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Be part of The Bash! The content material protected in this video clip is NOT financial commitment guidance. These are only my individual personal viewpoints, tips, tutorials, charts, technological examination, insights and value prediction. Usually do your individual study and only devote solely based mostly on your individual results and personal judgement. Some of the top cash and cash that you have asked for, are charted applying multiple indicators and in hopes that you can come across your own entry and exit factors.

At the really minimum[…]. Zol z April 24, 8: Floyd April 24, 8: You're a bit late. The time to buy altcoins was 3 weeks ago, when they where all on the floor. K Freeze April 24, 8: Vincent Fiorini April 24, 8: Jay D April 24, 8: Nandyna April 24, 8: Now is time to get in to alt coin.

After bianance starts accepting USD it will be too late market will blast. I have been averaging per day without doing anything. Suppoman Udemy April 24, 8: Jizzle S April 24, 8: Chea Ngov April 24, 8: Carl Shakey April 24, 8: Alex Higgins April 24, 8: Centory Dynns April 24, 8: What about project called substratum? You mentioned sentinel ussing project with vpn but actualy substratum has project with no vpn needed so that means you can acces everything with not having vpn. Have a look at that project and let me know what you think.

RebelBreed April 24, 8: Sub'd for Kirby, stayed for crypto. I bought in Jan… Yeah I caught the knife lol. Just saw green portfolio as a whole today so I definitely want to see things keep going up. Crypto Topgun April 24, 8: How did you analyze SENT with no white paper, no team, no roadmap, etc. How do you know it's not a cr p coin? Chris Rock April 24, 8: Jon Cal April 24, 8: Macan April 24, 8: When is it scheduled to receive and trade the V Monero coins?

Ont Ology April 24, 8: Mehdi Juventino April 24, 8: Cura April 24, 8: Can you look into BLUE and address it in your next video, it seems like it's worth investing into it in this bull market. Low market cap, low circulating supply, great concept behind this project. Jamel Bryant April 24, 8: Jovan Zivanovic April 24, 8: Johnny Martinez April 24, 8: Could bitcoin be the wealth transfer the BIBLE talk about …never in history there was an opportunity worldwide to invest so little and have a chance to reap soo bountiful in the long run.

Stuart H April 24, 8: I agree with you though. There are tons of profits to be made if you get in at the right to and either get out totally or just take profits if you want to continue to ride the wave and take a trailing stop loss up with you. Of course, there are some out there that are still saying were are going back down and soon and the bears are coming or still here. Fine, good for them. Either way I am making money.

And BTC is not doing too shabby right now either…. Mr Bullish AF April 24, 8: Kostadin Andonov April 24, 8: Christo Nitto April 24, 8: I don't think enough people use a VPN. Abhishek Singh Soni April 24, 8: Donald April 24, 8: Soon pairs wont need btc but fiat with Binance moving on to it, than hunting season really will be open, ciao btc.

David Lightner April 24, 8: Margola Lee April 24, 8: David Crypto April 24, 8: Good and intelligence talks. Bro please help me with some ETH. My daughter is sick, i dont wana lose her and I need some help here is my ETH address: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted on February 3, No Comments. I have been averaging per day without doing anything Reply. Be Sweet to see a review on it! I like the project and team, what do you think?

What if the dip doesn't come and we miss out? I'll buy some today. Specially with the trend metrix. Ontology all the way! I hope I want to know more about your idea!! And BTC is not doing too shabby right now either… Reply. Got in the green few days ago.

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The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, tutorials, charts, technical analysis, insights and price prediction. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement.

XRP is rising steady. Congrats to those who bought while in the 40''s. Now Binance will be pairing it with USD.. I think that's pretty huge. Kirby thanks for all the great advice. In March there was a closed pre-sale for large ivestors. Buy GRAM -tokens on https: I see the good youtube channels like yours gaining massive amounts of new subscribers.

That is a very positive sign of bullish market sentiment. I thought I deleted the comment before anyone read it. Im just protective of the integrity of crypto. You certainly have mad skills. Thanks for the reply. Buy GRAM -tokens on tokentelegram.

Both with CASH as their symbol. You can find both on Coinmarketcap. You have to google CASH poker pro coinmarketcap. Again, exactly the same symbol. Anyways, I dont understand how you can have 2 coins with the exact same symbol, and both listed on coinmarketcap under the same symbol. April 20, Cryptov 23 Comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.