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Byzantine electrum coins for sale coins from the Cherson mint. Prices are in brackets: More-detailed terms of sale are here. After we have agreed by e-mail that you have gotten the coin, you can pay by logging into your account and sending PayPal payment to my e-mail address. Purple marks items that have sold and are no longer available.

Most are in chronological order except sometimes at the very top. Justinian coins at the top. Anonymous bronze and later the first eight coins June 8: Please compare prices with those elsewhere. Heraclius over Maurice overstrike May Three new coins at the top including an excellent Carthage piece of Justin II. Prices reduced on most other coins on this page. Two at the top including a nice Justinian from Theopolis. Many sold coins removed.

Many lower-value coins moved to the " inexpensive "page. Justin and Justinianjoint reign, 4 April - 1 August four months! Justinian at Antioch after the second big earthquake. Justinian, at Antioch before the second earthquake, after which the city's name was changed to Theopolis. Justinian 10 nummia. Sear from Antioch.

Remarkably nice epsilon and officina mark. Theophilus gilt byzantine electrum coins for sale solidus. Latin imitative,during the Crusader occupation of Constantinople 20 mm. Michael IV, mm. Anonymous Class C Well-centered.

Constantine X, 28 mm. Anonymous Class D Remarkably well centered and good strike. Nicephorus III, 25 mm. Isaac II, 28 mm. Michael II, Small. Leo V, mm. The best nimbus decoration among over 60 varieties! Constantine V and Leo IV, 18 mm. Lovely deep green patina. Constantine VII, 25 mm. Heraclius with countermarkmm. Countermark, probably from Syria, at the top of the M. There is lots of legible lettering around, too. So far, it might be a better than typical Heraclius from Nicomedia.

The lettering to the left is weak, but beginning at Flip it over with that in mind we can see something of the reverse. Where is the understrike? If the top of the M were at 5: UP below, for Theopolis, which was the new name of Antioch. It is a pretty remarkable obverse to have such a clear design byzantine electrum coins for sale one emperor with a clear legend of byzantine electrum coins for sale Photos do a poor job of indicating sizes. This coin is as big as many "M" pieces.

Justinian, mm. Justin II and Sophia mm. Justin II 5-nummia mm. Tiberius II, 20 mm. Sear with officina in Sear but not in Byzantine electrum coins for sale. Bust left, nose near the edge of the flan. Cross is crude wreath. Some think these are Vandal.

This byzantine electrum coins for sale was found in a group with coins certainly from Carthage, so the Vandal attribution has that to recommend it. Alexius I, tetarteron, mm. Bust of Christ facing Emperor struck twiceonce very off-center with head tilted at 6: Byzantine electrum coins for sale labarum and globus criciger. Sear Byzantine An interesting example of a minting process error.

Silver Third-Siliqua 14mm, 1. Bendall 8c; Kent pl. By emperor, in chronological order: Anastasius, 19 mm. Anastasius, Large reformed follis. Justin I Justin I and Justiniantheir short joint reign. Some coins attributed to "Justin and Justinian" are actually just Justinian alone and reading the legend would tell the seller that.

A and P either side. This one is better than the one which sold Nov. Searno photo. Close to the end of this denomination. Struck the first year only. Scarce mintmark and very expensive in higher grade. Justinian, 40 nummia, Antioch as Theoupolis. Mint mark spelled out in Greek. Justinian I, AD. Facing bust Rare, Carthage mint. Chi-rho in double circle.

Justin II and Sophia, Nice surfaces with green patina. Tiberius II, 29 mm. Struck year 7 at Constantinople Tiberius holding mappa and eagle-tipped scepter.

DO 13c, plate LXI. The unusual nummia with a big Lambda for Dumbarton Oaks has three photos, all comparable coins. Please compare prices elsewhere! Sear Cute figure of Constans II byzantine electrum coins for sale his very large mustache. Justinian IIfirst reign, mm. Lambda for Leo and Byzantine electrum coins for sale for Constantine.

Two busts facing, M with cross above, theta below Sear Note that this type comes in various sizes. This one is 21 mm by 18 mm, larger than some and smaller than some. Byzantine Mint of Chersonwas in Ukraine, now annexed by Russia. Mint of Chersonin the Crimea. Untouched nice reddish and earthen patina. Sear Byz Monogram of Romanus. Michael IIIthe Drunkard. AE, a small coin.

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Skip to main content. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. This one displays Christ standing on the obverse, and Constantine IX on the reverse. She married Probus and was mother to a younger Juliana. Flavius Anastasius Augustus, Greek: Following the death of Zeno , there is strong evidence that many Roman citizens wanted both a Roman and an Orthodox Christian emperor.

The problem Romanus and Eudokia had in executing this plan was that Eudokia's deceased husband, Constantine X, had made her swear an oath never to remarry. Justinian showed much ambition, and it has been thought that he was functioning as virtual regent long before Justin made him associate Emperor on 1 April , although there is no conclusive evidence for this. He worked almost exclusively on the wholesale end of the rare coin industry until when he opened up the Coin Gallery of Boca Raton.

Incredible luster and strike! Maurice Tiberius - Emperor: August 13, November 22, A. In , an ailing Maurice wrote his last will, in which he described his ideas of governing the Empire. Andronikos II was also plagued by economic difficulties and during his reign the value of the Byzantine hyperpyron depreciated precipitously while the state treasury accumulated less than one seventh the revenue in nominal coins that it had done previously. Christians believe that Jesus has a "unique significance" in the world.

Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historically, and historians consider the Synoptic Gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke to be the best sources for investigating the historical Jesus. There, before a jeering populace, Tiberius's nose was cut off.

Justinian placed his feet on the necks of Tiberius and Leontius in a symbolic gesture of subjugation before ordering their execution by beheading. Flavius Phocas Augustus ; Greek: Phokas ; - 5 October was Byzantine Emperor from to He usurped the throne from the Emperor Maurice, and was himself overthrown by Heraclius after losing a civil war.

However, the Byzantine position on Sicily deteriorated, and Syracuse fell to the Emirate of Sicily in Although most of Sicily was lost, the general Nikephoros Phokas the Elder succeeded in taking Taranto and much of Calabria in We do realize that market values fluctuate, but if you would like an explanation of the value of any item, we would be happy to provide one. We encourage you to double-check that information independently as populations and price guides are subject to change. We are always buying, so our inventory is constantly being updated.

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