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For the descendant project currently hosted at the website www. It was an open-sourced version of the earlier StarOffice, which Sun Microsystems acquired in for internal use. OpenOffice included a word processor Writera spreadsheet Calca presentation application Impressa drawing application Drawa formula editor Mathand a database management application Base. It could also read a wide variety of other file formats, with particular attention to those from Microsoft Office.

Sun open-sourced the OpenOffice in July as a competitor to Microsoft Office,[10][11] releasing version 1. In Oracle Corporation, the then-owner of Sun, announced that it would no longer offer a commercial version of the suite[12] and soon after donated the project to the Apache Foundation. Apache renamed the software Apache OpenOffice. On 19 July at OSCON, Sun Microsystems announced it would make the source code of StarOffice available for download with the intention of building an open-source development community around the software and of providing a free and open alternative to Microsoft Office.

Many escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 and other organisations adopted OpenDocument, particularly given there was a free implementation of it readily available. Developers who wished to contribute code were required to sign a Contributor Agreement[32][33] granting joint ownership of any contributions escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 Sun and then Oraclein support of the StarOffice business model. During Sun's sponsorship, the OpenOffice. The Community Council suggested project goals and coordinated with producers of derivatives on long-term development planning issues.

Both Sun and Oracle are claimed to have made decisions without consulting the Council or in contravention to the council's recommendations,[68][69] leading to the majority of outside developers leaving for LibreOffice. The project and software were informally referred to as OpenOffice since the Sun release, but since this term is a trademark held by Open Office Automatisering in Benelux since ,[72][73] OpenOffice. Due to a similar trademark issue a Rio de Janeiro company that owned that trademark in Brazilthe Brazilian Portuguese version of the suite was distributed under the name BrOffice.

Org being the name of the associated local nonprofit from The mission of OpenOffice. The suite contained no personal information manager, email client or calendar application analogous to Microsoft Outlook, despite one having been present in StarOffice 5. Such functionality was frequently requested.

The last version, 3. Fontwork is a escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 that allows users to create stylized text with special effects differing from ordinary text with the added features of gradient colour fills, shaping, letter height, and character spacing. It is similar to WordArt used by Microsoft Word. Starting with version 2. The issue had been particularly pronounced on Mac OS X.

Early versions of OpenOffice. The issue came to the fore in Maywhen Richard Stallman appeared to escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 for a fork of escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 application in a posting on the Free Software Foundation website. As of OctoberSecunia reported no known unpatched security flaws for the software. The preview, Milestone c, was released October It also allowed third-party addons.

Work on version 2. Sun released the first beta version on 4 March On 20 OctoberOpenOffice. As of the 2. ComputerWorld reported that for large government departments, migration to OpenOffice. On 13 Octoberversion 3. It warned users when ODF 1. An improvement to the document integrity check determined if an ODF document conformed to the ODF specification and offered a repair if necessary. A beta version of OpenOffice. Before the final version of OpenOffice. Problems arise in estimating the market share of OpenOffice.

The project tried to capture key adoption data in a market-share analysis, listing known distribution totals, known deployments and conversions and analyst statements and surveys. According to Valve Corporation, as of July A market-share analysis conducted by a web analytics service inbased on overInternet users, showed a escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 range of adoption in different countries: The project claimed more than 98 million downloads as of September [] and million total to the release of version 3.

Large-scale users of OpenOffice. A number of open source and proprietary products derive at least some code from OpenOffice. In JuneOracle contributed the OpenOffice.

The escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 pool for the Apache project was proposed to be seeded escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 IBM employees, Linux distribution companies and public sector agencies. While the project considers itself the unbroken continuation of OpenOffice. Sun had stated in the original OpenOffice. Go-oo improvements were merged, and that project was retired in favour of LibreOffice.

Oracle was invited to become a member of the Document Foundation and was asked to donate the OpenOffice. Most Linux distributions promptly replaced OpenOffice. NeoOffice, an independent commercial port for Macintosh that tracked the main escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 of development, offered a native OS X Aqua user interface before OpenOffice.

The ooo-build patch set was started at Ximian inbecause Sun were slow to accept outside work on OpenOffice. It tracked the main line of development and was not intended to constitute a fork. Sun's contributions to OpenOffice. Go-oo also encouraged outside contributions, with rules similar to those later adopted for LibreOffice. This code was broken out into a separate application as Lotus Symphony 30 May []with a new interface based on Eclipse. For other uses, see OOo disambiguation.

Contents 1 History 1. The Sun Start Center for versions between 3. A timeline of major derivatives of StarOffice and OpenOffice. Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 20 August Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 21 September OpenOffice Language Localization Project. Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 27 February Retrieved 21 January Sun Microsystems, Apache Software Foundation. Archived from the original on 4 January Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 5 June Why LibreOffice Wins - Datamation".

Archived from the original on 8 May Retrieved 9 May Chip Online DE in German. Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 21 June Every bug is a feature". Archived from the original on 8 December escorpiao e leao cemig 2017 Simon Phipps, now an ex-Sun employee, later claimed that 'The number one reason why Sun bought StarDivision in was because, at the time, Sun had something approaching forty-two thousand employees.

Pretty much every one of them had to have both a Unix workstation and a Windows laptop. And it was cheaper to go buy a company that could make a Solaris and Linux desktop productivity suite than it was to buy forty-two thousand licenses from Escorpiao e leao cemig 2017. Archived from the original on 31 October Retrieved 14 January Archived from the original on 11 December Retrieved 15 October Retrieved 5 January Retrieved 17 October Our goal is twofold: Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards.

International Organisation for Standardisation. Archived from the original on 8 February Retrieved 13 September

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