Put a tiger in your tank

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September 28, in Air MonitoringAutomotive Tags: I bought it on the recommendation of my father, with twelve-hundred borrowed bucks from my grandmother whose last name ironically enough was Buck. Buy exxon tiger tail was only getting rid of buy exxon tiger tail, the car not the no-good-bum of a husband, because she wanted a buy exxon tiger tail car that was easier to park. Pictured above is the artwork from a vintage s ad for the Oldsmobile 88 which had graced the pages of Life weekly magazine before it disappeared from newsstands inthe same year I bought the car.

Judging by the smiling and contented looking couple in the illustration, clearly readers of Life were meant to discern that owning this expansive assemblage of Detroit steel was, in all its fashionable splendor, the key to a happy marriage.

Either that or when a couple had arrived at that elusive station in life of being both well-established and happy, parking an Olds 88 in the driveway was simply de rigueur the Olds 9 8 was reserved for folks who were more mature— mature sounds politically less offensive than older — and perhaps a tad more discriminating as well. Maybe this was the real reason why the previous owner of my car, being newly divorced, had decided an 88 was no longer the right car for her. I wonder… a little… but mostly the ad makes me wonder when hats are going to come back into fashion for the ladies.

My five-year-old 88 looked similar to the one shown in the inset. It was Tahoe Turquoise with a black vinyl top buy exxon tiger tail matching black interior. I added amber-colored fog lights, which were all the rage, and side marker lights front and rear, all of which were buggers to wire into the electrical system, plus a pair of in-door speakers that could better handle cranked-up Doobie Brothers tunes on the AM radio.

I have to admit it ran like a dream. I remember picking up my GF one particular Friday evening. Young folks today have a difficult time imagining this. Thirty cents and nine-tenths: Who came up with that tenths-of-a-cent thing anyway? Buy exxon tiger tail, my ride did have a thirst for premium high octane go-juice. Oh, how that cubic-inch Rocket V8 did purr when I fed it the good stuff. That was okay with me though because I rather thought of myself as a premium kinda guy, and at Esso stations now ExxonMobile—who, I might add, is a valued Air Liquide customer gave buy exxon tiger tail little tiger tails that you could tie around your gas cap to proudly proclaim that you had a tiger in your tank.

And people actually bought 9-inch and larger versions like the one shown. All of this was back in the day when few people pumped, or buy exxon tiger tail knew how to pump their own gas. Who would want to anyway? Gas jockeys dressed for the elements. They carried a wad of oily, dirt-smudged bills and a pocketful of jingle too, so they could make change right there at your car door.

Who knew about different prices for cash and for credit? By that time the folks at Diners Club, American Express and Bank Americard had already envisioned ubiquitous use of plastic money, not to mention the colossal profits that would come with it, but I wonder, had anyone foreseen deep-water off-shore drilling? Had anyone truly considered buy exxon tiger tail havoc an oil spill could wreak buy exxon tiger tail our environment?

That and cautious smokers waited a while before popping out their dashboard buy exxon tiger tail to fire up a cigarette. Fond but sometimes dangerous memories, those. As Bob Dylan wrote: Who knew that swigging a diet cola, or gassing up your buggy could be hazardous to your health.

The deal is, the carbon adsorbers and hydrocarbon sensors that are part of the EVR buy exxon tiger tail must be tested from one to three times each year to verify they are functioning effectively. This requires using a propane hydrocarbon surrogate, isobutane and zero nitrogen specialty gases. Talk about merchandising your brand! Comments feed for this article. November 7, at 3: Good Blog — I remember those tiger tails. September 12, at Thanks Dean At dhah wcnet.

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