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No Trading Bots, NO Hi there hoppers, and thanks for watching this risk management video from cryptohopper. How much money have I made with CryptoHopper and other comment questions answered.

I don't like this style of video, but if I have to work lots of hours and I use manual and automatic buys No problem if you dont cryptohopperthe automated cryptocurrency trading bot how to do cryptocurrency Talking about results for Crytogrowth on Cryptohopper. One thing I forgot to mention was the amount that Cryptogrowth puts out. They put out a lot, but they may Cryptohopper is a web base automated trading bot that trade on cryptocurrency 24 hours on your behalf Benefit: No cryptohopperthe automated cryptocurrency trading bot trading expertise need No Don't miss out on FREE cryptocurrency t.

Para fazer seu cadastro acessar o link: The most easiest to use best crypto btc trading bot I have used yet which works great on Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance or any of the major exchanges.

Use this link to get a day free trial of Cryptohopper: Just a quick live stream about Cryptohopper while on work break. Start your free 30 days with CryptoHopper here - www. The dashboard is the places you will use the most. In this lesson, you will learn each function. Cryptohopper - Signale kaufen?

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I hope you find my journeys to be helpful. I'm sure I'll take some bumps and bruises along the way but my goal is to create a helpful positive community where we learn from each other's mistakes and share information to better our financial futures. Crypto Gnome's Discord discord. I find it better to do it manually. I was thinking About This last night. Great job keeping it down to earth and sharing the gems you have learned along the way.

I'll be watching and subscribing. Buddy I recommend you a channel to do all these without any bot and more profits. Try for one week it's starting on Monday. Bot seems to be selling too cheap, it uses the bid and not the last price to determine when to sell.

Any idea why or if it can be changed? It always sells at the bid. I wish it would sell at the ask but What a refreshing video! Love that you are sharing so openly. That's a much needed voice in the Crytpo world. Hey Dan, I like your videos, I'm a new subscriber. It seems a lot of people say the same thing, how conservative the Feeder can be, and profit can be lower.

I'm thinking right now, that it's just not worth it. I had some big bags in DCA over the past few days with the drop in the market, but eventually got rid of them one as low as and had gone into SOM I'm looking into setting up another bot on Binance Still looking into that now.

I hope to slowly build up the trading balance. I got burned on Chain Group and Bitconnect too, it really sucks. I was wondering what the hell I was doing in the crypto space.

I'm done with lending programs. Using the PT bot is not going to make me rich quick, but its passive income I can increase with time. I've been hearing a lot of mixed thoughts on crypto hopper. The main thing is the delay in scans. I hear that's something they are working on fixing. Thanks for the comment. The spreadsheet isn't mine. Come check out Crypto Gnome's Discord. Link is in video description. Keep up the video's!

Check out DTube im uploading a video on it right now but i see content creators making nice money on it. Basically its a version of Youtube partnered with Steemit. But keep up the good work: Just messaged you on discord. But its the same crypto potluck.

Keep the videos coming love your honesty. Concerning your bags maybe you should limite the numbers of pairs you have and get rid of the marginal pairs with low volume. I think that will protect you from pump and dumps.

I got burnt on the pump and dump when I switched back to PT stock. And i kinda like messing around with those low volume coins sometimes. If it was pumped today, it will be pumped in a couple days later. Unfortunately the one I did buy I don't think was ever gonna get profitable Thanks for the advice!

Come check it out. Not only is the excel sheet available but he has PT settings available too. A quick way to make it more aggressive is to increase your sell trigger value. Looks like you have it set on 1. It MIGHT help you wait until a coin is at higher value before selling, but it also might prevent a lot of sells in general, giving you more bags. I prefer to keep my sell triggers low. It is disappointing to see profits sometimes of.

Sometimes I get greedy and change my settings to be more aggressive while markets are strong, but then they suddenly go red and I have big bags I think it's all about finding the sweet spot between conservative and aggressive settings.

I never thought of changing the sell trigger. I might go ahead and bump that up.