Blockchain size =160GB?!

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I found that article interesting, so I decided to do my own research on this cloudy saturday. First, according to the source cited in that article, the Ethereum blockchain is currently sitting at GB and growing.

I searched around to confirm that, and I found a big discrepency. According to Bitinfocharts it's only 72GB! The Bitinfocharts figure seems more accurate to me. By comparing some other cryptocurrencies blockchain sizes, we can still see that Bitcoin is the leader at GB. Within only two years of its existence, Ethereum blockchain has more than current blockchain size ethereum Bitcoin's rate, and is sitting at the top. This of course is an averaged linear ratio. Based on that assessment, if we project the size of Ethereum's blockchain it would reach over 90GB by the end of the year.

Still a far cry from the 1TB claimed by the "experts". However, given the exponential rise in ETH's value in the last month alone, it's possible that the blockchain size might increase exponentially too. If it does, then 1TB may be a likely target. First, it means we need to be vigilant about claims here and there. What we read in acticles based on some guy's current blockchain size ethereum can be feeding us false information fake news to be precise, not malicious, but lacking a proper researching.

That aside, the Ethereum hype current blockchain size ethereum, and it's obviously generating an additional problem for the future. If Ethereum succeeds, will it require a whole datacenter to host its blockchain in years?

The bloat appears to be a serious issue, and Current blockchain size ethereum wonder how the Ethereum developers will deal with that in the future.

Thank you for reading. Nice, thanks for the info. Here's a link that explains DPOS. I can't find any information about Steem's blockchain size.

If anyone does, let me know and I'll gladly add it to the plots. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it very well Interesting Article love crypto, For many of us we just want to see a block chain internet and end the Google ,FB,Bull! So every time Block is added the size grows. Doesn't each node has this same size gb per node in case of bitcoin. How is this scalable? It keeps on growing how would ordinary pc act as a node several years from now?

Each node holds the same size and blocks, that's the whole idea of the blockchain. If Ethereum's blockchain keeps growing, it would require more space to host its massive size per node, i. Unless they come up with a solution to solve that. And that's the dilemma. Ripple for example solved that problem by using a ledger instead of a blockchain. Check this link for an explanation of how it works https: Updating Mist would be hell! I am still not up to current blockchain size ethereum after one week, such a pain in the ass Yes in my readings, I saw that it took a week to synchronize the ethereum blockchain.

I current blockchain size ethereum it's taking more current blockchain size ethereum now. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this.

The blockchain is here to stay. No matter what any crypto will do in the upcoming years. I think that's a conclusion we can make by now. Ethereum Blockchain Heading to 1TB!? That's to be expected, since it's the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency.

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