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Dragon Ball Z is a well-known anime series that first debuted in in Japan. Known for its main protagonist, Goku, the show became equally renowned for its collectible action figures and toys, and collectors often look for familiar characters from the show or game. There are both playable and display-only toys. Goku is a well-known protagonist from Dragon Ball Z who had the ability to transform from a Super Saiyan 1 to a Saiyan 2. When looking for his figure to collect, note his golden hair compared to his original black color.

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You May Also Like. Dragon ball z robot characters maker 20 are the main protagonists from Dragon Ball Z? One of the more well-known heroes in anime, Goku is also the main protagonist in Dragon Ball Z. Collectors should look for his distinctive black hairstyle.

Piccolo was originally a main protagonist during the initial run of Dragon Ball but became a hero and ally of Goku during the run of Dragon Ball Z. He is noted for his green, alien-like appearance. Another main character who originally appeared in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Krillin is noted for being bald and having a shorter stature than the other main characters. The super-powered son of Goku, Gohan is noted for his own distinctive black hairstyle that appears similar to his father's.

He also wears the same orange suit as his dad. Who are the main antagonists to collect? One of the main Saiyans during the first saga of the show, Vegeta is noted for his blue suit and distinctive black hairstyle. He's also easy to get confused with Goku because of the similar appearance. Frieza was another main protagonist from Dagon Ball Z and is easy to spot because of his silver, alien-like appearance. Another main villain from Dragon Ball Z, Cell can be spotted by his green-and-silver suit.

He also has a cape that looks like moth wings. What brands make Dragon Ball Z characters and toys? The main distributor of Dragon Ball Z toys, Bandai has been producing action figures since the show first aired. Another main producer, Banpresto is a Japanese toy manufacturer. A third distributor of Dragon Ball Z toys, Funko is notable for their display-only action figures. They also feature more caricature-like displays of these figures.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. To those of us in the West it may not seem like it, but Dragon Ball and Nintendo have always been cozy. Nearly every Nintendo console, home or portable, has been host to at least one if not several Dragon Ball games. Bandai aims to rectify that with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 , but does it succeed? In a word, yes. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the follow-up to the lauded last-gen 3D fighter, Dragon Ball Xenoverse , the main draw of which was the ability to create your own character and let them join the Dragon Ball universe, taking part in iconic battles in a sort of alternate timeline that plays with the canon in a clever way.

In short, it actually looks pretty good, though there are some obvious compromises that were made in order to cram such a large game onto the diminutive device. The most noticeable among these is the drop from 60 to 30 frames per second on the hybrid system. We did note one strange choice, as one-on-one battles between players are actually 60 frames per second, which felt jarring after spending quite some time playing the main story mode.

If anything, we feel Bandai would have been wise to keep this locked across the board, but let's not complain too much about one mode being that bit smoother. Beyond the dip in framerate, some visual tweaks had to be made as well for the Switch version of Xenoverse 2. The anime style visuals really pop, thanks in part to the gray filter that plagued the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game being removed on the Switch. Because of this we actually prefer the visuals on Switch to those of its larger cousins, but it's all subjective.

The Switch also has the distinction of having added motion controls to the experience. Yes, you can perform Goku's signature Kamehameha by pantomiming the motions required with a Joy-Con in each hand, but will you want to?

It's a novel way of performing moves, but beyond being good for a laugh we just don't see many wanting to play this way, apart from young children. On the upside, controls using any of the traditional methods feel great, so there's little harm in these optional motions. Otherwise, Xenoverse 2 on Switch does a great job of replicating the frenetic battles from the source material.

Battles are fought mostly with the four face buttons, with two melee attacks, a projectile and a jump putting the inputs to work. After a brief tutorial you'll be flying around smashing people into craters; the inputs and combos are simple to learn but can be difficult to master. Even the simple button-mashing combos should be enough to get you through the story if that's all you're interested in, however.

Xenoverse 2 fully understands the spectacle of Dragon Ball and as such its Ultimate techniques are incredibly flashy, eye-catching affairs that will impress onlookers.

It's not quite at the level of the gorgeous Dragon Ball Fighterz , but it will turn some heads. You can create a saiyan, human, namekian, majin or Frieza race character.

Ultimately, the differences in each race are minor and your choice will come down to personal preference. Customising your character is the key to doing well in Xenoverse 2. For a fighting game there are actually some deep RPG-like elements woven into its core mechanics.

Each fight nets your character experience, which will in turn level you up. When you level up you will be awarded skill points which can be used to boost your attributes; your stats are broken up into HP, stamina, ki, base attack, striking supers and ki supers. The game does a great job of explaining what each of these stats are for, though their names are mostly self-explanatory.

Your clothing also has its own attributes, with each piece either adding points to or removing points from a specific stat. As a general rule of thumb, if a number of points is added to one stat from your clothing, another stat is losing the same number. To negate some of these effects you can dump unwanted clothing into a machine you find later in the game to create a QQ bang.

Putting two identical outfits into the machine yielded two very different results. Random NPCs litter the entirety of the city to randomly give you items or side quests, though these side quests often involve little more than a single one-on-one fight. Toki Toki City is so large that getting around on foot is something of a chore.

With flight unlocked it becomes clear why the area is so large; flying just feels right. Various characters from the Dragon Ball universe, heroes and villains alike are positioned all around the city waiting to teach you their trademark moves. Each one of them will have you complete a series of quests that usually involves using their moves in order to move forward in their quest chain.

Old favourites like Krillin and Yamcha are available alongside new faces like Whis and Beerus. These objectives are on a timer, meaning you can do one part of these side stories, then continue on your way through the main story before taking a break to return to these. The story mode, however, is the best part of Xenoverse 2.

The original Xenoverse never saw the light of day on a Nintendo platform, so Bandai thoughtfully included the entirety of the original story mode for Nintendo loyalists that haven't yet played it. To access them, once you've beaten a saga in Xenoverse 2's story you'll find a helpful little bot that will let you play that same saga the way it was presented in the original. It's a thoughtful addition that Bandai certainly didn't need to make, but is definitely welcome. Beyond the story mode, which can only be played solo, Xenoverse 2 offers a number of alternate-universe missions called Parallel Quests.

Parallel Quests, as well as any other non-story mode content, can be played with a few friends in a party. Joining up with a friend is as simple as putting their name in a terminal in Toki Toki City and registering them within the game. Online play was mostly lag-free in our tests, but we did experience some occasional hitching when playing with fighters overseas. This is par for the course with the other Xenoverse releases on competing platforms and is something we suspect is an issue with the netcode used for these titles, though few games can boast seamless play across oceans.

Co-op content ran without a hitch across all the events we were able to test. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was a massive game on other platforms and is even bigger on the Switch. The visual downgrades were expected, but the removal of the gray filter present on other platforms actually makes the Switch version look better overall, in this scribe's opinion at least. The brilliantly rendered cutscenes, deep character customisation and fine-tuned fighting mechanics make for a title that is easy to pick up but hard to put down.

This is another case of a game that makes one wonder just how much developers can do with Nintendo's diminutive console.

Fans of fighting games and Dragon Ball alike should look forward to picking this one up. He likes to study foreign languages and enjoys hunting for rare Nintendo collectibles. This game has no shame. Bandai Namco is shameless, yes. People asking for Dragon Ball Fighter Z on Switch need to make sure they make this game a success first. Because whether we like it or not, money talks. Does anyone know which one has the best single player experience?

I think it is cool how they essentially released a 1 and 2 pack since they give you access to the main story. The other two are more oriented to the competitive multiplayer, and while this game also offers that, there's also a ton of content on the single player experience. Just getting every technique, completing every mission and passing all the lessons with every mentor will take you a really decent amount of hours without even considering the online aspects.

Logged in for the first time in over a year to comment on this and coincidentally had a Dragon Ball avatar, lol. I'm choosing to get this over Pokken Tournament DX. I loved the first game even though it is a little grindy and the fighting isn't very advanced, it's just a fun game to play through if you're a Dragon Ball fan. I'm not sure if I'll play it immediately but this is definitely one of those cases where I want to support it in hopes we get FighterZ. I am not too upset about this, but I am wondering is the DLC available to purchase for this version?

Wow, wasn't on my radar, but figured I'd check out the review. Sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the review! Looks like there's a bundle with everything or you can buy it all separately.

Thanks, I figured as much. Not a problem for me really. I will just save up and get the full dlc bundle. Same price as the other platforms. If I didn't have so many games to play right now I'd love to get this.

I freakin love Dragon Ball Z, maybe I'll watch some right now Sure, it's a late port, not their problem that the Nintendo Switch just came out 6 months ago, when the game released in They are a business.

Sorry about the prices I use to think you were just being whiny That and it's portable so Funnily enough, I've been playing it since the 20th now, my retailer has a tendency to ship early for some reason. Great game, and I was under the impression that it was region-locked servers, but it seems I was wrong, as I came across Japanese avatars to fight during missions.

I'm not suggesting that they should reduce the price, however, late ports should include some if not all DLC at the very least. A complete edition on cartridge would have made a far better value proposition than what is issued here. Incidentally, Bandai also withheld 2GB of data from the game so that they wouldn't have to use a higher capacity cartridge. But like I said few posts back the price is pretty much inline with PS4 and Xbox one.

TheMadPolarBear they will release z fighters on switch regardless. UmniKnight I know, that's why I mentioned it last. This is just another ports wait for a sale. Ill wait for Kalmaro Well fair enough then. Definitely getting this, alongside Pokken Tournament DX. I played the first one a fair bit on my PS4 and enjoyed it until the final boss, who I cannot beat That would've truly sold me on the game.