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That's dogecoin blockchain split peas sound of the men working on the chain — Sam Cooke. On the 3rd of January Bitcoins genesis block was mined. Since then, Bitcoin has weathered many storms and, just now, also its seven year itch. The awe-inspiring Bitcoin facts speak for themselves. Now, the cryptocurrencies underlying technology, blockchain, is coming of age, raising high expectations.

Even if only a small portion of these come to fruition, Blockchain will soon surpass Bitcoin in importance and result in an avalanche of new industry applications. A use case categorization Every day that passes, new Blockchain investments and start-ups see the light, most with exciting, disruptive applications. These announcements may seem like a long string of haphazard activities, but if we look closer at the chronology of blockchain developments, some order in this madness appears to take shape.

It is probably too early to define a proper taxonomy of blockchains. Therefore, here an attempt is made to group the dogecoin blockchain split peas developments into use case categories:. Reader beware Although this is not a technical blog: There is a wealth of information available on the web. As usual, wikipedia as a good place to start. Cheat list If you are somewhat familiar with the cryptocurrency phenomenon: Here is chosen for a comprehensive overview of blockchain use cases as they have developed from the inception dogecoin blockchain split peas Bitcoin to this moment in time.

It aims to be comprehensive, but does not pretend to be complete. If you are interested in other types of categorizations, then this one is probably not what you are looking for. And if you do, but see things differently, detect errors or omissions in this categorization: This categorization is a point of view at a specific point in time of a promising open source technology that is still in its infancy.

This categorization will certainly have its flaws. As blockchain progresses, it will definitely need adaptation and updating. However, this categorization does not aim to be perfect. Instead it aims dogecoin blockchain split peas bring perspective to the development path of a technologythat from a distance may seem random and haphazard. That's the dogecoin blockchain split peas of the men working on the chain — Sam Cooke On the 3rd of January Bitcoins genesis block dogecoin blockchain split peas mined.

Therefore, here an attempt is made to group the chronological developments into use case categories: Pure play cryptocurrencies Not surprisingly, the first category is the one with which everything began: Bitcoin followed by a near infinite number of variations, also known as altcoins.

Only a small number of these altcoins can boast adoption of any significance. Key is that altcoins Bitcoin included are non-regulated and that each altcoin represents a self-contained ecosystem with users that own the respective altcoin and miners that create them and keep the integrity of the system in tact by maintaining the altcoin blockchain.

Taking part in an altcoin ecosystem is unpermissioned, meaning that they are open for anyone to join, only requiring to download the nessecary, freely available software. The blockchain implementation of each cryptocurrency is aimed at providing its users with a non-fiat currency and a value exchange system.

Although online exchanges provide exchange rates of altcoins in other altcoins and in fiat-currencies dollars, euros, yen etc the exchange concept is not part of these altcoin systems. Exchanging a Bitcoin for a dollar amount at an exchange is no different than dogecoin blockchain split peas Bitcoin to someone for a service rendered or dogecoin blockchain split peas product delivered and the exchange itself is not part of these value systems. In these altcoin systems, values are transferred from one participant to another within the same system — however, the underlying contract a pizza delivered, or a car washed remains outside the system, which is why these systems are referred to as a form of cash, be it an electronic one.

The latter four are Bitcoin-look alikes. Each of them aim to address a unique feature, usually a fix for a disadvantage in Bitcoin, as perceived by creator of the altcoin. For instance, Peercoin offers a cryptocurrency network dogecoin blockchain split peas is not as power hungry as the Bitcoin network. And for those that worry about the fact that transactions in the Bitcoin network can be traced, DASH offers total privacy.

There are also altcoins that are designed to discourage to hoard the altcoin, aiming to attract dogecoin blockchain split peas audience that dogecoin blockchain split peas the hoarding possibility of Bitcoin.

In spite of its perceived shortcomings, Bitcoin enjoys a first-mover advantage. It was dogecoin blockchain split peas, it is well-known, and widely accepted. But with its acceptance come vested interests. These interests make finding consensus dogecoin blockchain split peas address Bitcoins limitations and change functionality in the Bitcoin concept difficult.

One of these limitations is the small number of transactions the Bitcoin network can deal with dogecoin blockchain split peas second. The Bitcoin developer community suffers from great internal strife to address this problem. There are people who want to and actually do use cryptocurrency blockchains for other purposes.

To a limited extend this is possible. It is like using a fork as a knife or as a spoon. Although you can eat peas with a fork and cut a hash brown with it as well, you run into trouble when trying to eat steak, not to mention soup…. Single purpose cryptocurrency powered applications This involves a small number of straightforward applications that are sustained by an altcoin. In this category the currency and value transfer system are not the main purpose of the altcoin.

They only represent the engine that powers a use case. This differentiates these altcoins from the ones in the previous first category in this list.

Whereas the underlying contract of what is delivered is invisible in category 1, in this category 2the service delivered is clear. Examples are Namecoin and Dogecoin. Namecoin allows users to maintain an alternative and decentralized DNS on the Namecoin blockchain.

The coin element is there to create an incentive for miners to maintain the blockchain dogecoin blockchain split peas a way that dogecoin blockchain split peas unpermissioned and decentralized. Whatever motives users may have for maintaining such a decentralized DNS: Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created to share kudos between developers. Its purpose is to show appreciation for someones actions, it is primary intent is not to serve as a form of payment.

Basically it is a social network, where Dogecoin represents the cryptocurrency dogecoin blockchain split peas of a compliment, a hug or a pat on the shoulder. The underlying currency is there to have something to exchange, and to make maintenance of the system worth the effort for Dogecoin miners.

Due to its popularity, it has gained significant traction and Dogecoins have even gained a value that is no longer entirely negligible. To some extend that undermines its original purpose. But at its core it is an example of a social system, powered by an unpermissioned blockchain. Multi Purpose Blockchains The difference with category 2 is that this involves applications that are developed to address issues in traditional business processes. They have in common with category 2 that they are also crypto currency based.

From its inception, Bitcoin has inspired people to look for ways to apply these characteristics to fix flaws in traditional processes: As blockchain use cases are considered for addressing problems in traditional processes, the notion grows that not all blockchains will be based on the same premis. In some cases, participation in a blockchain will dogecoin blockchain split peas be open, but dogecoin blockchain split peas on permission. In many cases, the open view on all transactions in the blockchain will run counter to the interests of participants in the value chain.

And often, gatekeepers, or trusted third parties,will be required to make sure that what is recorded, will indeed be what happens in the real world. This has led to the development of a number of multi-purpose Blockchain concepts addressing issues in traditional business processes. Ripple, OpenLedger and Ethereum are platforms of this type. And although they are dogecoin blockchain split peas considered part of the same use case category, they are not necessarily interchangeable.

Ripple Ripple is a multipurpose blockchain for financial transactions. It is a combination of a Real-Time Gross Settlement system, a distributed currency exchange and a remittance network.

It is run on a crypto currency with name XRP that is able to serve as a token to transmit values such as other cryptocurrencies, fiat-currencies, bonus points such as frequent flyer miles or mobile minutes. The Ripple exchange allows a payer to make a payment in one currency and have the payee receive the amount in another currency. Both currencies can be either fiat or crypto currencies.

Ripple describes itself as an open system, dogecoin blockchain split peas as it needs to be accessed through privately owned gateways, it can be considered as a permissioned blockchain. Openledger Openledger describes itself as a decentralized financial crypto-platform. It boasts bye and large similar functionality as Ripple. Ethereum Ethereum is multipurpose in the sense that its dogecoin blockchain split peas is to enable execution of smart contracts on a decentralized programmable open platform.

The application can be anything the smart program is intended to address. Ethereum is powered by a cryptocurrency named Ether. Ethereum makes it possible to execute complex contracts automatically without a trusted third party.

Think of a smart contract that handles the periodic interest payments of bonds and the repayment of the face value of bonds on their maturity dates. Think of anything you like that you want to execute on an open blockchain — Ethereum is intended to facilitate that. Blockchain enablement infrastructure This is a late arrival in the blockchain space. It is a truly open project under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. All of this can be open, closed or restricted and for any use case or application that they see fit, just like Linux is maintained and available for anyone.

Another company, Digital Asset, is contributing the Hyperledger mark, which will be used as the project dogecoin blockchain split peas. R3 is contributing a new financial transaction architectural framework designed to specifically meet the requirements of dogecoin blockchain split peas global bank members and other financial institutions.

Blockchain alternatives This concerns uses of technologies that deliver blockchain-like benefits but have really nothing to do with blockchain. Enforcing non-reversible transactions is considered a great benefit of blockchain. It allows for high speed transactions, something that blockchains are not able to do. With some modifications to the conventional database, you can also enable other blockchain type features — without actually using a blockchain.

Out-of-the-mold blockchains These use cases can be dogecoin blockchain split peas based, but dogecoin blockchain split peas developed too far out of the mold, to be considered proper blockchains.

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