Is the pre-workout supplement C4 banned by the MLB NBA and NFL?

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I have never, nor would I ever, compromise my integrity as a man or player in the NFL — and I would never jeopardize my leadership in the game that I love so c4 banned by nfl trade. Reece intentionally violated the policy, and it is clear the Mr.

Reece did not intend to do so. I assure you all that this natural, chemical reaction was far beyond my knowledge prior to appeal research. To those who know and love me, thank you for your support. Thank you to all Raider fans, my fans, Oakland Raiders ownership and management, my coaches, my teammates, and my c4 banned by nfl trade and family for their unflinching love and support.

Everybody denies, even after they have been suspended and factual evidence comes out. Just one question that Mr. Reece did not address — why did he ingest the substance that he DID ingest?

All the rest is noise. Geez…let the play already. The rules stipulate that no player can ingest or inject and banned substance right? You know, one of those c4 banned by nfl trade fraternity brothers try to get pledges to eat. He took a supp with DMAA in it. The stuff has been banned for some time now.

If he would have stuck with taking drugs prescreened and allowed by the league, this would be a non-issue. Serve your suspension and stop trying to sound so innocent or ignorant to the rules. I expect Umcka sales to skyrocket among amateur athletes. Walmart sells in a soothing cherry syrup. They never did it, and everyone always makes some kind of excuse when it happens. Maybe the invisible man slipped him the illegal substance….

A woman with a 0. DMAA and similar derivatives have been studied as nasal decongestants and cold remedies, mostly in the s believe it or not and forgotten about for some time. They have enjoyed a renassaince of sort over the last decade as a stimulant which works on similar pathways in the body as ephedrine. DMAA has since been banned by most major sports and international competitions. Ban steroids and HGH, but the list is a little too long. The league acknowledged he was trying to cheat.

Get off your high horse losers, a bunch of al bundys on here, hatin cuz they never had this guys ability. C4 banned by nfl trade if anyone thinks that Marcel Reese wrote the statement attributed to him, I have a bridge to sell you. Seriously, I am sick and tired of these guys making excuses. There is no excuse for ever testing positive for anything banned by the NFL. Because if the player takes anything at all, he automatically assumes the responsibility for taking it.

Well known in body building circles that taking Umcka or any other product containing geranium will get you banned from competition for DMAA. Not excusing Reece, though. Umcka Pelargonium sidoides is a geranium plant native to South Africa.

Umcka is typically used to treat these respiratory issues: The excuse is a weak one. By that logic everyone could take designer pro-drugs that themselves have no pharmacological properties but get metabolized into active performance enhancing molecules, and then attempt to claim innocence.

Point being, the information you find on the internet or even on te label of many of c4 banned by nfl trade natural health products is unreliable at best and completely false at worst. There can be no excuse. Its rare, but some do man up. C4 banned by nfl trade NFL provides players the products that are approved by them, but then suspends you when you use them…….

Well for that matter, the Raiders have been squeaky clean ever since C4 banned by nfl trade took over. Seems like the Raiders have put an emphasis on off field issues, and signing high c4 banned by nfl trade characters type players. I think the league needs to step up on and take ownership on this one, not only for Reece, but for any player who tries to take supplements that the league has approved.

Dec 30, 5: I would bet money on it that it was a pre-workout supplement…something like C4, N. According the the U. Anti-Doping Agency dietary supplements have been a problem for athletes all over the world because they inadvertently ingest banned substances without knowing it. Methylhexaneamine is known by many names including 1,3-dimethylamylamine DMAAdimethylpentylamine DMP 4-methylhexanamine, Geranamine, and geranium oil, extract, or stems and leaves.

BPI Sports and many others. While it is not known whether the above products actually contain methylhexaneamine, athletes should steer clear of products that advertise to contain these substances. We have also seen instances where a supplement actually contained ingredients that were not listed on the label. In some cases, these non-labeled substances may trigger a positive test. The c4 banned by nfl trade problem of dietary supplement mislabeling continues to create a risky environment for athletes.

This letter warns athletes of supplements that say it contains geranium, geranium extract, leaves, stems, etc. Reece said he took Umcka root which is the root of an geranium plant. Clearly its problem for many athletes around the world. For those saying no excuses he cheated. Even if he intentionally took DMAA, its not a steroid. DMAA is added to diet and workout supplements because its supposed to give you energy and focus. Umcka is a drug product used for the treatment and prevention of the common cold.

Umcka is an approved and registered drug by the German FDA and is specifically listed as safe to take at all times by all athletes by the German C4 banned by nfl trade Agency which disallows stimulant use.

Umcka contains an extract of Pelargonium sidoides roots. Not Pelargonium sidoides, nor any pelargonium species has ever been found to contain naturally occurring DMAA. Hundreds of tests have been performed and the results published to validate this point.

Here are a few of the publications:. The manufacturer would have absolutely no incentive to intentionally add a stimulant for enhancing workout performance to a cold medication. Would Reese have incentive to enhance his athletic performance by consumption of a banned substance and then lie to save his career? You must be logged in to leave a comment.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and glad C4 banned by nfl trade did. Strong straight forward statement. Balls in your court NFL. Even weaker than the Canadian dollar and the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is crazy if true — Umcka is an herbal cold remedy. Well, he gets points for creativity and coming up with a new excuse. That defense actually just worked in court. Yeah, yeah, and all the inmates on death row are innocent, too. Reese needs to shut up and take his medicine, er….

Lolz he gets an A for originality. So have a nice winter, Marcel. And watch what you put in your body. Did his wife receive the Umcka? It is a real thing. Dec 29, 8: Never see anyone get couch and say yes I c4 banned by nfl trade it. Uses for Umcka Umcka is typically used to treat these respiratory issues: Yes, I believe this. It happened just after a herd of elephants ran his car off the road.

Here are a few of the publications: Epub Jun Epub May Epub Sep 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to leave a comment. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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