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Have you ever failed to return a customer call because you were busy with a sales proposal? Do you spend more time planning a new sales seminar than on holding client cex sells events? Does bringing on cex sells new client excite you more than hearing from a long-term client? Consider these real comments on an online advisor forum company names doctored to protect the guilty:. When service vanishes, advisors feel betrayed and dismayed that something so fundamental is missing.

The same holds true for financial-services clients. When a consumer is disappointed at any point in the sales process or client relationship, sales or cross-sales evaporate, loyalty tanks, referrals go dry, and negative reviews soar. When things go really bad, the person might become an errors-and-omissions insurance claim in the making.

None of this is good for financial advisors who want to survive long-term in this business. When you deliver an excellent experience, you increase your closing ratios, retention numbers, and every other metric that distinguishes superior advisors from also-rans.

How to put CEX at the core of your business? Entire textbooks have been written about this, but here are a few fundamental ideas. First, understand how consumers cex sells the key touchpoints in their relationship with you.

From initial contact to to client update meetings, know what customers expect and then confound their expectations cex sells going one step beyond. But it remains an exceedingly powerful concept. Second, for each touchpoint, collect data on your cex sells to see where and why failures are occuring. Then enhance your business procedures so that mistakes happen cex sells frequently, if ever.

Third, balance excellent CEX with business profitability. In other words, if your goal is to withhold CEX in order to enhance short-term finances, understand you will undermine your staying power in this business.

Fourth cex sells finally, integrate Cex sells into your mission statement and ethics code. For the former, identify three to four statements that reflect your beliefs about customer experience and write them cex sells. My customers are my future. Everything we do is custtomer service. Consider these real comments on an online advisor forum company names doctored to protect the guilty: The rep could not understand or answer my questions.

I will never do business with this company again. Service must be a low priority or business must very good for them. They leave a voice mail asking me to e-mail them back.

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