Payment Card Verification Guide

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Verification plays an important role, as CEX. In case you do not agree with the comments or need any help - please review these guides that outline document requirements:.

We have just sent you a reply via email. Please check it and let us know if you have any further questions. I am still pending on my verification process, but more than 24hrs have elapsed since i sent in my documents. I need to know if I can work with you or not. Please let me know. Please write a ticket to support with your username and email and we surely will assist you.

The details are in the email. Please check the reply you have got for further details. I have created a ticket for you and the person in charge will get back to you. Do you have a Russian translator?

I have no documents in English language, I'v wrote several times to support, I don't cex io verification and validation what to do!!!! I'm tired, please help me!!!

Nos aseguramos de cex io verification and validation en todo cex io verification and validation posible. Official proof of residence from Belgian National government. Not accepted Statement from your work, containing address and details of employment.

Faulty arguments given for rejection. At least be honest to your potential customers and say that you won't verify anybody This will help you to get your account verified. The concern is not when it was scanned but when it was issued. We are being honest at each and every step and it is not in the company's interest to falsely reject applications. I send My card photo next to my DLicence. Please send us a ticket and we surely will discuss as verification issue may contain personal information which is not appropriate to be discussed on the forum.

Please check with your bank for the status of funds. In order to get the funds on your account the card should be verified. The tx is rejected to so please check with your bank. The funds might have kept on held by your bank. What is wrong cex io verification and validation my documents for verification? In case you do not agree with the comments or need any help - please review these guides that outline document requirements: I was sended all my documents for twice but they were rejected.

So what i can do to prove that I am I? Good foto, good scan Edited by up August 25,

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In order to make deposits and withdrawals using a payment card, your card should be confirmed by your bank and verified by our Compliance Officer. Cardholder name should not contain any additional parts or symbols e.

Therefore, you must enter it each time you use your card to make a payment. To confirm the ownership of the payment card you need to enter the exact amount of this charge in USD into the verification form below. The Compliance Officer needs to verify your card information. It might take a few hours. As soon as the check is done, you will receive an email notifying you that the payment has been successfully processed. You can add as many payment cards as you need to your profile, and then use any of them when making a deposit.

I have a question about the amount of the charge: Where can I find it? I have called in my bank and they could not inform me. I don't know what to do and can not complete the process. The amount of small charge is usually sent to you via SMS or online bank statement. If you don't get it you may contact your bank to know about the transaction. Hello i did everything that i could to send all possible prove of my addresses and ID's but still not correct please help me.

Hi please help I was requested technical information about cex. I cant get past verification for that card please help. Your card verification and payment were approved.

Thank you for cooperation. I am guessing the billing address is incorrect but can't find any place to edit the billing address. I have no problem to verify the account and the card and I have commanded pile of things and sometimes I still jumping an error.

I logged in in my Online Banking Account, I see there all other charges but neither from you. So i got stuck in the verification Process. I have been trying to get a card verified for well over a month with TWO separate banks and BOTH banks have said they cannot give out or do not have access to the authorization code.

I have even sent screenshots of correspondence between my banks and I when they are saying they do not have access to or do not release that information and support is not helpful whatsoever, they're basically like "Oh well We work in fraud prevention mode and Auth code is not a secret information.

Whenever you use your card even at a POS buying at a store the receipt you get also has the code. So I see no reason that bank has denied access to this info. If you have lost the previous card it is easy to go to your account and delete it and add the new card. As per the tickets you have the reply has been sent to you and we do really care and we are ready to assist you. You wont accept my ID next to the payment card.

And my other docs passport are away. How best can you help? They will surely assist you. Please check in few minutes there will be a message for you. We apologise for an inconveniences caused. Halal Lateen Please ask the bank to check the transaction again as it gets cancelled immediately. The code is always available for identification of the transaction's fate.

Hello, how long does the card verification take? It's says my card 'pending' for a long time and no reason why. Payment Card Verification Guide In order to make deposits and withdrawals using a payment card, your card should be confirmed by your bank and verified by our Compliance Officer. Here is the video description of the process followed by text explanation: Your identity document should be in characters of Latin alphabet.

A photo taken with a mobile phone is preferred. You may find out this amount in your online payment card statement or by contacting your bank. This charge will be automatically refunded to you. Once all the necessary information and documents are provided, your payment is being processed.

After you have made your first deposit, your payment card information is saved in your profile. When making the subsequent deposits, you can: Leia - April 28, My payment card has been declined. This is not easy. My cards have been reject twice. Edited by Jesus Vargas May 30, Support team has replied to you.

Also you have bought BTC. For more details please send a ticket as I am not allowed to mention account details here. Would appreciate some help please. I would request you to send a ticket to support team and we will assist you with the query.

Edited by up June 24, Can I verify it in any other way, or could you try to charge my Card again? Edited by up July 16,