Ten cryptocurrency predictions for 2018 from the co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute

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The last few decades brought us the internet of information. We are now witnessing the rise of the internet don tapscott bitcoin values value. Where the first era was sparked by a convergence of computing and communications technologies, this second era will be powered by a clever combination of cryptography, mathematics, software engineering and behavioural economics.

It is blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology. Like the internet before it, the blockchain promises to upend business models and disrupt industries. It is pushing us to challenge how we have structured society, defined value and rewarded participation.

Cryptocurrencies digital currencies are different from traditional fiat currencies because no government issues or controls them. This new resource has six critical qualities. Each blockchain, like the one that uses bitcoin, is distributed: We can send money and soon any form of digitized value — from stocks and bonds to intellectual property, art, music and even votes — directly and safely don tapscott bitcoin values us without going through a bank, a credit-card company, PayPal or Western Union, social network, government or other middleman.

Of don tapscott bitcoin values, this does not mean that middlemen will disappear. Rather the technology provides profound opportunities for innovative companies and institutions in the middle to streamline processes, increase their metabolism, create new value and don tapscott bitcoin values new markets.

In many cases, blockchain is public: No one can hide a transaction, and that makes bitcoin more traceable than cash. It is open-source code: Blockchain is, for the most part, inclusive. Now anyone with a flip phone can participate in the global economy; no documentation is required to be trusted.

Within minutes or even seconds, all the transactions conducted are verified, cleared don tapscott bitcoin values stored in a block that is linked to the preceding block, thereby creating a chain. Each block must refer to the preceding block to be valid. This structure permanently timestamps and stores exchanges of value, preventing anyone from altering the ledger. So the blockchain is a distributed ledger representing a network consensus of every transaction that has ever occurred. Therefore, we must preserve the blockchain in its entirety.

This is much more than the financial services industry. Innovators are programming this new digital ledger to record anything of value to humankind — birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, rights to intellectual property, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, citizenship and voting privileges, location of don tapscott bitcoin values assets, provenance don tapscott bitcoin values food and diamonds, job recommendations and performance ratings, charitable donations tied to specific outcomes, employment contracts, managerial decision rights and anything else that we can express in code.

So important is this new resource that some have called the blockchain a public utility like the internet, a utility that requires public support. It is the culmination of what Alan Don tapscott bitcoin values started, a true paradigm shift ushered in by decentralized ledger technologies.

This is an extract from a whitepaper by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott: Realizing the Potential of Blockchain: It argues that new kinds of cooperation are needed to govern Blockchain, and presents a framework for this. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not don tapscott bitcoin values World Economic Forum. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our site.

By continuing to use our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Digital ledgers will track everything from birth certificates to the origin of diamonds. Don tapscott bitcoin values this the solution to the wealth gap between generations? More on the agenda. Cleaning up battery supply chains Our Impact. Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis. Two billion people lack access to a bank account.

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