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This page lists all known mining pools along with many of the important details needed to choose a Litecoin pool which best suits you. It is usually a requirement to register dogecoin pool list wikipedias account on the pool, and configure your workers on the pool's portal account pages before mining. Each pool may have different payment methods--select the method which works best for you. A frequently updated list of each pool's hashratesas well as a hashrate dogecoin pool list wikipedias are available.

If possible, please help the network by mining with a pool that doesn't have a large part of the network hashrate. The following is a list of P2Pool dogecoin pool list wikipedias that can be used by the public.

All nodes require no registration and can be connected to by simply passing your LTC address as the username and anything as the password.

The nodes are also interchangeable due to the nature of P2Pool and, as such, it is recommended to setup more than one in your miner configuration as a fallback. A more comprehensive list of P2Pool nodes is dogecoin pool list wikipedias from geeks. The list is sorted by the date the pool was announced Launched --clicking a column header will change the sort method. There is no "normal" or "standard" or "base" difficulty for Litecoin pools. Difficulty is measured in the same way as Bitcoin difficulty, but since the hashing algorithm used by Litecoin is much more complex and therefore slowerpools need to use a share difficulty lower than 1.

In the first months after the launch of Litecoin, most pools used a share difficulty of 2 or 2 They could have used even lower values, but there was no point in doing that.

After GPU mining became widespread, most pools moved to higher difficulties, such as 2 The reason behind this was to decrease bandwidth usage, as a higher share difficulty dogecoin pool list wikipedias in fewer shares being submitted. While this change doesn't affect mining rewards, there is a minor downside, and that's that the precision of speed estimates gets drastically reduced.

For this reason, slower miners may prefer pools with a lower share difficulty, so that they can get more precise statistics on their workers. To overcome this problem, some pools implement adaptive solutions that serve work units with variable difficulty depending on the speed of each miner. This technique is commonly referred to as vardiff. Even if officially difficulty is defined the same way as for Bitcoin, for historical reasons the value is sometimes multiplied by 2 This is in part due to the fact dogecoin pool list wikipedias early versions of cgminer did not support non-integer difficulties, and 2 was the lowest share difficulty used by Litecoin pools.

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Even at the lowest difficulty settings on a mobile phone, it will struggle to submit shares before the connection times out. Users need to do their own testing to determine profitability.

Yes, but mining with a CPU or GPU has some potential with altcoin algorithms, but with the fluctuations in network difficulty and sell price users need to do their own testing to determine profitability.

Most hardware setups should work correctly on the Variable Difficulty Vardiff setting. The pool automatically checks your hash rate and adjusts your difficulty to maximize the devices efficiency. In some settings, typically with older pre hardware and software it maybe beneficial to adjust your difficulty settings down, but this varies wildly and users are urged to do more research on their device and consult their hardware manufacturers.

You could, but it would be very inefficient. You can mine any currency that has merge mining enabled and get the same amount of merged coins for free. For Dogecoin this would be most Scrypt based currencies including Litecoin and Digibyte.

Miners locally report their raw hashing speed and does not communicate this number to the pool. The pool does not know what hash rate your miner is showing. The raw hashing speed typically does not account for the following issues that may result in a loss of your accepted pool hash rate: Invalid shares Hardware Errors Your hash rate as displayed on the pool is an average number based on your valid and accepted shares per minute.

If you think your hash rate seems low you may have some technical issues with your miner, such as underpowering, overheating, worn or damaged chips. The pool calculates an average hash rate based on the difficulty of the shares your miner submits over time. Currently approximately SHA hashes are required to find a difficulty 1 share on the network.

For more information on hash rate rewards check out our Mining Reward and Share Calculations Wiki page. SHA and X11 Examples: At time t, worker Johnny. Scrypt formula, where approximately Scrypt hashes are required to find a difficulty 1 share on the network: There can be various technical reasons for this, check out our Guide to Troubleshooting Mining. A few quick fixes might include: Your miner is not submitting shares or submitting invalid shares.

Our proportional scoring system is fair and provided at a significantly lower fees than PPS pools. Some currencies have VERY long block times which can means days, weeks and even months. We are currently looking for ways to mitigate this by increasing hashing power.

Over time, payouts should be the same no matter what the difficulty setting are. Some currencies support multiple algorithms. These pools are run completely separately with separate payouts for the two coins.

For example while you're mining most SHA coins, such as Bitcoin Cash BCH , without a loss in hash power you are simultaneously mining several other currencies at the same time.

That's right, merged mining provides simultaneous value for proof of work on compatible coins. At the time of writing, the following merge mined currencies are supported: Each currency you mine has only one balance, but the way things are displayed can be confusing. Simply to confuse things even more balances are displayed in three areas.

We are not an exchange, which would make us subject to various regulations including Anti-money laundering regulations AML and the Know your Customer regulations KYC and a stray from the business model. We suggest using a licensed exchange like Cryptopia to convert your cryptocurrencies. No, there are various multicurrency wallet options, including Coinomi that currently supports most of the minable coins on Multipool.

You can also withdrawal directly to an exchange, like Cryptopia. The Bitcoin network has been experiencing unprecedented demand. Multipool pays a fee of 0. Multipool will continue rebroadcasting transactions until they are confirmed. Visit the Pool Fees Wiki for a detailed breakdown. The only instance where withdrawals are charged a fee are on-demand withdrawals below the minimum threshold.

On-demand withdrawals above the minimum threshold are processed without a fee and sent with the next auto payout. We encourage users to do their own profitability testing and send us their testing results at mailto: Cryptocurrency values are volatile and our fees are marginal. We cannot rely strictly on the pools earnings to cover costs.

Multipool attempts to keep ad placements unobtrusive and relevant. Furthermore, users have the option of enabling an ad blocker if you don't wish to see ads.

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