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Many have asked whether retailers intend to offer trade-up programmes for the recently announced PlayStation 4 Pro, and it looks like GAME is the first. It's worth noting that this offer will only be valid between 10th November and 16th November, and you'll need to complete the transaction in store. So, what do you need to do? Well, first you'll need to trade your cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in PS4 console.

The company's website stipulates that it'll need to be a GB unit, but we assume it'll accept 1TB models, too. In addition to that, you'll need to offload five titles. You'll also need a GAME reward account, but they're free to create and can be done on the day. The console that you trade in will need to be Grade B condition or cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in, and that'll be assessed when you take it in.

As long as it's in full working order and there isn't any cosmetic damage, you should be fine. Having said that, GAME does note that it reserves the right to cancel the transaction — though that's unlikely to happen unless you're trying to pull a fast one. To be honest, you could probably get a comparable discount by selling your old PS4 on eBay, and you wouldn't need to cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in the games as well. But if you can't be bothered dealing with non-paying sellers and all of the other headaches that come with online auction sites, then this sounds like a pretty competitive offer.

There's more information on GAME's websitebut cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in let us know if you're planning to take advantage of this in the comments section below. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.

He also likes tennis games way more than you. Hmm dunno about selling 5 games. I sell the ones I don't want to keep pretty quickly. Cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in I can buy 5 super cheap ones from Cex lol. Even if I wanted to take advantage of this, I couldn't - I technically don't own five physical PS4 games. Perks of the job my arse. Don't understand the stipulation regarding Fifa - are they that different from games like CoD: I guess if they are inundated by old stock of these, selling them on maybe an issue.

As usual though, this deal will actually benefit Game more - No doubt they will sell the Console for a most of the difference - if not all and then make a profit on the games. Still if you want the upgrade and have 5 games you really don't want, the saving could be worth it rather than have the hassle of selling privately. My PS4 cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in probably be going in the Bedroom I imagine you'd struggle to sell FIFA 14 for 10 pence these days. There's a similar deal going on here in Australia with EB Games.

Given mine is a launch day PS4 that has been heavily used for cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in years, it might not be a bad idea to get value for it. On the negative side it will make it harder to transfer content across and involve juggling drives as opposed to LAN transfer BAMozzy They get millions of Fifas on mass traded in this time of year to buy the next one.

Fifa holds its trade in value until the new season starts. FIFA 16 will be lucky to be traded for a pint of lager. I may be wrong on the games I got in return but I remember thinking id done the right thing FIFA 15 at this point is actually worthless. The thing is, I got the Gamer pack on launch day. I'd trade in the PS4 and a controller, and even KZ: Shadowfall but I'd want to keep the second controller and the camera. RawShark You'd have to check with them in store, but I think you'd be alright keeping the controller and the camera.

Practically my entire collection is digital this generation so, even if GameStop was running this, I wouldn't do it. If cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in does screw that cos I want to play VR and Mafia 3 before then!! I think the FIfa stipulation is basically because theose games have no value once they are more than 2 years old. Cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in not a bad deal if you do not have enough games just go to CEX and see what the cheapest game they have for PS4 and make up the dfference in games.

Happened with the original PS4. Not a bad deal but I'm not really a big fan of Game, I only buy from there if I can't get what I want elsewhere. The problem with a trade-in deal for NA is having to do it now for the best price. ShogunRok Sounds like you're complaining that you get to play games sent to you for free and make money by writing about your experiences.

Yeah you've got it rough. They are such a Rip-off: I noticed this a couple of days ago and am cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in.

Have some games I could get rid of at the same time, maybe having to buy really cheap ones just to make up the numbers don't really want to give Witcher 3 away. I think I'm in. It takes an eternity to transfer from an HDD.

I've got virtual shares in Game's falling stock. I was one of the lucky ones who got 50 virtual shares that I can transfer into points and ultimately cash to spend in store. All for free too. Mind you, I've had two chances per year over the last 3yrs to either take half, take the lot or wait to see if the stock goes up. I bided my time on the pretence of PS VR releasing at some point.

Problem is, I don't get the chance to take them until the end of October. So I'll be putting them towards PS4 Pro. It's money for nothing though. Napples Sounds like my joke went totally over your head! ShogunRok you must understand, as someone who writes on the Internet, you're not allowed to make sarcastic jokes, unless you follow it up with a note to inform everyone of the joke, cex fifa 14 ps3 trade in how it's funny and that they should laugh the best way to tell a joke I've always found.

Surely you were taught that at Internet Journalism school?! Tap here to load 29 comments. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment The Last of Us: Staff Profile Twitter Reply.

Maybe I can buy 5 super cheap ones from Cex lol 0.

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