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Today, the energy industry is a vast network of diverse market participants producing, transporting and trading energy. Each energy company is challenged to manage cash flow across multiple commodities, assets, and regions. The industry settles billions of dollars of wholesale energy transactions using emails, spreadsheets, faxes, and phone calls.

These tools and processes are used by thousands of settlement departments each one working to meet tight cash flow deadlines. Invenergy is proud to help grow Aquilon's Energy Settlement Network and create a high quality, secure standard for the industry. ESN brings automation, efficiencies, collaboration and risk reduction to the energy industry's settlement process. Invenergy selects ESN to streamline settlement department operations and sees immediate results.

Invenergy quickly recognized the value of having their counterparties, communication and documentation organized on a secure, collaborative and cloud-based network. Invenergy now settles physical natural gas on ESN. ESN is an innovative, cloud-based platform that automates the energy settlement process. The network helps members realize significant improvements in operations, audit, compliance, cash flow management and security.

The network helps members increase security of sensitive information, improve financial performance, settle citi ventures blockchain wikipedia transactions in less time, and reduce exposure to risk. Aquilon Energy Services hires new head of marketing. Scott Egler to lead marketing for Aquilon Energy Services. Aquilon Citi ventures blockchain wikipedia Services opens new office in Houston.

Aquilon is the developer of the Energy Settlement Network, the first collaborative, cloud-based platform to automate wholesale energy settlements. October - A Chicago-area startup is garnering the attention of major industry players with a cloud-based platform for settling energy trades in the decentralized, digital 21st century. Aquilon Citi ventures blockchain wikipedia Services, based in Lisle, Illinois, has developed an Energy Settlement Network that leverages the power of web-based communication technology and big-data analytics to make it easier for energy companies and other firms to trade commodities like power, oil and natural gas.

EEA is now the world's largest open-source blockchain initiative. ESN recognized for being the first collaborative, cloud-based network for energy settlements. As the first collaborative. The supply chains are vast, complicated, and risky. Because of this complexity, and legacy delivery, settlement, and contract conventions dating back to the 19th century, administrative and citi ventures blockchain wikipedia costs are high.

So are the costs of settlement risk, but thanks to innovative new technologies citi ventures blockchain wikipedia services, the day is fast approaching when settlement risk will be a distant memory. Citi, Goldman Sachs, Invenergy and Macquarie Group invest in Chicago-area developer of first collaborative, cloud-based energy settlement network.

Lake Bridge Capital also continues to serve as a key investor in Aquilon. Wholesale Energy Commodity Settlement. ISO Settlement and Reconciliation. Senior Director, IT — Solutions. Managing Director of Operations. As the first collaborative, cloud-based platform to automate citi ventures blockchain wikipedia energy settlements, the ESN enables buyers and sellers to easily identify exceptions and settle physical and financial energy transactions with their counterparties.

Phone Number Email Address service aquiloninc. Aquilon Energy Services, Inc. The industry standard platform built with input from Aquilon's Energy Industry Advisors.

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In financial institutions the Trading Floor is the central place for exchanging value. We cooperate with all ecosystem players, working together to solve today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions. We believe in the power of open collaboration and the creation of a complete ecosystem that can truly drive the Fintech industry forward. Daniel Eisen has worked in the investment banking industry in London for over 15 years for a number of banking Miri joined the firm in Miri has extensive experience in providing Mariano is the Managing Partner at Santander Innoventures.

Damian is a career banker with 28 years of Alastair is responsible for some of the most rewarding alliances today within financial services and SME business support and membership With 22 years of professional experience in consulting work helping big banks across Ilanit heads the following areas of expertise: Dorel is in charge Graham entered financial services in with Prudential, moving 2 years From to she Degree with honours in Economics at Previously Adi held few senior positions Nuez, Managing Director at Accenture.

Among other responsibilities, he is in charge As part of his role he has been developing relationships with the dynamic eco-system in Israel and various parts of the bank which led to several Proof of Concepts with various start-ups.

He is married and has two children, more than just curious about how technology will change the way people and businesses consume financial services, loves the outdoors and is an avid practitioner of various types of meditations. Daniel Eisen has worked in the investment banking industry in London for over 15 years for a number of banking houses.

Daniel has worked in a various roles, and specialises in various aspects of Credit and Portfolio Risk. He has helped deliver numerous solutions to improve reporting capabilities and deliver efficiencies across Risk, working closely with business owners, tech specialists and major stake holders Daniel currently heads an IT Team delivering Risk Solutions at Royal Bank of Scotland, working with various IT and Risk specialists across the world.

Daniel completed the Honors MBA program at Ben-Gurion University, and was part of a team which took a local Israeli start-up to second place in a global technology entrepreneurship competition held at UC Berkeley. Miri has extensive experience in providing auditing and accounting services to Banking, Credit card, Fintech and other financial services companies both in the privet and public sectors.

Miri accompanied leading local companies such as: Miri coordinated all aspects of the audit including SOX , tax, information technology, valuation and actuary to help ensure efficient and thorough execution of the entire audit process. Mariano brings a good combination of investment experience, together with a strong technology underpinning, deep consulting experience and good knowledge of Santander Group. Prior to joining McKinsey Mariano spent three years at Bridgewater Associates, in Connecticut, US, and was an equities and equity derivatives trader for a private financial firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mariano holds a BA in Computer Science and Philosophy from New York University, and conducted doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, focusing on complex networks, and specifically on syndication patterns in venture capital networks in the US. He worked for A. Damian is a career banker with 28 years of experience in e-commerce, product management and large programme delivery. With over 20 years in security and a background in both hardware and software engineering, Chris has experience ranging from embedded control systems through to large scale transactional services and is now responsible for Information and Cyber Security across the bank.

Ample experience in Digital Transformation projects in the main Spanish organizations and also great experience working together with international finance institutions which gave him a clear vision of how to approach challenges.

He had the chance of being the main actor in the Accenture Digital transformation where his team mixed up the new digital talent from the takeovers and mergers of important digital companies with the best digital Accenture talent and the experience of working with pure digital player as Facebook, Google, etc.

Alastair is responsible for some of the most rewarding alliances today within financial services and SME business support and membership organisations. Working with both large household names, and smaller innovative players, developing SME propositions that help business in the UK start, grow, succeed and prosper. Alastair is recognised as a subject matter expert in access to finance, and because of connections and expertise seconded to Scottish Government for 3 months on access to finance for disadvantaged individuals.

Alastair has experience as a commercial banker with national remit to develop strategy in new business introduction systems and process. Leading edge development of new market streams. A passionate entrepreneur, he founds internal startups and Joint Ventures, focusing on eCommerce, digital financial services, alternative online lending platforms and marketplaces, and mobile payments.

Julio also leads Santander's activities around crypto-currencies and distributed ledgers, including colaboration with other leading banks in the space and participation in industry forums and consortiums. With 22 years of professional experience in consulting work helping big banks across different geographies in relevant transformation programs related to digital transformations, omnichannel distribution models, customer experience and sales programs improvements based on analytics.

EV reviews for leading insurance companies in Israel. Ilanit is responsible for ongoing audit supervision of information systems, actuarial calculations and risk management for insurance related companies, pension funds, provident funds and banks. SOX advisory projects for financial institutions as well as industrial and software companies. Part of the work was implemented in foreign subsidiaries mainly in the US and in Europe. ISAE and ISAE for financial operational installations, including provident funds operations, trust funds operations and custodian services.

Keren has extensive background in strategic system information management, including database analysis, architecture roadmaps building - current state and future state and regulatory programmes implementation. In addition, Keren holds extensive knowledge of finance and banking processes. Her greatest passion after caring for her lovely three kids is SUP surfing. May is experienced on diverse areas, such as operating digital platform, strategic brand marketing, CRM and EBM, and has led vast projects on digitalizing banking services.

She now focuses on strategies of new technology enablement and coordinates digitalization of subsidiaries, including bank, insurance and securities. Giuseppe Cardone joined Intesa Sanpaolo in and since he works at the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center following the activities in the blockchain space, including the participation in the banking consortium R3 CEV. He is also part of the scientific committee of BlockchainLab, a community of experts and enterprises with a common interest in this field.

Giuseppe holds a degree in Computer Science from Politecnico of Milan with specialization in information systems. Outside of work, Giuseppe likes to spend his time with his kids and has a great passion for technology and sport. Responsible for creating and developing internal and external solutions for different industries across the market, from the initiation stage and business case identification through fitting the right technological solution.

Amongst others, managed significant projects in the Defense sector and the FSS sector. In addition, Barak has vast experience in project management, system solutions implementation and operational risk management. Barak has led projects to deliver the business requirements for regulatory and financial crime prevention, including: With more than 20 years of Financial Services experience, Graham is well placed to provide the leadership, experience and vision required to drive the way RBS creates, manages and utilises data across the company.

His introduction to Financial Services came in at Prudential. Outside of work, Graham has a growing family, a French ski-chalet business and a passion for playing most sports badly. Prior to that, he leaded various strategic projects in the Banking Group for over ten years, both in Italy and with the International Banks. Before that, a strong info-tech background has been acquired in primary IT Companies, with commercial and technical responsibilities over the Banking and Insurance markets.

Erick has 20 years professional career in digital that includes consulting service delivery for B2B industry at Deloitte and Oracle as well as 16 years working in large consumer banks such as Citi and CTBC managing digital touch points. His main role, as the Head of Digital Banking Innovation Department, in CTBC now is focusing on exploring the opportunities to bring in external resources such as Fintechs, start-ups, potential key players in eco-systems, or new technology and capabilities for the bank to develop next generation of FI product or service models.

He is now leading the assessment of emerging technology and potential use cases for CTBC Financial Holding, including bank, insurance, and securities businesses. Benny has extensive IT industry experiences in diverse areas, such as strategy planning, service management, cyber security, cloud and SaaS, infrastructure implementation, etc. Degree with honours in Economics at Turin University.

He joined the bank in , covering a number of remarkable positions in the payments area: Adi has extensive background in financial products operations in diverse areas: In addition Adi has experience in core operational processes such as: During this period, hundreds of Risk items were mitigated and hundreds of software streamline initiatives were implemented in order to improve the customer service and its related cost. He is married and has three children; His greatest passion is outdoor activities such as trips and bicycle riding.

Neil Cuthbertson joined RBS in June as Head of Vendor Management with the responsibility to deliver financial benefits based on the effective alignment of goals, capabilities and investments with chosen strategic suppliers. From March Neil has led the Partner Innovation Network team which brings innovation and new thinking from external sources to business leaders across RBS.

Neil has built strong relationships with the innovation ecosystem in Israel with a focus on cyber security, data and analytics, payments and digital technologies. Neil is a keen golfer and enjoys running and off-road cycling. Prior to that, Juan was the chief of staff to the Head of Global Banking and Markets and held various management positions as Head of Strategy and business development for Equities and UK Institutional clients banker Ingo currently acts as product owner in the areas of artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology.

In this role he interacts with internal stakeholders in business and IT, as well as external partners like other banks, IT solution providers and Fintechs to support Deutsche to build a new ecosystem. As part of his role he has been developing several Proof of Concepts and has a leading role in implementation programs.

He is a strong believer in an upcoming new era where the combination of new work styles and life concepts like innovation, diversity and inter-disciplinary collaboration in combination with new technologies like AI, blockchain and IoT will disrupt our beliefs and behaviour in all areas of our lives. He loves almost any kind of dancing and tried to master some of them, and is still working on his skills in coaching and counseling based on system theory.

A serial entrepreneur, talented multi-tasker and lawyer by training. Gil possesses vast experience and an invaluable skill set, having founded several successful businesses in both low-tech and high-tech industries, including managing commercial properties.

Over 14 years Banking experience. Extensive exposure and connections within the Fintech ecosystem in Israel and abroad. With more than a decade of legal experience and a former associate at M. With a background as a private banker and as an analyst, David lives and breathes the financial industry. Giuliano has worked and lived in Italy, UK and France.

With previous experiences in strategic consulting at TEH Ambrosetti and financial risk consulting at Accenture. Giuliano is a Fintech Analyst Ext. She has a passion for the fast-paced tech industry and the ability to manage all tasks and challenges with a positive and motivating attitude. To join, please complete the online form and a member of our team will get in touch.

Please leave this field empty. Membership Opportunities The Floor is an exclusive member club.