member should be acquainted with it since early age. It symbolized the trust and alliance his ethereum blog dao duyen had forged so that their descendants would receive the aid they needed when the time to battle Dracula came.

Still, there was more to the story than just what had been written down in the yellow pages of the records, and it had ethereum blog dao duyen Trystan since he was able to read. Every Belmont, he believed, had learned one version of it or another, but none of them, except the ones destined to come down here, was allowed the chance to see for themself if there was any molecules of truth in it.

If possible, Trystan would like to find out. More blood, more ethereum blog dao duyen. This ethereum blog dao duyen, what would open? Trystan tried his best but failed to quench the anxiety in his chest, growing like a well-fed beast. His blood did not glow this time; as a matter of fact, nothing remotely magical happened. But his disappointment was short-lived though, for soon enough, he felt a light tremor underneath his feet like the grunts of a grouchy beast being abruptly woken from its long, sweet dream.

The marble floor split, the sound of metal gears grinding together reverberating in the circular chambre. Whether it was magic or machinery that did the trick he was unsure. Perhaps a well combination of both. Despite the common belief that science and magic were polar opposites, the Belmont clan held onto the truth that these two were more akin in nature than a scientist or a mage dared to admit, and could be interwoven in more ways than one.

This place and all its content were proof of that. His breath got caught in his throat at the ethereum blog dao duyen of golden hair cascading down pale naked shoulders and arms. Like ivory and polished gold that revered idols of the Far East were made of.

Suspended by invisible divine strings above ethereum blog dao duyen coffin was a wingless angel, vulnerable yet immortal and ethereal, and standing tall and strong under his feet in awe, a small, humble mortal. The figure uncrossed his arms, baring a ethereum blog dao duyen, jagged scar marring otherwise immaculate pale chest. He lifted his head, showing his face and proving that Trystan had been right. Slowly his eyes opened, two orbs of liquid gold that matched his hair.

With cool gaze he regarded the Belmont heir. It was ethereum blog dao duyen question Trystan had anticipated. I came here seeking help, ethereum blog dao duyen my great-grandfather, and his great-grandfather before, had. Now I ask of you, are you willing to lend me your powers?

Trystan caught a gleam of something pointy from his parted lips. His mind raced through options and after a prolonged moment, he opted for honesty. The smile stretched into a grin, showing the pearly white teeth. Or, should Trystan say… fangs. Sharp and ready to pierce any jugulars unfortunate enough to be at their ends. His heart did a jump; his entire being was alert. There was only one kind of creature whose beautiful facade played the mask to a hideous bloodthirsty beast.

The thought that his ancestors had been in cahoots with a creature of the night nauseated Trystan. He balled his fists to stop himself from reaching the Vampire Killer at his belt.

Amongst his siblings and cousins, Trystan had always been the most level-headed one. It was precisely due to this trait that he had been chosen to become the wielder of the scared weapon. The Belmont clan chose their heirs according to merits, not order of birth.

Magic was surging in his veins, pooling at the tips of his fingers. With the smallest twitch of his fingers, a long, unsheathed sword flew out of the coffin and was deftly caught by his hand. When Trystan first heard of it, at the age of ten, he had almost felt some sympathy for the Dark Lord.

What had he imagined anyway? Everything ethereum blog dao duyen in between was a hurricane of fast-exchanged blows fueled by adrenaline and battle instincts honed through years of diligent training. Somewhere along their battle, they had both lost their finer styles and resorted to fist fight, which climaxed in a deadlock: Trystan could feel his heartbeats, steady as his strength.

His perfect visage showed no sign of pain, not even discomfort. Alucard smiled, a genuine smile this time. Caution and bafflement of the unexpectedly gentle gesture made his eyes wide. The muscles on his hand clutching the ice stake strained to prepare for any sudden movement from the vampire. The stab would on his chest closed ethereum blog dao duyen on its own like a movie reel in rewinding and his skin was flawless once again.

Retreating his hand, Alucard kept his smile, unoffended. Alucard turned around and flashed Trystan a cool smile. It was unsettling to ethereum blog dao duyen such a smile on a heavenly face like his. Those were the Belmont heirs and heiresses who had been chosen to come down this chambre.

Trystan studied the glass tubes attached to the coffin and wondered what the shining red liquid inside was. He began dressing himself with the languid pace and refined grace of a medieval aristocrat.

You have already proven that you are not afraid to die. Beautiful as they were, the light in them had perished. Alucard had fully dressed. Still, he lingered by his oversized coffin as if could not bear to leave it. Something in it was drawing his eyes in. His piercing gaze had lost its edge. Although Alucard kept his emotionless mask well, Trystan managed to see through it and discover the turmoil underneath.

His mouth was slight agape, sharp fangs glinting, but the vampire said nothing for a while. Trystan heard his heart thumping staccato.

Trystan did as he was told and looked into the coffin that seemed too large for just one body. This time, he was unable to stop his shock from manifesting on his expression. There was another body inside the coffin, impeccably preserved by magic or science so that his skin looked healthy-colored and firm and he appeared to be in a deep, tranquil slumber rather than death. The greatest Belmont who had defeated Dracula the first time, who had rebuilt the clan from rubbles ethereum blog dao duyen smoking ashes, who had left behind a legacy so great none of his descendants could ever hope to surpass.

Because I possess certain physical traits of my ancestors and remind you of them? Trystan felt his own cheek heat up as though he was the one to be touched. He had the urge to avert his eyes. Still he fought it and continued looking. It could be both, he guessed. When Alucard stood up straight again, Trystan spotted a hint of crimson around the rims of his eyes.

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