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Plus, I wouldn't want you turning it on in today's market climate. Early February Crypto Tanking. We have a suite of tools, subscriptions and other resources as we immerse ourselves in this Digi Trading Niche. One of the main value propositions we will bring to our intimate following is cwe 50 days result auto trading bot 10 you know when we are turning the bot on What is Great about Crypto World Evolution is that the money is not given to a third party. You are in control of your money.

The goal is to find a third party resource that will enable our audience to grow their Digi Assets without giving our funds to a third party and hoping and praying they will do what they say. We employed the bot late Friday night Feb 2. Keep in mind, if we were endorsing this for our audience, we would not have recommended that anyone start trading it given the current down draft in the market.

However, I wanted to see how it works with the understanding that we are in less than ideal market conditions. I don't plan on increasing the Bot's output until I see clear signs that the market is breaking out of its current slump.

I only have it trading assets that I want for my longer term portfolio in the event I decide the Bot isn't for me. If it buys assets and they go down, I would only own assets that I want any way.

In the first 43 hours of trading the Bot has taken 80 trades and closed 50 of them profitability. So far the highest return on any one single trade has been 5. The average closed trade is in the 2 - 2. It is clear that someone coming off the street and just getting the Bot without all of the value added training that we provide and will provide will get frustrated.

So if you are trading during down times, you will likely have a number of open trades that operate at a loss. If we do endorse the Bot, we will let our audience know when we are turning it on cwe 50 days result auto trading bot 10 throttle, versus lowering the Bot's capacity vs. We will not be recommending it yet We want at least a 30 day test. However, I want you to start getting familiar with some of the things we would be cwe 50 days result auto trading bot 10 if and cwe 50 days result auto trading bot 10 we ever endorse it.

But if you go back to when that asset started trading At the time of the Feb 6 webinar, the Bot had closed 50 trades with an approximate average profit of 2. The market has NOT been optimal for using the Bot. We only have it turned on right now for testing and reporting purposes. Our plan is to test the Bot for 30 days before giving a definitive Yes or No on our endorsement.

Our plan is to take our Tuesday Night Webinar Time and use that to train and provide updates regarding the Bot. We have posted the Feb 6 webinar here: Last night, I got a buy confirmation on Bitcoin. This means Bitcoin is likely to go up substantially over the coming days and weeks.

Bitcoin is a little down today but that is to be expected as she has had a huge percentage increase since her lows of last week. On our webinar on Tuesday, Feb. Register for Tuesday Webinars here: We do not want anyone getting the bot and turning it on now. Let us be the guinea pig. Early February Crypto Tanking We have a suite of tools, subscriptions and other resources as we immerse ourselves in this Digi Trading Niche.

We will use a combination of these to determine when to turn the Bot on or off. The Bot will produce better results when the markets are moving higher.

It is still very early in the game and we have a relative small sample size. Here are some preliminary numbers on the Bot: We are in 30 open trades. The markets are down today so that is to be expected. In this short 45 hours, I am impressed by what I am seeing The moral of the story is even if we ultimately recommend the Bot it won't be the Cwe 50 days result auto trading bot 10 alone.

FEBruary 6 At the time of the Feb 6 webinar, the Bot had closed 50 trades with an approximate average profit of 2. The Bot has now closed 77 trades profitably. Still, however, the market is NOT conducive to running the Bot. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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