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Dogecoin chart auditorium is slow but what do you expect on a phone. Does not seem to do anything. Contact us for android you want to ask mining Crashes when pressing stop dogecoin chart auditorium button, crashes when switched android background Unity supports Android, Ios and Windows Dogecoin chart auditorium.

I would like to mine some monero XMR cryptonight but I can't log mining moneropool. Dogecoin Kicker 14 Dogecoin. Looking to make some money? App does as promised. Please make one for ripple coin. CryptoCurrency - Bitcoin Altcoin Price cryptolab. Best of them all. Writing this from Toronto Canada. Like it This app is a working miner I link to my android miner mining it is working hash way my speed is 6.

I set it to a pool and it said start dogecoin chart auditorium but then nothing showed where I expected a log to be below the fields. Pro version appears to be the same junk even when I can set it to run in the back. The app requires a password for the pool. I would like to mine some dogecoin chart auditorium XMR cryptonight but I can't log into moneropool.

I dogecoin chart auditorium it works with other pools but need to remove the mandatory dogecoin chart auditorium. After downloading this app I started dogecoin chart auditorium messages from my 3 mobile company to dogecoin chart auditorium all sorts of things which malware bites told me not to click the link I quickly uninstall this app and haven't received any more as of yet spoke to my 3 mobile company and they have not sent me any deals I don't know if it's the app or the ads that come with the app but do not download Full Review.

Dhiren Kumar 8 June If there any pro for cryptonight I m ready to buy. Karel Sukup 26 October It's weird that so many people hate this app.

So far it seems to be the one out of two android mining apps out there that can be really used for this funky mining hobby ; I used to like 3 mining apps however the 3rd was incredibly irritating with 0.

So far no issues Cheers for great job! Brandon Cheliak 26 April Great for learning the basics. While mobile mining is not profitable, this is a great way to try mining before investing in expensive dogecoin chart auditorium. You cannot expect to become rich by cpu mining any dogecoin chart auditorium. It's a nice novelty though and if you combine with faucets who knows, you may get lucky. But the app is great Full Review. William Landreth 12 November I could not get either of the 2 pools I tried to even register a connected client.

I am supposed to dogecoin chart auditorium 8 Tegra cores and Cuda cores. Believe me, Dogecoin chart auditorium tried them all. Heavy on battery but thats obvious. Great stuff guys Full Review. Can be configured for bitcoin, litecoin and several others with the ability to switch between the types at any time. Nicholas Riegel 23 December I just installed this and so far works.

It's performance is on par with same date version of MinerGate which is why it gets 4 starts Unfortunately, this has not been updated with new mining software developments. Please look at xmr-stak work on Android in the near future. Ian O'connor 3 July Vary easy and awesome mining app it pays to your pool love it buying the upgrade for sure Thank you vary much and great job on the app.

Dennis Houseworth 26 August I love what you can do for free. The developer is awesome for making that a thing. I'm going to get dogecoin chart auditorium paid app soon enough.

Seppo Jokinen 30 November Crashes when pressing stop mining button, crashes when switched on background Ramon E 10 January Wish i could use it. Any algo i pick, nothing happens once everything is setup, just "starting miner" and nothing else.

Ok so you mine for some one else using this app I checked the monitoring of the worker and it mines for you then stops and mines for some one else I dont recomend this app Full Review. Michael Csikos 18 October Does not work at all in with s8 plus. Tried on different pools and not working at all.

Should be delisted from play store Full Review. Madsen 7 April Careful how much you use it so you don't burn your phone up. Would like to see equihash algo added for Zcash mining.

Magic Motherboard Productions 20 October I'll change my rating to five stars when I find out how to withdraw my Bitcoins. Can I withdraw my Bitcoins to my Coinbase wallet? Clayton Stewart 29 December Missing some basics dogecoin chart auditorium show its dogecoin chart auditorium. Watched blank screen for 5 min and saw no change after pushing the start mining button.

I have double checked addresses,ports,passcodes,workernames Maybe include a confirmation of connection to pool and hashing started if your going to make us pay for full hash rate info Url help Dogecoin chart auditorium don't know how to fill. Joshua Bennett 6 December Because username and password are required inputs most pool urls don't work because they don't require a username or password.

Can't claim anything and won't use again Full Review. Pintu Saha 18 December System loading is showing since last 3 hrs. Joeri 12 January It's good, but you got to let it run like 50 nights to earn some money, and you need DogeCoins before you can transfer it. Cavin Lanham 19 December Got several payments awesome but now app is locked and won't open or function please fix love the app Full Review. Tim Welch 25 December The app was working fine, then stopped working when I was close to the 20 Doge to withdraw.

Love Interest 12 December I just got my doge sent to my wallet. I am keeping dogecoin chart auditorium app. Mitchell Hutt 29 December It continues to mine while in airplane mode sorry guys but that is not possible Full Review. I got payment 25 coin just now thnq. Never ending system loading Upgrade to more fast mining period times Full Review.

Bahari 20 January Works great Full Review. Orion Alexander 22 January I didn't received any payment till now, my balance is 32 Doge when can I receive? No withdraw button also Full Review. Buy Doge in an easy-to-use wallet.

Built-in exchange and Dogecoin price stats. Your own Dogecoins, in your own pocket! Free Dogecoin NyanDev Indonesia. Claim dogecoin every 4 minute's. Crypto Market Cap Zeykit-Dev. Crypto Market Cap is the best way to keep an eye on your investments. Live data from CoinMarketCap. Blockfolio offers the most complete dogecoin chart auditorium management application. Track cryptocurrency rates, bitcoin rate converter, widgets, alerts.

Real-Time Crypto Market Data. Keep track of the prices of many crypto currencies. Trading dogecoin chart auditorium to buy and sell bitcoin or altcoin on major exchanges. Revolut dogecoin chart auditorium Better than your bank Revolut Technologies.

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