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The Dash protocol and many Dash products such as Cryptonator ios Core and the mobile wallets are entirely open cryptonator ios, which makes it easy for third parties to integrate Dash with their existing cryptocurrency wallet solutions.

This section describes some of the third party wallets available and cryptonator ios functions cryptonator ios offer. Please note that Dash does not provide support for any of these wallets, and any listing here should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation. Contact the software vendor for support. Edge is a secure multi-currency wallet cryptonator ios iOS and Android. It offers a unique login system to store your encrypted HD seed on the cloud while still performing all sensitive operations requiring a private key on your device.

ShapeShift is also cryptonator ios to facilitate exchange between different cryptocurrencies. Edge offers detailed documentation of all functions at https: The Exodus wallet features an engaging visual cryptonator ios and can simultaneously store multiple currencies.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It cryptonator ios also fully integrated with Shapeshift to offer exchange between the different currencies. All Exodus releases are available from https: Exodus offers detailed documentation of all functions at http: Jaxx supports multiple cryptonator ios in one wallet, including Dash.

Jaxx is open source software. All Jaxx cryptonator ios are available from https: Jaxx cryptonator ios detailed documentation of all functions at https: Coinomi is cryptonator ios open-source multi-currency mobile wallet available for iOS and Android.

Your private keys never leave your device, and strong wallet encryption guarantees that your funds are always under your control only. Instant exchange is available directly in the wallet through ShapeShift and Changelly integrations. Coinomi offers detailed documentation of all functions at https: It supports multiple currencies including Dash, and offers instant exchange between the various currencies. Cryptonator is available from the Google Play Store for Android and online at https: First Steps What is Dash?

Does Dash Electrum trust servers? What is the Seed? How secure is the seed? What are change addresses? How can I send the maximum available in my wallet? How can I send Dash without paying a transaction fee? How is the wallet encrypted? I have forgotten my password but still have my seed. Is there any way I can recover my password?

Does Dash Electrum support cold wallets? Can I import private keys from other Dash clients? Can I sweep private keys from other Dash clients? Where is my wallet file located?

Can I do bulk payments with Dash Electrum? Can Dash Electrum create and sign raw transactions? Dash Electrum freezes cryptonator ios I try to send Dash What cryptonator ios the gap limit? How can I pre-generate new addresses? How to upgrade Dash Electrum? Sending from a hardware wallet Option 2: Automated installation using dashman Option 2: Manual installation Start your masternode Option 1: Starting from a hardware wallet Option 2: Withdrawals using a hardware wallet Option 2: Withdrawals from Dash Core wallet How to update a masternode Option 1: Automated update using dashman Option 2: Automated script setup Option 2: Getting started How do I create a new wallet?

How do I send money? How do I receive money into my account? What is ShapeShift and how does it work? Edge Welcome, Receive Dash and Balance screens. How do I install Exodus? How do I get started with Exodus? Exodus wallet Cryptonator ios screen. Getting started How do I send currency? How do I receive currency? Jaxx wallet running on various devices.

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