Ad for a Dish Detergent Becomes Part of a Story

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I'm sure they are just as concerned as the rest of us are about the short and long-term implications of this disaster. However… they were also smart enough to recognize the incredible opportunity it presented to them. Dawn liquid soap is the only product approved for use with animals who have been oil-soaked.

So as people are paying more attention to the entire crisis — Dawn is playing a starring role. And I'm not just talking about the news media shots of the adorable ducks getting a bath. Let's face it — the fact that you can use Dawn to clean off an oil-soaked animal is not going to come in handy for most of us.

We're not going to rush out and buy Dawn now that we know. Our pets aren't likely to be dunked in oil. But… we love a hero. So, since we have to buy dish soap anyway…why not buy the hero brand that is stepping up to making a difference?

Notice the new bottle design. See the cute and clean animals? What you can't really see is the little snip on the top of the label. To activate your donation, they direct you to www. When you get to the website, they don't dawn dishwashing liquid in marketing let you donate, they engage you in the crisis. They connect you to photos of animal rescues, encourage you to meet some wildlife champions and visit their Facebook page.

Here's where they really dawn dishwashing liquid in marketing the hook. They use Facebook to tell us stories about the rescue, show us pictures and promote the organizations who are doing the hard and dirty work. They don't hold themselves out as the heroes — they are the support behind the heroes. In other words — they're dawn dishwashing liquid in marketing about what they know we care about, not their soap.

They celebrate when the animals are released back into the wild, they teach us how we can protect and save animals in our own neighborhoods and they are the chief cheerleaders for the effort. So… why does all of this work and where's the brand lesson for us: Well done and thanks for pointing out this case of good cause marketing.

Great case study, Drew. I completely agree — a great understanding of how to use their exisiting point of difference to talk to a wider audience. Looking forward to following dawn dishwashing liquid in marketing journey. I suppose there are two sides to every coin but I think what Dawn is doing is pretty admirable.

Plus, they are giving people a way to help. Either way — they now can differentiate themselves and be a hero brand.

Seems like an easy decision to me! If you were advising them, what would you suggest? At first glance it seems like they really are taking advantage of the situation-which is not a necessarily a bad thing, especially with all the good they are doing because of it. Job well done indeed. RT pratapdsingh Smart marketing. Your email address will not be published.

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